Japanese Whiskey and Sushi Tasting Japanese Whiskey and Sushi Tasting

A Japanese Whiskey and Sushi Tasting Event Awaits in Dallas!

Savor the essence of Japan in every bite and sip you take at the Japanese Whiskey and Sushi Tasting Event at 3144 Swiss Ave, Dallas. You are free to pick any date(on any Friday/ Saturday) to attend the event. The event will start exactly at 7 pm and extend for 2 hours

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About the Dallas’s Japanese Whiskey and Sushi Tasting

Picture yourself in this: the sun sets over the Toyko skyline, casting a warm, amber glow across the city, while you sit at a dimly lit, yet elegant sushi bar.

Before you, a carefully curated selection of Japan’s finest whiskies awaits. Each drink promises to elevate your sushi experience to a level of unparalleled sophistication and taste. Isn’t it tempting and pleasing?

If so, bookmark this event on your calendar, and ensure you drop by. 

Besides other tasting events, the Whiskey Spot at 1305 Wycliff Avenue also hosts a delicious Japanese Whiskey and sushi tasting for many connoisseurs like you. At Japanese Whiskey & Sushi Tasting, all hand-chosen Japanese food and drinks are presented before you. 

Get a chance to extend your drinking knowledge and meet other whisky enthusiasts, by learning about whisky pairings and getting an in-person mastery of whisky mixology. 

Furthermore, you can devour a fine sample of exquisite Japanese Whisky, curated especially to complement distinct sushi dishes.

Experience the moment to taste Japanese mainstream whiskies and sushi, including, Hibiki Harmony, Yamazaki Single Malt, Nigiri Sushi, and whatnot. 

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Additional Information 

Since the name itself tells about the event, it is out of the question for anyone to attend the Japanese Whiskey & Sushi Tasting, if they are under 21.

So, to attend the event, participants are required to be at least 21 years old with valid ID proof at the event’s check-in entry zone. 


The event is a great place to catch up with your friends. The tickets are available for both a single taster as well as a group of people. Throughout the tasting, unlimited food and drinks are served to each guest.  

  • Japanese Whisky & Sushi tasting for 1 person, charges $77.00, whereas, 
  • Japanese Whisky & Sushi tasting for a group (minimum of 10 and maximum of 50 attendees), charges $69.90
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The clock is ticking, speed up and grab your tickets from Fever.com before they’re gone. 

Details to Remember about Japanese Whiskey & Sushi Tasting in Dallas

  • What: Japanese Whiskey and Sushi Tasting.
  • When: Select the date and session on Fever.
  • Where: 3114 Swiss Ave Dallas TX 75204. 
  • Timings: Starts at 7 pm. Duration: 2 hours.  
  • Tickets: Get your tickets from Fever

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