7 Best Things to do in Snoqualmie falls

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Snoqualmie Falls
Photo by paweesit/ www.flicker.com Copyright 2021

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Waterfalls are viewed as wonders of nature by many geologists. One such spectacle is the beguiling Snoqualmie Falls, positioned east of Seattle. It is considered sacred by the natives due to its divine power and tranquil aura.

A minimum of 1.5 million visitors stops by the 270-foot waterfall every year. Hence, a must-go destination around Seattle, listed on every travel advisor site. May you be a solo tourist or a family holidaymaker, an elder or a youngster, the place is sure to intrigue you.

Snoqualmie Falls
Photo by paweesit/ www.flicker.com Copyright 2021

If you wish to escape the busy roads, the chaotic city and want to experience nature, then the paradise of Northwest United States awaits your visit!

Here’s a curated list of activities that may help plan your day.

Things to do in Snoqualmie Falls:

1) Enjoy the view of Snoqualmie falls 

The mystic waterfall glides 100 feet wide into the pool of Snoqualmie River while forming a radiant rainbow over the green lush. 

This imposing beauty of Snoqualmie falls can be viewed- through two observing decks. The lower deck- is placed near the base of the falls, adjacent to the river.

Direct view of Snoqualmie Falls
Photo by Jared Johnson/ Unsplash Copyright 2021

Along with a closer glimpse of the water rolling downhill, you’ll also get to experience the cold mist. So warmer clothing is advised. Sadly, due to bad weather, the deck is mostly closed.

Next, we have the upper deck. This deck stands atop the hill. The view of Snoqualmie falls from here covers the entire landscape in one shot. It is also the best location for a photoshoot.

Additionally, free Parking lots are available by these decks. So, don’t worry about the parking penalty and enjoy your holiday!

Snoqualmie Falls Trail

If you want to see the fall through the lower deck after visiting the upper deck, you will have to hike a 1.6-mile trail downhill. On your way, you get to see the native vegetation.

Snoqualmie falls trail
Photo by Sean O’Neill/ www.flicker.com Copyright 2021

The Western redcedar, Western hemlock, and Bigleaf maple shall greet you with a palette of colors.

Also, check out the signage boards stationed near the plants. They indicate their names and native purpose. This will give your trip an educational viewpoint and a whole new experience.

The 2-acre park down the hiking trail presents historic interceptive displays and educational kiosks. These convey facts and stories about the place.

Snoqualmie Falls Park
Photo by Puget Sound Energy/ www.flicker.com Copyright 2021

Furthermore, the trail is pet-friendly. So your hounds and pooches can tag along too. However, a leash is a must.

2) Spend a night at Salish Lodge and Spa

Salish Lodge and Spa
Photo by Jeff Hitchcock/ www.flicker.com Copyright 2021

The Historic property of Salish Lodge is stationed atop the Snoqualmie Falls.

The rooms of this resort present the most beautiful settings. You can dine before the burning fireplaces, relax at the Spa, and soak in the sun by the poolside to your heart’s content. The Dining Room and the Attic offer you exquisite traditional and local cuisines. You can also buy souvenirs at the gift shop.

It’s not unusual to hear visitors calling it the gateway to heaven and a memorable escape to repose.

3) Dig up the past at Snoqualmie Hydroelectric Museum

If you are interested in learning about the history and engineering legacy of the Snoqualmie Hydroelectric Plant, then the museum is your cue. The plant is also the world’s first underground power station.

You get to hear information regarding the falls and the development of the power plant over the years. They’ll also brief you with the life of Charles Baker- who started it all in 1898. Puget Sound Energy has been managing the park and the museum for over 100 years.

Snoqualmie Power Plant
You can also visit the Northwest Railway Museum to experience the feels of the classic time during the 19th century.

4) Check out Snoqualmie Golf Course

The Golf Course of Fall City, Washington, is only a 7-min ride from the Snoqualmie Falls.  Playing golf with a scenic view of Mount Si is like a cherry on top of a perfect trip.

It also comes with catering and grill services. Mind you, that’s only for tournaments of above 20 people. 

Photo by Dean/ Unsplash Copyright 2021

The course offers the most peaceful cart rides filled with greens and tees.

5) Stroll under the lights of Snoqualmie in Winter

Photo by Dean Sun/ Unsplash Copyright 2021

All the winter evenings from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is illuminated- by lights.
From trees to broadways, all sparkle in dazzle.
To feel this magic, walk through the trail that stretches from the Salish Louge to downtown. You can also dine at the local restaurants on your way.

6) Try your luck at Snoqualmie Casino.

Snoqualmie Casino is a gateway to delight. They have gambling tables to dining venues, outdoor summer concerts, and comedy tours. 

Photo by Nick Amoscato/ www.flicker.com Copyright 2021

The noise of coins, cheers of wine, and sounds of slot machines- fill the room. You can challenge the Wheel of Fortune, gamble on the Roulette tables, play your hand in at Blackjack, or dine at 12 Moons. You have more than a hundred options.

Snoqualmie Casino is a sure bet for a great time.

7) Savor the wine of Woodinville

A 40-minute drive from Snoqualmie falls will take you to Washington’s largest producer of wine- Woodinville. They offer the oldest and the newest of the lot through various wineries, breweries and boutiques. You are sure to find your favorite.

Photo by Kelsey Knight/ unsplash.com  Copyright 2021

~What’s more luxurious than a glass of wine at the end of a trip~

Click here to learn more about Wineries.



Snoqualmie Falls
Photo by Eric Frommer/ www.flicker.com Copyright 2021

Snoqualmie Falls has been a popular scenic attraction since its opening credits in Twin Peaks.

The falls beckon more and more curious travelers to visit each year. Some revisit regularly. And you can’t blame them for it. Anyone can fall in love with the undeniable beauty and majesty of the falls, even you!

So, next time when you visit Seattle, don’t miss out on the chance of viewing the Northwest treasure- Snoqualmie Falls. The Snoqualmie Tribe awaits to tell you their tales.



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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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As an affilate-driven website, USA Tales earns from qualifying purchases.

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