6 Fantastic Things to Do at Belknap Hot Springs

Established in 1869 by R.S. Belknap is a private hot springs resort located in Lane County in the Western U.S. state of Oregon.

The McKenzie River, draining part of the Cascade mountains flows nearby. The hot springs is an unincorporated community, meaning it is not under the governance of its local municipal corporation.

If you are looking to rejuvenate your spirits and gush fresh life into them, a staycation at the Hot Springs Resort might be the perfect place for both you and your family!

About The Resort

Initially developed as a mineral spa, the resort has been almost continuously open to the public since the 1870s. The Salt Springs post office was established in this location in 1874. Its name was later changed to Belknap Springs.  It operated intermittently until 1953.

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However, this hot springs resort has been improved many times throughout the years, to include within it lodge rooms, gardens, swimming pools, and more. Belknap Springs is a small place In Oregon and ideally takes a day to explore.

The hot springs resort is closely connected to many other destinations in Oregon one might want to visit. At the same time, tourists visiting those destinations halt to get a taste of its hospitality.

Situated along the banks of the River McKenzie, and within the Willamette National Forest. It will bring you a world filled with secret gardens, exploratory trails, luxurious overnight accommodations, and of course, hot springs that remain open every day of the year!

Undoubtedly the hot springs are the main attraction of the spot, but the breathtaking views and grounds are no less. When visiting you must seek out the Secret Gardens on both sides of the river, and you’ll find yourself teleported in a fairytale setting! You will even find the fascinating McKenzie River Trail right at your doorstep, for you to explore

1. Welcome The Fun!

This hot springs resort offers a unique range of options to its lodge guests like vivacious campsites, mineral water pools, half to fully equipped pool areas and lodge rooms, small and large cabins, mountain homes, tent sites, and RV sites.

There are cabins where families can cook meals and beautifully decorated gardens where guests can hang out.

All these make the place one of the most appropriate places for a one-day trip with family.

2. Driving Directions And Reservations

2.1. Driving Directions:

Here is how you can visit the place by car.

2.2. Reservations;

The stay period for the hot springs lodge rooms, cabins, and mountain homes is from 3 p.m. to 11 a.m. For RV and Tent guests, the stay period is from 1 p.m. to 11 a.m. One can contact the front desk in case checking is to be done after 8.30 p.m.

Both online booking and on-spot booking options are available. A credit card is required, however, at the time of booking.

3. Exclusive For Overnight Guests:

The lodge has a total of eighteen rooms overlooking the beautiful McKenzie River. Rates for rooms vary according to the number of guests in each and according to the amenities provided in the rooms.

This luxurious Hot Springs also has eight guest cabins whose rates vary accordingly. Amenities in these are fewer than those in the rooms. Notwithstanding, cabins are the better choice for a more exquisite feeling.

RV (Recreational Vehicle) campsites. Campers have access to water, electricity, and sewer systems as per the rates.

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4. Ways To Recreation:

Hot Springs largely cover the banks of the alluring Mckenzie River. The Belknap Hot Salt Springs feed the large outdoor upper pool and lower pool of the main lodge.

The best attraction lies in its extravagant Secret Garden with its mossy texture that feels good to walk on, awe-inspiring stone ponds, and other smaller water gardens.

There’s also the riveting McKenzie Bridge laid over the McKenzie River, which gives a panoramic view of the hot springs at their source. One way to get access to hiking trails along river banks is through this spectacular bridge.

5. Things To Remember

Like any other holiday destination, has its set of rules. Here are some things to bear in mind before planning a holiday in this Hot Springs Lodge.

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5.1. Rules of The Hot Spring Pools:

  • All pools contain mineral water and are soaking pools making the hot springs water therapeutic.
  • Pools have pool noodles and other features for children and beginner swimmers.
  • Pool hours for overnight guests are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pool towels are provided to lodge and mountain home guests only. All guests are requested to carry their own bathing suits.
  • For walk-in guests, the pool remains open every day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. exempting holidays. Rates are $8 per person for one hour. Hence it is advisable to reach before the last hour (5 p.m.) to enjoy the full hour! Hourly rates may vary under special circumstances.
  • Only children of age 2 and above are allowed in the hot spring pools. Swim diapers are forbidden.
  • The lower pool is for day use by lodge guests and all whereas the upper pool is exclusive to overnight guests. Guests do not have access to full-day passes.

5.2. Pets

The Belknap Springs is a pet-friendly area, though there are reservations and pet fees. Most of the lodges and cabins and all RV sites in the springs are pet-friendly. They are not allowed in pool areas and have to be leashed or attended to at all times.

6. Places To Explore

Soaking pools, springs, gardens, the beautiful Mckenzie River and even more beautiful McKenzie Bridge- have access to even more places in Oregon where one can go sightseeing.

The Willamette National Forest offers vacationers, hikers, and travelers a host of thrilling activities like hiking, rock climbing, fishing, skiing, etc. In fact, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Oregon, only fifteen minutes from Belknap.

Other nearby sites to explore would be the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail, only four minutes from Belknap, the Tamolich Pool Trail, eleven minutes from Belknap the Proxy Waterfalls, and the Sahalie waterfalls, fifteen minutes from Belknap.

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