7 Astounding Houston Breweries Guide

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Houston Breweries
Houston Breweries

Houston Breweries are the best place to catch up with your friends or go for a night out with your family.

Houston breweries give out the desired vibe and make you fall in love with brewing and beers. Have fun at the food trucks, the art car associated with sawyer yards, beer gardens, and many other side establishments to these Houston breweries.

While Houston has many amazing breweries, many breweries also sell and make nonalcoholic beverages and drinks like ciders and have many dishes on their menu. If you wish to eat, you could still visit these breweries and have delicious snacks and dishes cooked right there.

To make things simple, we have come up with a list of some of the best Houston breweries.

Guide To The Best Houston Breweries

1) Southern Star Brewing Company

Houston Breweries
Southern Star Brewing Company

The first entry on the list of best Houston breweries is – Southern Star Brewing Company. This amazing brewery has come up with many of its blends to make sure that you enjoy your beer with style and class.

Not long after the founding fathers established Southern Star in 2007, they presented Bombshell Blonde. It before long became, undoubtedly, a Texas specialty lager exemplary. Light and fresh, full of foam and traces of malt and grain, which is hard to ignore, its blue can is a mode of comfort or many.

The Southern Star is a superb place for you to try some brews, including Mexican and Spanish-styled brews.

2) True Anomaly

Houston Breweries
True Anomaly

The young True Anomaly opened in spring 2019 — two squares from 8th Wonder, no less. Very quickly, this tavern cut an extensive specialty for itself in Houston’s jam-packed scene, chiefly because it arranged tart sours and the amalgam of modern old-world lagers.

They have created a dry fruited sour brew made from mango and passion fruit, which tastes like a malty cider. Make sure to try the famous drink – A Belgian single with sweet-smelling flavors and a dry hoppy finish.

True Anomaly’s variants are rotating as well a seasonal. The development of this budding business vows to be an energizing excursion.

3) Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Houston Breweries
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

This brewery has many changes that can be called extreme and worthy and have bagged a position in the list of the city‘s best outdoor things to do. The people here made sure that the authorities passed laws to open up beer-making factories and import and export them.

Today, Buffalo Bayou is creating more than 75 lagers and cream ales while running a successful eatery. The brand’s two leaders, a copper brew named 1836 after Texas’s autonomy and the famous Crush City IPA, are among Houston’s larger backbones.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. goes by the line – “Houston’s Most Creative Brewery,”  amongst all the other Houston breweries and is famous for its many brews. Drop by to try some.

4) Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Houston Breweries
Saint Arnold Brewing Company

It’s hard to exaggerate the effect Saint Arnold Brewing Company has had on the scene and culture of beer creation. The most seasoned specialty distillery in Texas, Saint Arnold has prepared for an age of brewers from El Paso to Beaumont.

Past the brewery’s social heritage, Saint Arnold keeps preparing many of the best lagers in Houston.

Make sure you try out their seasonal and rotational taps while also trying other lock beers available from time to time at the taproom.

5) Eureka Heights Brewing Company

Houston Breweries
Eureka Heights Brewing Company

Named after –Eureka Heights, this one of the other Houston breweries does not fall into the normal methods and ways of brewing craft beer. Eureka Heights is a spot for simple drinking all-year-round, festive occasions, and friendly hangouts.

Consequently, that shouldn’t imply that they don’t utilize their brewers’ muscles now and then. They make fresh blends and make sure to provide their consumers with a one-of-a-kind taste and experience.

The brewery hosts “The Office” trivia night, and you can participate in that while you help yourself to some food from the food trucks as well.

6) 8th Wonder Brewery

Houston Breweries
8th Wonder Brewery

It appears to be abnormal that 8th Wonder has just been around since 2013. This EaDo foundation, with a theme for rap and sports, boasts about its accomplishments in a brief timeframe.

This amazing brewery creates more than 25 novel drafts that showcase Houston’s way of life and soul and named after the 8th Wonder of the world.

Their leader cream lager, Dome Faux’m, is a simple drinking staple of Houston bars and refrigerators.

With its enormous outside deck and sufficient indoor space, the rambling stockroom is an objective all its own — the whole area’s social core.

7) B-52 Brewing Company

Houston Breweries
B-25 Brewing Company

Simply off a Conroe country road, on large sections and acres of land of Texas piney woods, lies a brewery as unique as it could be creative compared to the other Houston breweries. B-52 Brewing offers a choice of very inventive aged mixes kept in barrels for years.

Visit them to appreciate a finely aged IPA or an imperial stout, and pick your favorite one.

Try the special pale beers, which are kind of unique both in name and its common green tone, just like the science fiction animation “Rick and Morty.”

With such arrangements and a large taproom to have plenty of fun in, B-52 is a must-visit from this list of Houston breweries.

Houston Breweries

Although we have enlisted Houston’s seven best breweries, there are many more that you could visit. In case you think of going bar-hopping, make sure to check out these breweries and host concerts and many such events in their taprooms.

Also, if you plan on going solo, don’t worry! These amazing breweries are the best place to meet new people and make new friends as well.

Enjoy visiting these Houston breweries, and share your experiences in the comments section with us.

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