A beer mug was kept on a table in one of the Charlotte breweries. A beer mug was kept on a table in one of the Charlotte breweries.

Charlotte Breweries: 7 Hubs of Crafted Delight

The Charlotte Breweries in North Carolina is an amazing place for hanging out with your friends or family.

The Charlotte craft beer scene is famous for making small-batch beers and barrel-aging programs with barrel-aged beers.

They produce many award-winning beers. The brewery scene includes a variety of beers, from – blonde ale, German-style beers, Carolina cream ale, wheat beers, wild ales, pale ales, Hazy IPAs, West Coast IPAs, double IPAs, and many more that you could name!

Apart from beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, they have several perks like – food trucks, an outdoor patio, a rooftop bar, barrel arts, live music, community events, and much more that make a pleasant ambiance favorable to all!

Enlisted below are the best Charlotte breweries for you to explore. Some have multiple branches as well.

List of 7 Best Charlotte Breweries

1) Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (OMB)

You can’t discuss lager/distilleries in Charlotte without discussing the granddad of them all. As it is called, OMB is the place where everybody can gather, regardless of the brew or the occasion.

The Copper Altbier is the distillery’s champion and one of their firsts. Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is a very extensive and clamoring brewery. It is a German-roused brewhouse with an eight-section of its land as Biergarten, which means beer garden in German.

The bubbly, family-accommodating space is located in the Lower South End locale. It is the ideal point of convergence for an evening experience. The contributions are solely German-style brews—no West Coast-style IPAs here.

Fan top picks from the tap list incorporate the Copper Altbier, Golden Monkey Captain Jack Pilsner, and bratwurst or wood-fired pizza from the food menu.

2) Legion Brewery

With two outlets (Plaza Midwood and the most recent at South Park) already in place, Legion Brewing is expanding to multiple locations. They will be opening soon in the FreeMoreWest region and Trolley Barn Fermentory in South End. There are more choices to get your Juicy Jay or Carolina Sparkle Party fix or any of the blonde ales from the menu.

Sharing great lager with old buddies is the straightforward culture at this Plaza Midwood area. This town brewing is a staple known for its Sunday brunch, event evenings, outdoorsy vibe, live music, and Juicy Jay East Coast IPA.

3) Wooden Robot Brewery

Situated in the South End, this is an area loaded with dynamic, youthful experts. Wooden Robot is a relaxed, inviting space with lovely seats, comfortable niches, and long, meal-style tables. This brewery was started by a couple of friends from middle school.

This is an incredible spot for a gathering—the energy is exuberant and vigorous, adorned with an assorted brew list.

Although the beers aren’t gluten-free, they do contain less of it. This is due to a chemical that reduces the gluten content.

Their Good Morning Vietnam is a must-try. It is a vanilla espresso blonde beer made with boiled Ethiopian coffee from Coffee Roasters and Madagascar vanilla beans.

4) Birdsong Brewing Company

Birdsong began in 2011 and has now developed into a 17,000-square-foot brewery and tavern in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte.

It is popular for serving the Jalapeño Pale Ale, Paradise City, and Higher Ground IPA.

The most loved one is the Jalapeno pale ale. Fresh jalapeno peppers are hand-cleaved and added to Free Will Pale Ale to make a spiced lager with a refreshing flavor. By removing the seeds, the flavor and aroma of the jalapeño peppers are preserved without adding spiciness to the herb mixture.

When you stroll in, you’ll see an eye-catching Birdsong metal sign and custom tables, all made by neighborhood craftsmen.

Head out to the deck area, and you’ll discover the parlor, a space to find companions.

5) NoDa Brewery

NoDa Brewery on Tryon St. is one of the firsts in Charlotte’s beer scene. Accomplices Todd and Suzie Ford established this brewery.

The Company gets its name from its unique Charlotte location, “NoDa,” or North Davidson.

If you’re visiting NoDa, don’t leave behind the opportunity to test Hop, Drop ‘N Roll. This is one of Todd’s unique homemade libation formulas, the 2014 World Beer Cup Gold Award Winner for American-Style IPA.

This IPA has a serious jump flavor. It is made with five distinct assortments, including chinook, champion, centennial, and a mix of many malts. The mix packs a ton of flavor into a solitary, beautiful can.

You could also request one from the “NoDable Series.” Their mixing specialist specially creates this innovative blend – the flavors on this menu change every week.

This brewery is located on North Tryon Street, which is a popular hangout spot. Enjoy a large, colorful pub with plenty of seats and outstanding craftsmanship. The room has an unfussy, welcoming vibe thanks to the bare brick façade, balanced lighting, and wood-framed bar.

6) Catawba Brewing

The Charlotte branch of this 20-year-old Asheville foundation opened in 2017. It is located in a 10,000-square-foot building in the exceptional Belmont area. It lies close to Plaza Midwood and NoDa.

Catawba is important for Hub 933. It is a neighborhood organization that incorporates a bar, a collaborating space, and the Trade and Lore coffeehouse.

The brewery also offers a prizes program with admittance to selective tastings and deliveries.

A porch with a view of the Charlotte horizon is ideal for a warm day to drink a White Zombie, a CLT IPA, or a Mother Trucker.

7) LennyBoy Brewing

Lenny Boy, named after the best dog, made fermented tea popular among the beer scene in Charlotte.

If anybody wondered how fermented tea could compete with a brewery that brews wild beers and blonde ales, LBB showed it when it expanded into a larger location in 2016.

The Brewing Co. opened in 2011. It began delivering non-alcoholic fermented tea. By 2012, Lenny Boy had its first retail facade in the noteworthy South End area.

By 2013, this dog-friendly brewery turned into the only approved natural fermented tea maker in the southeast.

This brewery also produces natural and gluten-free blends (pick the Life in the South ale).

The famous spot is additionally a host to weekly artistry shows, yoga classes, and many other activities.

Citraphilia at Lenny’s is made with 100% Citra juice. This American IPA flaunts a marked citrus flavor and fragrance. It is the lone affirmed nano-brewery in North Carolina.

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