8 Amazing Waterfalls in Tennessee

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Which is your favorite spot to go on a trip or for a vacation? You might probably be a beach person or maybe a mountain person. But have you ever thought of going to visit a waterfall as a trip plan? If not, then you must give it a try.

Waterfalls can be considered some of the most beautiful wonders of our fantastic nature. Waterfalls can take you by amazement when you look at them. The spectacular views that waterfalls offer can be truly breathtaking.

So, suppose you are planning to visit some of the waterfalls. In that case, you must consider going to some of the most mesmerizing waterfalls in Tennessee, the United States of America.

There are a lot of waterfalls in Tennessee that might interest you. Have you ever been very confused about which waterfall you want to visit? Do not worry. We have got your back.

This article has listed some of the best waterfalls in Tennessee that you can visit.

8 impressive waterfalls in Tennessee that you must visit

Tennesse, especially the Cumberland plateau and the Highland Rim, will give you amazing and mesmerizing views of the entire United States of America. These places offer such incredible views because of the topography that these places have got.

Along with having a great topography Tennessee also has a chain of extensive streams, rivers, and other forms of water bodies that make it one of the best waterfall locations in the U.S.

Many spectacular waterfalls are located in Tennessee. And the best part about all of this is that many of the waterfalls are located in the state park. As they are located in the State Park, visitors will have free accessibility to go and visit these Tennessee waterfalls.

You can visit these Tennessee waterfalls any time of the year you like. But the most appropriate time to visit the waterfalls in Tennessee is usually during the springtime. Springtime is considered the best time to visit these waterfalls because the snow which is formed will melt during springtime.

The melting snow will give rise to beautiful cascades. This way you can have the best view of the waterfalls here.

1. Fall Creek Falls

waterfalls in Tennessee
By: GT Photos/Flickr

Fall Creek Falls are located in the state park in Spencer. Fall Creek Falls State Park, where these waterfalls are located, is one of the largest parks in the U.S and the most visited park in the United States of America.

Fall Creek falls park is huge. It almost covers an overwhelming area of 29,800 acres spread across the Cumberland plateau. This park has some of the most stunning overviews and beautiful waterfalls that can take your breath away.

The waterfall situated here in this park is called Fall Creek Falls. It gushes down from a height of almost 256 feet. This waterfall is also considered one of the highest single-vertical waterfalls. The Fall Creek Falls are located east of the Rocky Mountains.

This park is just not limited to the Fall creek fall waterfalls. It offers its visitors a lot more to explore and find out. Other than the waterfalls, this park also has streams and cascades. It also encompasses oak and hickory forest, considered the best places to hike and experience adventures.

If you want to reach Fall Creek Falls and the Cane creek cascades, you will have to travel through a 2.4-mile route. This route is reported to be heavily trafficked. These routes have a few inclines and declines along the entire path, and there are also a few natural rock steps.

This does not mean the entire route is difficult to travel. There are a few easy sections and a few difficult routes to follow along. Some of the other places you have to visit here without fail are the Coon creek falls and the Rock house Falls.

This is not the end to the amazing places you can explore here. Some other smaller falls are Cane creek falls, Piney creek falls, and Cane creek cascades.

The best time to visit this place is between March and October.

2. Cummins Falls

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By: Brenton Rogers/Flickr

Cummins falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Tennessee. Cummins Falls is located in the Cummins Falls State Park in Cookeville. This park encompasses almost 211 acres of land, which is very big.

It is situated on the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River. It is also considered Tennessee’s eighth largest waterfall and is one of the most visited waterfall parks.

There is a stream here that creates a way to Cummin Falls. The Cummin Falls has a 75-foot drop. Cummin falls are categorized as a two-drop waterfall. The 75-foot drop is divided into two sections while it falls.

The first 50-feet drop lands and becomes a beautiful pool. The 2nd section of the 25 foot drop lands and gets converted into another pool.

While this is a stunning waterfall, it could be equally dangerous. So make sure you are safe and sound while traveling here. Even though you are an adventurer, do not make abrupt decisions. You could be risking your precious life.

So before hiking down the Cummins falls, make sure you are sure about your decision. If not, so opt for looking at the Cummins falls from above.

Some precautions you can take while visiting Cummins Falls are wearing the perfect hiking shoes, bringing someone along with you, and using a personal floatation device often called the PFD.

Cummins falls state park can be considered a perfect spot for your vacation. Because the Cummins falls, the state park is suitable for both travel and leisure, and it can be regarded as one of the best waterfall destinations in the United States of America.

3. Twin Falls

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By: Nicolas Raymond/Flickr

Twin Falls are located in the Rock Island State Park. The twin falls are very different from the other waterfalls in Tennesse or in general. The Twin falls will fall on a George instead of falling on the rock walls.

