9 Thrilling Places For Horseback Riding in Alabama

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horseback riding in Alabama
Horseback riding in Alabama

Horseback riding in Alabama gained popularity very quickly, as many trails and ranches offer the option to go horseback riding in Alabama. A lot of tourists, as well as locals, enjoy going horseback riding in Alabama.

Horseback Riding in Alabama

The only difference is that the trails give a more natural and wild experience and bring you closer to beautiful nature, the ranches are excellent places for those who love trotting and fast-paced horseback riding.

While the trails for horseback riding in Alabama are very safe, you still need to consider the terrain before speeding up on your horse.

Adding the fact that the horses are adorable and friendly and would love to show you around their territory. If you feel lost or don’t know much about where to start, below is a few of the best horseback riding Alabama sites.

As the Trail Goes

You will discover a lot if you follow the trial in the rocky north, there is the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, and the Blue and Gray Museum in Decatur.

The place offers an amazing range of experiences, then in the middle, there lies the urban town of Birmingham with its museums and other attractions.

Tuscaloosa is the typical center of learning to boast of Colleges under the University of Alabama.

This State has sprawling beaches which offer a great choice of seafood and hospitality like Dauphin Island and Orange Beach.

Best Places to Go Horseback Riding In Alabama

1) Mo’s Carriages And Trail Rides

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Photo by Crystal Huff on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

This establishment provides carriage as well as individual horse rides, and you can book a beautiful carriage for your special day.

They decorate the carriages and the horses according to your need and cater to your events. As for the trail rides, they have a variety of horseback riding trails for amateurs and pro riders.

They offer individual as well as group rides, you could also book an appointment for a memorable 2-hour ride through the beautiful trails.

This beautiful trail for horseback riding in Alabama operates from sunrise to sunset, they have labeled trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. They also give a mini-lesson to assess the rider’s capability before the trail ride.

The Hoover and Gardendale area is appropriate for trail rides that are offered now and, the comfort level of any rider depends on his immediate need.

There is a variety of trails that is available for any rider. To begin with, there is the jungle trail which is bound to be slow, it passes through the bamboo, a train in the vicinity, and vine grooves offering a few glimpses of wildlife.

The advanced learner would prefer the river trail, there are lots of rivers along the way and this place has several hidden trails enough to satisfy a curious tourist.

2) Alabama Horse Back Adventures, LLC

qw 1 scaled
Photo by xandro Vandewalle on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

This beautiful horseback riding Alabama trail is located in Guntersville park’s enormous lake. They offer one-hour and two-hour rides, and the pricing varies, you need to make a reservation before going.

Children above 12 years can have their rides, they do not allow double riders, though. They have a specific criterion that the riders must be to hitch a ride.

The horse or the mule will be gentle and as you go past the beautiful Guntersville Park you will gasp to have enough of the breathtaking scenery.

You need to weigh at least 240 pounds and have a minimum height of 4 feet 6 inches to ride individually. They also provide a 10% discount to health care workers, military, and government workers- provided a proper ID is shown.

Trot amongst the never seen greenery before Lake Guntersville state park on your gentle pony and enjoy the scenic beauty. As the ride takes you past the awesome trail you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

3) Oak Mountain Riding Stables

Enjoy the 25 miles of horseback riding in Alabama at the oak mountain riding stables. The stables are undergoing development and adding more trails, you can choose your favorite trail according to the scenery and terrain.

Travel on your horseback along the lush green forest or take a ride along the edge of the beautiful lake, you could also take a trail through the pine-studded ridges if you want.

They have a separate orange trail that is approximately 15 miles and takes you through the forest and ends back at the stable. This trail is exclusively for horses, and no foot or bikes are allowed.

Sign up for a horseback riding lesson or host a special event in this beautiful, fun location. They also have guided pony rides for ages 3-12 and guided trail rides, you could set up rides from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

This place makes a great trail whether it’s for a beginner or a regular rider who needs a pony to trot along. However, this park has a limited rider capacity for all kinds of people, so call and make a reservation today.

4) Carousel O Breeds

we 2 scaled
Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

This beautiful establishment of horseback riding in Alabama claims to have been providing services for over 30 years, they also boast of having developed true horseback riders.

They have their rodeo clinics that provide tutorials on being a cool rodeo. They teach skills like roping, basic riding technique, pole bending, barrel racing, arena racing, and many other rodeo tips.

They host lectures and seminars on how to take care of your horses and teach you how to become an even better horseman and develop a bond with your equine friend.

They also set up horse camps for little children that feature craft activities, swimming, and many other fun recreational activities and, of course – riding.

Their website will give you information on some of the most strong and sturdy animals, you can as well find out how they look. There are several breeds of horses and you can manage to find out the one that best suits you.

Get yourself enrolled for the camp and bring back trophies and good memories home, but make sure to check out the list of supplies you need to carry before you go camping.

