An aerial view of a golf course in Illinois. An aerial view of a golf course in Illinois.

Tee Off at the Top 8 Illinois Golf Courses

There are so many incredible golf courses in Illinois. This makes it hard to name the best one out of the many. There are even some of the world-renowned private courses here.

Some Information about Illinois Golf Courses

The beautiful scenery of a clean green field and cloudy weather in one of the Illinois golf courses.
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If you are planning a trip to the 6th most populated state in the US (Illinois), make sure to check out these Illinois golf courses. These world-famous golf courses were designed by the famous architect Robert Trent Jones. The state is famous for its historical association with Abraham Lincoln, its yummy food, and of course, the world-famous city of Chicago.

Visiting Illinois should be on every traveler’s wish list. The lodging and boarding over there are budget-friendly, and you get to see two completely different cultures- the southside and the downtown.

Coming back to golf courses, it is not necessary to have a membership to enjoy a game of golf here. You could also pay the entry fees for a day and have a game of fun-filled golf.

To make things a tad bit easier for you, we have come up with a list. Make sure to check them out.

 The List of the Best 8 Illinois Golf Courses

1) Schaumburg Golf Club 

Schaumburg Golf Club is a 27-opening course that is partitioned into three:
  • The Tournament
  • Baer
  • Players

The nines are played in three diverse 18-hole mixes that offer a wide range of difficulties. The nines have exceptional plans. But, every one of the courses shares an undulating landscape and manicured lawns, fairways, and greens.

Because of the nature of the plan and superb conditions, the course has been host to various occasions throughout the years, including the U.S. Open Qualifying and Illinois Open Qualifying competitions.
The Tournament/Baer mix includes a lot of water on the front nine, while the back nine is more sympathetic yet specked with positioned dugouts.

Schaumburg is a mainstream course because of the plan and the national club setting at public course costs.

2) Praire Landing Golf Club 

Prairie Landing Golf Club has gotten praise since the time it first opened in 1995. It also got a four-and-a-half-star rating from Golf Digest.

This West Chicago course will make you feel like you’re at an ocean-side connections course in Ireland. The grassland style design follows the practice of exemplary connections fairways.
Robert Trent Jones II planned the course based on the moving landscape. He fused huge, undulating greens and moving twisted grass fairways.
Large areas of local grasses stretch along the fairways, and positioned shelters outline the greens.

It additionally flaunts:

  • a training office that incorporates a driving range with target greens
  • four practice holes
  • a nine-opening chipping
  • a short-game area
A golf ball and a golf stick on the green grass of the golf course.
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3) Cantigny Golf 

Cantigny Golf in Wheaton offers 27 holes for title golf. It’s an incredible spot for youngsters with an institute and nine-holed youth-based course.

The holes are isolated into the Lakeside, Hillside, and Woodside nines, names that hint at the attributes of the wonderful scene. There are two flowing springs as 12 lakes sprinkle all through the greens.
The nines are played in three 18-holed mixes. The Lakeside/Hillside Course, as the name would suggest, exploits the many lakes and height changes. Developed hardwood trees outline the holes, and more than 100,000 blossoms give a brilliant landscape.

Despite water dangers, there are additionally positioned dugouts along the green sides. 

4) Palos Park 

This is a difficult course (that is self-evident if a PGA Tour has been held here). But at the same time, it is playable. Given that they needed to continue to grow the course to make it longer for PGA Tour experts, a few holes have up to seven tee boxes. So it’s a course where you can pick the length to accommodate your game.

The fortifications are profound, and the greens are a bit troublesome. Yet, the whole Cog Hill property (each of the four courses) was to assemble a national club environment for public golf. So it falls in the “extreme yet reasonable” classification. Furthermore, the grounds are astonishing.

5) Arrowhead Golf Club

A golf ball is exactly beside the cup.
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This Illinois golf course is home to a 27-hole course. It is viewed as extraordinary compared to other metropolitan plays in the Chicago region.

The holes are separated into the South, East, and West nines, which can be played in three distinctive 18-hole blends. Water risks show up on 17 of the 27 holes, and there are 77 dugouts positioned all through.

Each green gives a difficult, however unique round. Although the club opened in 1927, the South/East Course was remodeled in 2011. The course held its difficult character and was made more playable for the scope of expertise levels.

6) TPC Deere Run 

There’s one public golf course that has a PGA Tour occasion each year. Furthermore, it’s in the Chicago region.

TPC Deere Run in the Quad Cities has the John Deere Classic each late spring and is accessible for public play the rest of the year. This is another difficult course. So be ready for some precarious greens.
Be that as it may, from the legitimate tees, the course doesn’t play long. Indeed, large numbers of the notable holes (like the standard 3 sixteenth close to the Rock River) are more limited holes for VIPs and celebrities.
They have picked an incredible piece of property for this course, playing along the Rock River. What’s more, it’s amusing to play where the celebrities play.

In case you’re in the greenside fortification on 18, check whether you can open out like Jordan Spieth did to win his first-historically speaking PGA Tour occasion.

7) ThunderHawk Golf Course 

This Golf Course covers a different territory of developing woods, marshland, and grassland.

Robert Trent Jones Jr. yet again planned this course. He pledged to safeguard the normal territory however much he could. This was the primary public course in Illinois to be ensured by the Audubon Society.

It has additionally been positioned as one of the top civil greens in the whole of the U.S.. ThunderHawk is an absolute must-play in case you’re nearby.

A man with green shorts and a cap playing golf during the daytime.
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8) Ravisloe Golf Course

This one makes the rundown due to its set of experiences. After over a century as an exclusive hangout, it was changed to a public course in 2009.

It would seem like you snuck onto somebody’s exclusive hangout. The enormous clubhouse, colossal trees, isolation — everything’s there.

Ending Note

Illinois Golf Courses have a lot to offer if you visit them. Avid golfers should make any one of these golf courses a must-try visit.

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