Best Coffee in San Francisco: 5+ Best Coffee Shops

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So you are a coffee lover who just moved to San Francisco or someone who loves to try as many variants of coffee available in the US. Don’t worry; I, a fellow coffee lover, have curated this exclusive list of the best coffee in San Francisco.

Which US City Has the Best Coffee?

Coffee has long been a part of human life. The coffee shop count in the US has drastically increased this year (2022), almost increasing by 40 thousand in numbers and reaching close to total revenue of pre-pandemic levels. More details are on this link.

Coffee, USA.
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Without hesitation, San Francisco takes the top spot for offering the best coffee drinks in the US. Check details here.

Why San Francisco?

San Francisco is nicknamed the US’s most awake city; at this point, it won’t be hard to figure out why for a coffee lover, lol!

So what makes San Francisco so special when it comes to coffee drinks? Though one might think San Francisco is one of the technological industry headquarters of the World, and modern humans’ function on coffee might be the reason.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
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But coffee love started its roots in the mid-19th century. Thanks to James Folger, who set up spice and coffee mills in San Francisco, which eventually turned into Folger’s Coffee today.

And currently, San Francisco has the highest coffee shops-to-people ratio. Each corner of San Francisco has a different flavour and aroma of coffee.

Find the Popular Roasters and Coffee Shops in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city of coffee lovers, with many great options to choose from. You can check out the following coffee shops:

1. Ball Coffee Roasters

Popularly known as Wrecking ball coffee roasters, roasting beans since 2011, it was founded by Trish – a coffee expert and a roastmaster – serves one of the best-roasted coffee.

This coffee shop is particularly known for its pour-overs and espresso drinks. Their menu includes espresso drinks, brewed coffees, tasty pastries, and herbal teas. The pour-over coffee hand-crafted and prepared in their custom-built brew bar is one must-try on their menu.

Coffee roasters
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Wrecking ball coffee roasters are located in Union St, San Francisco, CA (Bay area). In the aesthetic-looking interiors, sipping the freshly brewed coffee is pure bliss.

Visit: Website

2. Andytown Coffee Roasters

The coffee shop was started in 2014 by two baristas and specialized in offering the best speciality coffee in San Francisco.

(For starters, speciality coffee is the premium coffee originating in a single-estate coffee farm, grown especially in high altitudes with utmost care.)

Within three years, they extended their branch onto Taraval along the beach area, where you can sip coffee in the outdoor seating along the ocean beach and watch the outer sunset.

Coffee packs (single serve and different quantities), cold brew equipment, micro-filters, cold press, and filters are part of their items on sale. They offer their tasty pastries and coffees in bulk orders; for specifications, look here.

With the strong establishment, the roasters have branched into four new locations and have announced that they will be opening a new store soon in a new location.

Visit: Website

3. Sightglass Coffee:

This is an artisanal roaster that uses only high-quality beans. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and they also have a tasting room where you can try different coffees before you buy them.

Their coffee products are freshly imported from farmers in India, Africa, South America, and Mexico.

Specialty coffee, selected beans
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In addition to selling one of the best speciality coffee, espresso drinks, merch items, and coffee station equipment, they also teach recipes and many other “how-to” home-brewing.

Also, the coffee shop has the highest ratings among customers and reviewers.

Visit: Website

4. Ritual Coffee Roasters:

Ritual Coffee Roasters has been around for over 20 years, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to making delicious cups of Joe. They offer speciality coffee, seasonal blends,

They also offer free WiFi, which makes them a good place to work remotely or study on your laptop. Dandelion Chocolate offers excellent coffee – cold brew – and a mix of chocolate.

Their recent collaboration with Dandelion Chocolate has boosted their presence in wider areas. Now their coffee is sold/served at different cafes, restaurants, and in events along the San Francisco Bay area.

Head-quarter is located in Valencia St, San Francisco, CA. And among other branches in multiple places, Hayes Valley, Octavia St, San Francisco, CA.

Visit: Website

5. Four Barrel Coffee Company:

Four Barrel Coffee has been serving delicious coffee beverages since 2002. They are among the few users of traditional methods of coffee roasting with experts than using computers.