5) Starlight Stables

ty scaled
Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Starlight Stables, located in Odenville, Alabama, offer full-service boarding that is monthly with a 30-stall facility. They offer lessons in barrel racing and train riders to ride their horses in style, and behavioral, conditioning, and individualizing training sessions.

Here, you could also plan a party or a small family get-together with a horse-riding theme.

This ranch is famous for its horseback riding adventures and is a great place to explore with its old horse trails and is open to visitors all around the year.

This place is ideal for scouts troops and office parties and is in great demand for Western riding lessons, camps, and clinics as along with it comes your first-hand farm experience.

You could get to meet the animals on the farm, or you could have two-hour parties with ponies and horses.

6) Heather Moor Farm Riding Academy

The premiere academy for horseback riding in Alabama is located in Birmingham. They offer English saddle seat riding lessons for anyone above four, the farm has an inner arena for this purpose.

They are equipped with 2 full-time trainers and more than 40 horses, this place houses the largest academy in the state of Alabama.

The beginner lessons are started with individual and private practice. Group lessons are provided to intermediate and advanced riders, and they have an indoor and outdoor riding area if the weather does not seem to be in favor.

The charges for different modes of teaching differ, while learning singly costs $40 per half an hour, learning in a group cost $ 30 for half an hour.

The Academy relies on word of the mouth and does not advertise in public. Females outnumber males when it comes to the question of learning horse riding here.

The riding lessons are 30 minutes long and need a prior appointment to go through one. They also set up horse riding camps for kids, where they get to socialize and participate in many recreational and fun activities.

Check out their events and be a viewer of their spectacular horse shows.

7) Rocking S Farm

This is the best American saddlebred academy for horseback riding in Alabama, they have a beautiful 20-acre farm, including – 4 Pasteur, a 12-stall main barn and tack room, and a 7-stall shed row barn.

They also have a large outdoor riding arena that is covered around a pen and the best quality gentle horses, and they take care of them in the best possible way.

They provide services like boarding riding lessons and host events and camps.

This farm is located in Helena, Alabama, and specializes in Saddleseat riding. The camps and training programs that are offered here not only make a child an excellent rider but also develop his all-around personality.

Horses are powerful and majestic creatures and there is everything that a summertime adventure can offer to your kids. The beginners, as well as advanced riders, can take training lessons here.

If you are not in the mood for it you can enjoy the gorgeous trails and the stunning sceneries as the place is hemmed with valleys and ridges.

The lessons are provided by skilled professionals and can be taken by anyone over the age of 3.

frances gunn QcBAZ7VREHQ unsplash
Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash. Copyright 2015

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a competition or just riding for fun; they have you covered. Their fantastic staff will cater to your needs and help you out in all aspects.

8) Clairmont Show Stables

Located suitably in Sterrett Alabama, this place is sure away from Birmingham’s hustle and bustle, which is only a stone’s throw away.

This place lodges everything that you can ask from the equestrian world, Clairmont show stables have a 25-acre farm with 2 barns, 2 large riding arenas, and a spectator porch.

They also have access to many great miles of trails to choose from for your horse trail rides.

They have a group of elite trainers and caretakers who properly take care of the horses and the stables. You could learn to ride a horse with one of the trainers, the trainer would first evaluate your ability in a private lesson and then develop a proper training program.

You could also learn specific skills or brush up on already learned skills under the trainer, they offer individual training as well as group training sessions.

This place will arouse your interest as you take the horseback riding lessons there are also horse shows as well as medical help is given to injured animals.

Anyone who wishes to buy a horse can also go to Clairmont to deal with horse sales.

9) GKM Equestrian

This easy-to-access horse riding facility offers – riding lessons, training lessons, leasing, boarding, and host camps to introduce you to a proper equestrian lifestyle. They have two large Pasteurs with tall grasses and several paddocks.

Different rates exist for show board and full board; they are $750 and $ 600 categorically. Not only are people taught here to be great riders, but proper animal grooming is an important chapter.

Saddles and bridles also come in different shapes and sizes and your familiarity with them is bound to increase.

This park is located in Leeds and offers a whole range of training to people who would like to learn more about horses or horse riding. Summer camps are organized for kids by GMK so it’s a lot of fun for them.

They have a separate barn for shows and lessons and keep their horses healthy by feeding elite-quality hay and taking proper care of them.  Normally as a small organization specializing in training, it is its quality that stands out over quantity.

They provide excellent care for rehabilitating or retired gentle horses but make sure to visit them with a prior appointment.

EndNote: Fun Horseback Rides

Alabama has one of the most picturesque countryside and there is no better way to explore it other than horseback riding.

Learning the art of horseback riding in Alabama is pretty easy as so many more ranches and stables offer the services, there are miles and miles of wilderness stretching far.

Most of the trainers teach you horse riding and encourage you to take care of your favorite animal, often developing a bond between you both.

So, book a visit to these places for horseback riding in Alabama without any more delay, and you will have the best animal bonding experience while making fun memories with your loved ones.

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