A crowd of people sitting on chairs. A crowd of people sitting on chairs.

Be Part of the Multi-Industry Networking Event in NYC!

New York City brings the Small Business, Entrepreneur, and Start-Up Networking Mixer, being organized on various dates including the 22nd of September from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on varied locations depending on the dates you choose.

Are you stuck in the midst of your ongoing business and you are just baffled about the next move?  Or do you want to take your line of work to a higher extent.?

New Year New Network - The Ultimate Networking Event

Small business, Entrepreneur, and Start-Up Networking Mixer in NYC is curated just for you, and if you are someone who loves to interact with like-minded people and loves talking business, grab your tickets now and reserve your place for the event.

Improvise your marketing and commercial approach while also attempting to assist all the newcomers with the techniques you used in your initial days.

You will get to see stunning skyline views from a gorgeous rooftop lounge and light appetizers, cocktails, and other refreshments are available for purchase at the location.

A multi-industry social mixer for business owners and executives. Talking business with a breathtaking view is just so mesmerizing, isn’t it?

1. It Is Time to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Attend us for a multi-industry social gathering event in the downtown area of New York City.

Ascend to the Mondrian Terrace where you will come across other fellow entrepreneurs, small business proprietors, top managers, qualified individuals, independent workers, and everyone in between. 

Be Part of the Multi-Industry Networking Event in NYC!
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This is meant to be a business gathering but is especially suited for New York meetup groups and people working in crypto, entertainment, and small enterprises. 

Do not pass up this chance to get detached from your cubicle and network with others who share the same passion as you do. 

Obtain your tickets for this small business, entrepreneur, and startup networking mixer in New York City as swiftly as you can. 

2. Duration

Be ready to give your brain a quick exercise where you will meet the other corporate jargon.

This exclusive event will last for 4 hours. Prepare yourself to learn all the amazing and brand-new concepts required to let your business run smoothly.

3. Venue

The venue for NYC’s networking mixer changes with the date and time you choose while purchasing the tickets.

4. Tickets

The cost of general admission for 1 person is $10.00 and the tickets are available on Fever.

5. Additional Details 

  • Kindly retain the dates to catch up on all the tips and tricks that will be provided by other highly qualified individuals, which will be valuable to all the attendees in the long term.
  • The meet and greet will take place from 7.00 PM to 11.00 PM and guests may arrive at their convenience throughout the duration of the event.
  • You need to be above 21 years old to present yourself at the event. If you fail to provide a valid identification at the time of entry, you will be denied access. 

Experience America's Biggest Business Networking Event

6. Get Set for the Best Networking and Business Mixer Event in NYC

  • What- Small Business, Entrepreneur, and Start-up Networking Mixer.
  • When- Various dates including 22nd September.
  • Where- The venue location will be provided by the organizers.
  • Timings- 7 pm to 11 pm.
  • Tickets- If you book your tickets using the Fever app you are entitled to get a FEVER exclusive discount. Click here to purchase your tickets.


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