Best Bars In West Hollywood to Explore

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West Hollywood is a hub for its exciting nightlife in Los Angeles County in California. It is ideal for any party lover. There is no shortage of fun things like bars that contain cocktails, tasty food, beer, dance floor, patio, etc. Apart from bars and restaurants, West Hollywood also has excellent places like pools, and clubs, which make your nightlife even more memorable.

The spectacular Sunset Strip includes gripping destinations like Château Mormont and comedy clubs like ‘Whiskey a Go Go.’ Another famous area, Santa Monica Boulevard, is another renowned area, home to many LGBTQ-friendly bars, dance clubs, and shopping centers. Apart from a variety of nightclubs and restaurants, there is another factor that makes bars in West Hollywood Special. As we mentioned, the best bars in west Hollywood cater to LGBTQ and straight folks who want a good time if you have recently moved to west Hollywood or plan to visit the place.

Best Bars In West Hollywood
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Here is a List of the Best Bars in West Hollywood

1) Employees Only

Located on Santa Monica Boulevard, this bar was originally founded in New York; however, the brand established itself on the west coast with a growing youth market in West Hollywood. With a deco-inspired dining room and a curved bar, ‘Employees Only’ is known for its ‘WeHo’ cocktails and dinner menu. Some classic cocktails include ‘Amelia,’ ‘E.O. Manhattan,’ ‘Hibiscus Rising,’ ‘Billionaire,’ etc. Popular dinner dishes include hazelnut pesto, honey-glazed chicken, and flourless chocolate cake. The most popular time to visit the bar is during dinner.

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2) Roger room

Do you want to visit a hidden bar? Preferably one where you are left alone? Then Roger’s room is the perfect bar for you. Located on Sunset Boulevard, the interior is a small and dark place. It serves a variety of cocktails and alcoholic beverages, including vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, and absinthe. There is an entire section for absinthe on the menu. On the weeknights, the crowd is filled with comedians. It is easier to get seats if you are early, as the bar gets crowded as the evening progresses.

Image from Pexels by Chan Walrus, copyright 2019
Image from Pexels by Chan Walrus, copyright 2019

3) Formosa Cafe

One of the oldest bars in the city, the restaurant gives off old Hollywood vibes. During the 40s and 50s, it was a hangout for Hollywood celebrities. Due to a renovation that took place recently, the bar was able to re-establish itself as a prominent player in West Hollywood. With a sprawling rooftop, dine-in train car, and three separate bars, there is a variety of great food and drinks available for customers. Some popular food options include Taiwanese dumplings, cold sesame noodles, dan dan mian, and dim sum. The old antique bar provides fun cocktails, including Singapore Slings, daisies, and the green tea martini with Jameson.

Image from Pixabay by Meo Fernando, Copyright 2019
Image from Pixabay by Meo Fernando, Copyright 2019

4) The Surly Goat

This is a sports bar for all the bear fans. It’s one of the best places for craft beer in west Hollywood. The brewmaster Ryan Sweeny is famous for handling other breweries like ‘Little Bear,’ ‘Der Wolf,’ ‘Verdugo Bar,’ etc. The bar has over 12 different types of beers on tap and about 40 international varieties of beer bottles with global brands from countries like Bavaria, Belgium, and many more. Apart from its beer, the Surly Goat has an atmosphere where you can relax with your friends, and they also host weekly trivia nights.

Craft Beer
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5) Tower bar

Now let’s explore a bar where you brush shoulders with celebrities. The tower bar has a clubby decor, a patio lounge, and a pool. As mentioned earlier, it is a favorite of celebrities. Every weekend, Hollywood celebrities from Beverly Hills visit the tower bar to let loose. Apart from being a hot spot for famous people, the tower bar is known for its friendly bar staff, signature cocktails, and even a quick drink by the pool. Some popular menu items include tower burger, fillet mignon, and french fries. Not to mention, you can also get a skyline view of Los Angeles.

6) E.P./L.P.

Rooftop bars have a certain charm associated with them. You get an aerial view of your favorite places and have a great time with your friends and family. E.P./L.P., on the other hand, is a special place as there are two different restaurants in the same tower. The place comprises two bars at the intersection of La Cienega Blvd and Melrose. L.P. is the actual rooftop bar that sits above E.P., the pan asian restaurant. While the tower bar offers an aerial view of Los Angeles city, you can get a view of the Hollywood Hills from L.P. Apart from being one of the best places to eat, E.P./L.P. also has inventive bar bites and movie screenings.

7) Hi Tops

This restaurant has a ‘quirky’ website. When you open the web page, there are two links – one for the San Francisco location and the other for Los Angeles. Considered one of the best restaurants in West Hollywood, Hi Tops offers great food, cocktails, and entertainment. A high school-themed bar, folks who visit the bar often watch matches of popular sports leagues. These include NFL(Super Bowl), NBA, MLB, etc. There is a trivia Tuesday for the game lovers and happy hours on Monday. However, one of the unique aspects of the bar is its craft cocktails. Instead of the usual ‘Cosmopolitan,’ they serve cocktails with a twist. These include ‘Magic Hour’ and ‘The Claw(Gin and Cardamom bitters).’