The Twin Falls in the rock island state park was not created purposely but was accidentally created. This happened when the Caney Fork river was converted into a dam.

There are many other streams of water bodies present here. But the reason it is called the Twin falls is because of the two main streams associated with it. These Twin Falls, located in the Rock Island State Park, can be reached quite easily.

You do not have to go through many claiming or hiking to get to rock island state park. However, you will have to climb the stairs to reach your destination. The other waterfall you can visit when you are here is the Great Falls.

Below the Great Falls is the Caney Fork George. This gives a fantastic overview of the Eastern Highland Rim.

Some of the other waterfalls that can be viewed here are Badger Falls, Lowe great falls, and Badger Flat falls.

4. Greeter Falls

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By: Sharon Mollerus/Flickr

The south Cumberland state park is home to Greeter Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tennessee. If you are a fan of backcountry hiking, then the Savage gulf situated here is the perfect spot for that.

The first 15 feet of this waterfall drops over a ledge, and the next 50 feet fall over a large basin. The George which is located here is bottomless and dangerous. There is a deep pool situated at the state park here.

This is home to the most spectacular waterfalls. There is a creek here which is called the savage creek. This savage creek drops 30 feet into the savage falls. The Greeter Falls loop trail, other cascades, and many other beautiful things to explore are between these two waterfalls.

You must take the Greeter falls loop trail to see the following things: Upper Greeter falls, Boardtree Falls, and then the lower Lower greeter falls.

5. Burgess Falls

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By: Casey Fleser/Flickr

The Burgess Falls is seen in the Burgess Falls State Park, located in Sparta. To reach this location, you will have to hike for almost 1.5 miles along the trip river or the service road loop to reach the main waterfalls.

The Burgess Falls is approximately estimated to be around 136 feet. If you are interested and adventurous enough, you can go and reach the bottom of the Burgess falls you will have to kayak.

Even though it is permitted to kayak to the bottom of these waterfalls, the Tennessee state parks will warn you to be very careful as this is considered a dangerous activity.

The Burgess Falls State Park is situated very near the Falling water river. Altogether it has four waterfalls. The scenery around here is just amazing. The area around the falling water river was initially crowded and populated with the Chickasaw tribe, creek, and the Cherokee tribes.

This area was very highly exploited before becoming a part of the Tennessee state parks and the state cover. It was used as a hunting spot, and later it was used to generate hydroelectric power. The Cherokee national forest is also located here. Now all the natural resources of this place are well protected, and there is no room for any exploitation.

The burgess falls, and a state park offers fantastic vacations and one-day trips.

6. Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls is found in the Natchez Trace parkway. This waterfall got its name after President Andrew Jackson. This is considered one of the best-hidden treasures of the Natchez Trace parkway.

You will have to travel and take a 0.6-mile moderately-trafficked trail loop located just above the duck river to reach this mesmerizing waterfall.

The Jackson Falls is 40 feet tall. The best time to visit this waterfall is during springtime. This is because the snow will melt during the springtime and give way to more water. If you visit this waterfall during the springtime, you will be able to see and witness the full potential of this waterfall.

This place is usually preferred for moderate hikes and relaxed nature trips. As this place is very close to Nashville, it can be considered one of the best weekend trips.

7. Bald River Falls

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By: US Forest Service/Flickr

Bald River falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls found in Tennesse. This waterfall is mainly situated near the Tellico plains. These Tellico plains are located near the Cherokee National Forest.

You have the chance to go on a hike in this beautiful forest. Along with going on a hike, you can also witness the splendid beauty of nature and experience what it feels like to stand and see such a spectacular waterfall.

This waterfall is around 90 to 100 meters tall gushes down towards the boulders. Then from here, it joins a rocky pool. This later flows and joins the Tellico River.

To reach this place, you have to hike for almost 8 miles on a moderately rugged trail and trafficked. It is possible to hike on this path almost anytime in the year.

You can have an overview of the Bald River Falls in two ways: you can either have a glimpse of it from the bridge built over the Tellico river or opt to hike to the top of the river through the Bald River falls gorge.

8. Laurel Falls

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By: Thomas/Flickr

Laurel Falls is regarded as one of the most famous and popular waterfall locations for hiking in the Smokies. This waterfall is almost about 80 meters tall.

Laurel Falls is located in the Smoky Mountains National park. There is a mountain very near this fall known as the mountain Laurel. Because of this mountain, the waterfall got its name, and everyone started calling it the Laurel Falls.

To get to this waterfall, you will have to hike for about 2.6 miles on a moderately trafficked path. This path is easy for most visitors, and on the other side of the path, you will witness the beautiful Laurel Falls.

So, these are some of the best waterfalls in Tennessee that you can visit upon your next vacation. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. 

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