9 Best Date Ideas Houston With Your Partner

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Date Ideas Houston
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Searching for Date Ideas Houston? What is the best romantic date that you can take your significant other to in Houston? You are racking your brain for ideas but nothing comes to your mind. What should I do? Should I take them to a restaurant? or a cafe? or somewhere else? What will be the most impressive? Are you confused with all these thoughts? Worry not!! Check out these 9 Date Ideas Houston that we have put together.

9. The Beach is Always a Good Idea

Romance and Beaches always go hand in hand. So our first pick for date ideas in Houston is the beach. There is something about the waves at your feet and sunsets that is so special. I mean who doesn’t want to have their first kiss at the beach? There is a reason why most love songs music videos are shot on the beach. Fortunately, there are many beaches in and around Houston Texas that you can take your partner to.

But what exactly can you do at the beach? To that we say? Duh!! What cant you do at the beach? You can get in the water and feel the waves together. If you do not enjoy getting wet, you can have a romantic walk along the shore. Make a sandcastle together, Go enjoy some watersports, surf, swim, enjoy and put some sunscreen on each other which is also very romantic.

If you are feeling adventurous go ride a jet ski or go parasailing. Galveston Beach is the best beach near Houston for you to enjoy your romantic date together. Also, another thing that is special about beaches is the sunrises and sunsets. Who doesn’t want to watch a sunset or sunrise over the horizon with their lover? Right?

Missed the sunset? Don’t worry!! You can go collecting seashells or hunting crabs. If you have kids, then they will enjoy the beach too. So what are you waiting for? Pack your sunscreen and swimsuit and go on a beach date right now!!

Date Ideas Houston
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8. Visit the Houston Space Center Together

Got a girlfriend or boyfriend that is obsessed with Space? Then our suggestion for date ideas Houston would be the space center. Because what is more romantic than knowing that you fully embrace their geeky side and will continue to do so. It also is one of the most tourist attractions in Houston and is immensely popular all over the world. You will get lost looking at the space artifacts and objects until you realize that you have spent hours at the museum.

Are you stuck while planning the date and don’t know what to do or look at first? We have got you!! First of all, don’t forget to take the tram tour that the museum offers. They will take you to see various space shuttles and spacecraft.

If you prefer walking, then grab your partner’s hand and head over to see the collection of Moon Rocks that they have at the museum. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 is an exhibit here, you probably won’t miss it, since it is exhibited outside the space center but make sure to take your time and check it out.

The Galaxy Lights show is a must-see. The show starts at 6 PM and it is the perfect spot for couples to enjoy their date night in Houston. Married couples can also bring their kids. No! Your kids won’t get in the middle of your romantic time since they will be distracted by the many kid’s activities present at this Space Center.

Get your partner a token to remember this date from the gift shop. Also, enjoy some coffee and great food at the food court. It will be a memorable experience which is why we have added it to our date ideas Houston list.

  • Address: 1601 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058, United States
  • Contact: +1 281-244-2100
  • Website: https://spacecenter.org/

Best Date Ideas in Houston
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7. Go on a Picnic Date at the Buffalo Bayou Park

How can you write an article about date ideas in Houston and not have a picnic in the park in it? Option A: You can’t!! Option B: option A and Option C: Option B. Does it sound to cliche? But you know what? Sometimes a cliche is nice. There is a reason why it has been overused. Don’t you think so? Anyway, taking your partner on a picnic date to Buffalo Bayou Park is the next idea we have on our date ideas Houston article.

But what exactly are you gonna do here? Well, we are thrilled to let you know that there are a variety of things that you can do at this park. The first option would be to rent bikes and go on a bike trip with your date since there are bike trails at this park. if your date is someone who enjoys adventure and the outdoors then this is just a perfect idea for you. If you guys are into kayaking then let me tell you there is an option to do that too at Buffalo Bayou Park.

Don’t think biking or kayaking is a good idea? Then just take a walk with your partner here. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a long romantic walk holding each other’s hands and having silly conversations. There is plenty of green landscape to enjoy while you walk. There is a bat colony under Waugh and you can watch them take off during the evening time. During your walk, you can also take some time to explore the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern which features art installations.