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Image from Pexels by Chris F, copyright 2018

8) Las Perlas

Going strong since 2010, the Las Perlas has two bars in west Hollywood. This is a bar that caters to all types of groups. Las Perlas is the right place to enjoy a festive party or spend time with your co-workers. The bar has happy hours every day, and the most popular songs are played by live bands every Friday. For food lovers, this is one of the best places for Mexican food, particularly their tacos and chicharrones. But the bar does not lag behind in drinks. They have a wide range of mezcals, and some of their most popular cocktails include ‘spiced daisy’ and ‘cafecito.’

9) Rainbow Bar and Grill

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West Hollywood has one of the highest gay populations living in the United States. It only makes sense that there would be a bar catering to gay and LGBTQ folk. Located on Sunset Boulevard, this bar is popular amongst musicians, actors, and groupies who came after Hollywood’s golden era. The most popular menu item is the cheese pizza with a choice of toppings. If you’re into heavy metal, then this place is a must-visit! The best time to visit is during the evening.

10) Delilah

The Resto-bar Delilah is owned by H.Wood Group, a hospitality and lifestyle company with a portfolio of upbeat bars, which include ‘the nice guy,’ ‘Blind Dragon,’ ‘Bootsy bellows,’ etc. Located on Santa Monica Boulevard, this bar has a 1920’s vibe with an American menu and classic cocktails. When you enter the bar, you will feel like you are returning to a windowless jazz joint. Some popular food items include shrimp cocktails, carrot souffle, grilled lamb chops, and lobster rolls. Along with a host of cocktails, Delilah is also popular for its bottle service. It has a diverse range of alcoholic beverages like vodka, champagne, tequila, and whisky. This bar is a great place for live music and dancing.

11) Stache

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The stache is a wonderful combination of queer-friendly bars and fun activities. The bar is designed like an underground community space. The restaurant is designed that way because it represents the hidden spaces where LQBTQ couples had to meet in secret.

A bar is an ideal place for those who want to bring in their families or celebrate their birthdays. The bar has fun activities throughout the week. Such activities include taco Tuesdays, D.J. nights, drag race viewing parties, bearded lady lounges, etc. The bar is also popular for its wig and waffles drag lunch every weekend. Their most popular menu items include $25 bottomless mimosas and the whiskey stache (12-year-old Dickel whiskey).

12) Harlowe

If there is any bar that pays homage to the golden era of Hollywood, then it has to be Harlowe. The restaurant ambiance will remind you of the 60s. From the vintage lighting fixtures, steel stools, old soda fountain, french Moroccan tile floors, and custom beer taps, Harlowe will take you back in time.

If you are a fan of mixology, then the Harlowe is the perfect place to soothe your taste buds. The mixologists serve old-fashioned sazeracs in bottles. The best time to visit Harlowe is in the evening.

13) Laurel Hardware

This is a bar with a unique concept. While the restaurant’s ambiance might resemble a hardware store, it serves some of the finest cocktails and foods in west Hollywood. Two popular frozen cocktails unique to Laurel Hardware include ‘Cabanas Colada’ and ‘Lavender Margarita.’ Popular shaken cocktails include ‘Rio Verde,’ ‘L.A. Rose,’ and ‘And Santa Fe Sunrise.’

While Laurel Hardware is more popular for its cocktails, its dishes also pack a punch. Popular dishes include Chicken Wings, Pizza(Veg & Non-Veg), Duck Fried Rice, bao buns, pasta, and many more making it an ideal place to spend the weekend night with friends and family.

14) Saint Felix

Another one of West Hollywood’s favorite LQBTQ places for eating, drinking, and everything is Saint Felix. If you are looking for a neighborhood bar, then Saint Felix is the closest that it gets. With friendly staff, bartenders who are skilled mixologists, and the bar’s happy hour, this neighborhood bar is one of the best bargains in west Hollywood.

They have a charming patio which fills up pretty fast when there’s great weather. While there is not too much entertainment, the restaurant compensates for it with great food and drinks. Some of their signature dishes include St. Felix Signature Fries, El Jeffes Nacho’s, Impossible Burger (Plant Based), etc. Saint Felix also has a range of shirts known as ‘Saint Felix Swag.’

15) Doheny Room

The Doheny room is from the same group that brought you popular restaurants like ‘Katsuya’ and ‘The Bazaar’ – by celebrity chef Jose Andres. The restaurant’s vibes are that of a Hollywood hills party. The homey furniture and trending photographs on the wall are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is one of the best bars in west Hollywood if you are looking for an exciting D.J. night and Instagram-worthy pictures. If you’re planning for a Saturday night in the Doheny room, don’t be surprised if you spot a few celebrities lurking in the corner! Known for its craft cocktails, you can visit this bar even after dinner.


In the hustle of our daily lives, taking a break is essential to rejuvenate ourselves and improve our overall mode. Whether you live in Los Angeles, any part of the USA, or even a tourist who is visiting west Hollywood for the first time, there are many great bars and restaurants where you can enjoy crafted drinks, mouth-watering food, live music performances, or if you get lucky you could even meet a celebrity! Bars in west Hollywood are full of surprises that keep customers guessing.

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