Arkansas Wine Trail: 12 Delightful Wineries

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Arkansas wine trail
Enjoy all the wineries of the Arkansas Wine trail

Everyone loves a glass of fine American wine from time to time, and what source of American wine is better than the Arkansas Wine trail?

Arkansas Wine Trail Wineries

The Arkansas wine trail features many wineries situated in Arkansas, where you and your group could go on a fun weekend getaway and taste different types of delicious wines.

Most of the wineries of the Arkansas wine trails are situated near each other, but a few are at a more considerable distance. It would be ideal if you could rent a cab for a whole day to commute through the Arkansas wine trail.

Best Arkansas wine trail.

1) The Chateau Aux Arc Vineyard And Wineries

w1 scaled
Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash. COPYRIGHT 2017

This Arkansas wine trail winery is located in Altus.

They host private wine-tasting sessions at 10 dollars per person through a prior appointment. Established in 2001, this was the first and only winery that a female operated.

They serve four wines – red wine, dry wine, sweet wine, and white wine. You could also join their wineaux club and avail their special offers. They also host beautiful events and parties for every occasion, including a wedding party or an office party.

2) Dionysus Wine and Brew

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Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Also located in Altus, they provide lodging amenities if you wish to stay there for a few days and enjoy the fruity aura of the vineyard.

They have tasting rooms to taste and smell your favorite wines’ aroma in peace and bring back a bottle home. They serve white, red, bubbly, and dessert wines.

3) Mount Bethel Winery

This Arkansas wine country winery is said to produce one of the finest port wines amongst the other wineries of the Arkansas wine trail. They are located in the Ozark mountain foothills in Altus.

They have separate tasting rooms, and they sell grapevine plants here for you to take home along with your bottle of wine. They provide recipes with wine that you could also brew at home.

They make red wine, white wine, various fruit wines, muscadine vines, and port wines. They also have a gift shop for you to buy souvenirs for your peers back home.

4) Post Wineries Inc.

w3 scaled
Photo by Jeff Siepman on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

This winery, located in Altus, AR, is famous for producing one of the finest muscadine wines on the Arkansas wine trail. The Post family established this winery in 1970.

They have a tasting room and restaurant known as the trellis room that serves various entrees to go with your choice of wine and tasty desserts.

They produce muscadine wine, traditional red, and white wine, light wines, and regional wines.

5) Wiederkehr Wine Cellar And Weinkellar Restaurant

If you have an exquisite taste for swiss wine, then this is the place for you.

Established by Johann Wiederkehr, this winery makes the most amazing swiss wine out of all the other Arkansas wine trail wineries and Central America.

It is located on the southern slopes of Ozark mountain overlooking the Arkansas river valley. It is a Swiss alpine-style themed winery mark of swiss culture and heritage.

The weedkiller restaurant is located in Wiederkehr village that serves a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes and desserts.

They serve white wines, red wines, muscadine wines, pink wines, dry whites, red wines, and dessert wines.

6) Movie House Winery

Established in 2011, this quaint winery is situated in Morrilton and has lodging facilities. They also make ales and beers and other brewing supplies.

They welcome visitors only through prior appointments.

They serve red, white, semi-sweet, dry red, and white wines. They also have a gift store with wine-themed gifts and many other things like caps, bags, and whatnot.

You can also host a party or event in this beautiful winery.

7) Cowie Wine Cellars and Vineyards

w5 scaled
Photo by Alexandra Dementieva on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

This winery has a beautiful wine museum. You can visit them and book a tour of the vineyard to have an in-depth look at the winemaking process.

They host a wine fest every 2nd Saturday in September, including Arkansas wine Heritage Day, Arkansas Championship Grape Stomp, and amateur wine competition.

They also provide bed and bath services in very luxurious suites and produce authentic fruit wines, communal wines, full-bodied class wines, and dry dinner wines.

They have two branchesParis, AR, and Hot Springs, AR.

8) Railway Winery and Vineyards

Following the next winery in the Arkansas wine trail is this petit farm winery located along the route of the M&N railroad.

You can enjoy the wine-tasting event on the deck or patio of the farmhouse while sipping quality wine made from the grapes grown right there. They also have a brewery and a taproom to gulp down a glass of cold ale.

They offer collections of muscadine, red, pink, and white wines.

9) Sassafras Springs Vineyard and Winery

Photo by Math/Pexels. Copyright 2015

This 70-acre vineyard estate is located in Springdale, AR.

They have various sites and event centers for hosting weddings and other functions and parties with live music.

They have lodging facilities for guests to stay for a vacation or a function and a beautiful wine-tasting room for you to indulge in all the authentic wines prepared at their vineyard.

They also serve appetizers, pizzas, salads, and desserts and have a special kid’s menu as well.

You can also book a private VIP tour to marvel at this big and beautiful winery on your Arkansas wine trail list.

They prepare several dry, white, and red wines and have a reserve collection of over 70 wines, and have an award-winning sassafras collection that is a must-try.

10) Tontitown Winery

Enjoy the traditional Italian winemaking strategies and taste their wines made from the best grapes grown on their land. This winery of the Arkansas wine trail is situated in Springdale, AR.

They make ad serve varieties of red, white, and port wines.

Established in 1917, they also have their national register of a historical museum that showcases the history of Italian winemaking.

11) Keels Creek Winery And Art Gallery

ww scaled
Photo by Dannie Jing on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

The winery started in 2006, is located on the outskirts of Eureka Springs.

Their tasting room is located in a Spanish-style themed building with beautiful interiors and a light ambiance to enjoy that glass of pinot noir.

This vineyard from the Arkansas Wine trail also has an art gallery for art enthusiasts and artists to tour.

They mainly produce varieties of red and white wines.

12) Winery of Hot Springs

This vineyard makes not only grape wine but also strawberry wine as well. They claim to have the best native wine amongst all the other wineries on the Arkansas wine trail.

They have two wineries, and you can try out either or both of them. They produce several red, white, pink, dry, and muscadine wines.

Wine Tasting And More

Wine tasting is an art of its own, and there is a proper method that involves swirling the wine in your glass, then letting its aroma hit your nose while trying to recognize the flavors, and then taking a swig and feeling all the individual flavors, and then finally gulping it down.

Arkansas wine trail wine industry does produce some quality wines, and we are sure that once you taste these wines, you would be wanting more and even bring yourself a bottle or two home.

Have fun trying out their diverse menu of wine, and let us know your experience in the comments!

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