If none of these ideas excites you just have a simple and classic picnic. Pack your picnic blanket and lots of snacks and drive down to Buffalo Bayou Park with your date. You can just enjoy laying down and looking at the sky together. Now that does sound romantic, doesn’t it? But make sure to pack bug spray since there are many creepy crawlers at this park. So next time you are thinking of date ideas in Houston don’t forget to visit Buffalo Bayou Park.

Best Date Ideas Houston with Partner
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6. Spent Your Day at the Downtown Aquarium

What are the best date ideas in Houston for a sea life-obsessed girlfriend?  It definitely is the Downtown Aquarium Houston. You can spend a beautiful day here, hold hands and enjoy watching the amazing aquatic life.

If you are still in that awkward phase of your relationship and want something to bond over, then discussing sea creatures and how fascinating they are is just the perfect way to do so. Make sure to choose a day when the aquarium is not very crowded.

Downtown Aquarium is one of the most famous attractions of Houston. If you don’t know what exactly to check out during your visit then we will guide you. The aquarium offers you a chance to pet and feeds the stingray which is totally something you should do to ease the tension between you guys.

Once you get to know each other more head over to the shark exhibit which is very cool. it is definitely something which will fascinate you. After that, go ahead and watch the tigers, especially the majestic white tigers. Their beauty and ferociousness is something that will definitely cheer you guys up.

Now that you guys are all bonded and cheerful make your way to the carnival. We suggest going on the Ferris wheel and enjoying some alone time with a view of Houston. Isn’t that super romantic? There are also other cool rides and stuff at the carnival that you can check out.

After that fill your stomach with some amazing food from the restaurant and also have some cocktails if you enjoy it. That sounds like a pretty amazing date, doesn’t it? Yup!! That’s why it made it to our list of top date ideas in Houston.

Date Night in Houston
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5. Grab Drinks and Play Arcade Games

The top fun Date idea for Houston obviously goes to Cidercade Houston. Take your partner to Cidercade Houston. It is a huge arcade bar in Houston. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy some fun bonding time. Also, show off your gaming skills to impress your partner.

Also if you are short on cash then this is the perfect spot for your date. The alcohol is cheap but very tasty. Just pay 10 dollars for unlimited play and just enjoy your time together. You are also allowed to bring your own food inside, so maybe pack some sandwiches? Or you can even get food delivered to Ciderarcade.

Oh! Wait but there are also different food trucks outside the arcade so you can get food from there also. Just so you know, the food from most of these food trucks is delicious according to customer reviews. Now if you planning on bringing kids, then you cannot stay after 8 pm, since the place is 21+ after 8 pm.

At Cidercade Houston, there is a great selection of arcade games that you can play both retro and new-gen. Some of these include Tekken, Streetfighter, Xmen games, Gun games, Bowling games, and so on. The most popular games are pinball and guitar hero for which you will have to wait a bit for your turn.

There are also ping pong tables, air hockey tables, and shuffleboard. Wanna show off your ping pong skills? Then why not take your date here? But just so you know there’s always a line to the ping pong table so you will have to wait a bit.

Unlike the food, you are not allowed to bring your own drinks into the arcade. Instead, you can order their beer or cider. They also have soda for 4 dollars with unlimited refills. You can also find a parking space easily. Do you like our 5th pick for date ideas Houston? Then go ahead and visit Cidercade right now!

Romantic Hangout in Houston
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4. Catch a Movie at a Drive-in

What is next on our Date ideas Houston article? Drive-in Movie theatres are an overused cliche in romantic movies. Have you ever wondered why? Go to one and find out yourself. Also, it is so much better than just going on a regular movie theatre date. Don’t you think so? It is truly a Nostalgic way to take in a movie that always creates fond memories.

You get to enjoy the movie in the safety and privacy of your vehicle. What more do couples need than privacy? I am pretty sure you have seen many movies and series where the rich guy rents an entire movie theatre for the day so that the couple can get some privacy.

And then proceeds to book an entire restaurant or amusement park so they can enjoy some alone time. Well, most people cannot afford to impress their date like that. So, going for a drive-in movie date would be the best alternative.

We recommend you go to the MoonStruck Drive-In, Houston for your date. It’s a cozy and cute drive-in in Houston with a great view of the Houston skyline. So if the movie is boring then you can always stare at the beautiful skyline of Houston with your date.

Wow! That does sound romantic. Make sure to grab some popcorn from the food trucks because there is a long line and you might end up missing parts of the movie.

Date ideas Houston
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3. Attend a Concert at the Miller Outdoor Theater

Oh, you were asking for date ideas Houston? Then, take your date to a concert at the Miller Outdoor Theatre Houston. Going to a concert is always a good idea. You can find out the upcoming shows and timings from their website. There are lots of free shows so this date will also be budget-friendly if you are low on cash. The parking is also free.

Also, Miller Outdoor Theatre is one of the best places to attend a concert. Because according to reviews there is not a single spot at the theatre with a bad view. An open-air venue is much safer than indoor concerts.

You won’t be stomped on or run out of breath here. The theatre has a great sound system and the sound travels really well throughout the theatre. The theatre is very clean and they also have good and clean bathrooms.

Many people believe that sitting on the hill is much cooler than sitting in the theatre. You can also bring lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy the show. Don’t forget to bring along some food and drinks which is totally allowed. It is totally okay if you forgot to pack some since the theatre has a concession stand with a different range of food at cheap prices.

They also sell alcohol in case you wanna get a little tipsy. The place is also dog friendly. You can bring your dog along if you don’t have a dog sitter. Miller Outdoor Theatre is a no-brainer when it comes to date ideas in Houston.

Best Date in Houston
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2. Play with Cats at the El Gato Coffeehouse

What’s better than coffee? Coffee plus cats!! Our next pick for top date ideas in Houston is the El Gato Coffeehouse. It is a cozy and cute cafe where you can get to know each other while munching on delicious goodies and when that’s over you can go play with the cats. We’ll plan out the date for you.

First, tell your date that you are taking them to a cafe. Once you reach the cafe, your date will be surprised to see that it’s a cat cafe and will definitely be impressed. But make sure they are not allergic to cats first.

After that, you can try out their yummy food and drinks. The cappuccino is amazing also make sure to try out their cinnamon roll which is delicious. After you have filled your stomach with their delicious food head over to play with the cats.

The cats are cute and friendly. You can even rent some private time with the cats if you want. All the cats are available for adoption so why not adopt one together? If it’s your anniversary date or something, surprise your partner by getting them a cat.

There are special events here such as Cat Yoga where there is a yoga session with the cats. This is purely fun and something you should try out with your partner.

There is also another activity where you can paint cat-related pictures. Doesn’t that sound fun? Check their website to know which day of the month these events are scheduled. Before leaving make sure to visit the cute gift shop where you can get several cat-related items.

Get your partner a gift from here as a token to remember this amazing date. If you have a partner who is obsessed with animals, especially with cats, then this is one of the great date ideas Houston.

Cat Cafe Houston
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1. Have a Magical Experience at the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Our Top pick for Date Ideas Houston is the Waterwall at Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. It is one of the biggest attractions of Houston also one of the reasons why it is our top pick for date ideas in Houston. The Waterwall is 64 feet tall to signify the 64 stories of William’s Tower Houston right across which the park is situated.

The construction of the Waterwall was finished in 1985 and later it was taken over by the park to preserve it. It is basically a tall fountain circulating 11,000 gallons of water every minute. There are no waterfalls in Houston so I guess this is a nice alternative. The Waterwall is just spectacular and you will not regret coming here for your date. You can also take great Instagramable photos here.

It is a common proposal spot in Houston. So if you are dating with marriage in mind then this would be the perfect spot to propose. Or if you planning to go on a first date then if you guys fall in love you can return back to this place, where you had your first date to propose. Isn’t it romantic? Oh! Don’t get too ahead of yourself. See how things go first.

The Waterwall itself is beautiful. The sounds of the water and the whole atmosphere is so relaxing. If you don’t have a date it doesn’t matter, you can just take yourself on a date here, because self-love is important guys. The parking is 6 dollars per hour but you can just park at the galleria garage parking lot for free which is just a 5-minute walk from here.

If you both love architecture and scenic views then this is just a great date idea for you guys. Make sure to come here on a date at least once. You will truly cherish the beauty of this masterpiece. It will be both a romantic and calming experience for the two of you. This is exactly why we have listed it as the top pick for date ideas in Houston.

Date in Houston Ideas
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Those were our top picks for Date Ideas Houston. Go ahead and try out these great date ideas Houston ASAP!! Also, there are several other date ideas in Houston such as Butterfly watching, indoor skydiving, etc. Sorry if your top picks for date ideas Houston isn’t here. If you want us to make another list on Date Ideas Houston, then comment down below and let us know.

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