Their popularity relies on the sources; they source their beans from generations of farmers in Latin America, Indonesia, and East Africa.The coffee shop offers espresso drinks and 11 different coffee varieties from 22 different ingredient combinations. Occasionally they also engage artists to set up stalls and promote local art. This is one of the must-try.

They operate at two different locations – Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, and The Mill, Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA.

Visit: Website

6. Blue Bottle Coffee Company:

Blue Bottle is one of the most popular coffee shops in San Francisco. They have an excellent selection of beans and espresso drinks.

Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco, CA
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These places offer some of the best coffee in San Francisco (not ‘only’ best coffee shops). Feel free to try out a variety of San Francisco’s Coffee shops.

What to Order at the Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco

Coffee stayed in San Francisco for centuries and made San Francisco home to many different coffee varieties, and the flavour of each type can vary greatly. Some popular varieties of coffee beans include Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica.

Common Grounds for Coffee Nerds

The flavour of the coffee beans can also be influenced by factors such as where the beans are grown, how they are roasted, and how they are brewed. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your taste preference.

Some people prefer the smooth, mild flavour of Arabica beans, while others enjoy the bold, robust flavour of Robusta beans. You should always experiment with your taste buds in terms of coffee.

Widely Popular Bean

With its fruity, floral and sweet aroma and flavour, Arabica is the most common type of bean used for making coffee. Cafe con Leche is one of the most famous beverages made using Arabica.

Other popular beverages made with an Arabica base are lattes, where the mix of condensed milk is suitable for preparing latte art and iced coffee.

Iced latte, USA
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The only way to discover your coffee flavour preference is to expose your taste buds to various coffees.

Ferry Building

San Francisco’s Ferry building is a prime hot spot for good coffee. Some notable places are Red Bay Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Boulettes Larder.

Cold brew and Nitro cold brew

If you love their coffee cold, this section is dedicated to you.

Mazarine Coffee: (best coffee in San Francisco, cold brew)

This coffee shop offers great coffee, especially nitro cold brew. Along with this, their menu is filled with a variety of coffee and healthy salads as sides.

Pour-over coffee, Drip coffee, and Espresso drinks are a few on their menu, which is a must-try and is currently on special offers. Raf is their signature drink, don’t miss it!

Mazarine coffee shop is located on Market Street St, San Francisco, CA.

Visit: Website

Yo También Cantina

This coffee shop is a must-visit for cold lovers. You can rely here on the Lavender Cold brew and House Drip coffee. Check their website for more information on the menu and online ordering.

Wooden Coffeehouse – The Thing

This coffeehouse is a unique one, and this is what happens when movie lovers and coffee nerds become single people!

You can enjoy from espresso drinks, drip coffee, pour-over, cold brew to hot chocolate. The coffeehouse is like a coffee bar in Cole St, San Francisco, CA.

Some Cafe Worth Trying:

Home Coffee Roasters (located in St. San Francisco, CA), Philz Coffee, Saint Frank (Kaffe Tonic, a must try), SPRO – Cold Fashioned, Coffee Out There (Indigo Latte – your tongue would love this) in St San Francisco, CA, and Rise & Grind Coffee and Tea (The Richmond Chill – another must-one on list), Ballast Coffee (Ube Latte – you can taste it when hearing the name) St San Francisco CA.

San Francisco Coffee That You Should Not Miss

Coffee lovers visiting San Francisco from around the world for their favourite coffee drinks know they will find quality coffee beans roasted anywhere from Tony’s over the Golden Gate Bridge to Tartine or Bar Tartines themselves!

Commonly Popular Choices

There are many great places to enjoy an Arabica beverage in San Francisco. The flagship cafe is Blue Bottle Coffee. It specializes in expertly roasted speciality coffee from around the world and serves delicious food, cold coffee, hot chocolate, and other beverages.

Local farmers bring their beans to be roasted in-house at Blue Bottle for perfect coffee flavours and aromas every time.

Other great options for enjoying a cup of good coffee in San Francisco include Coava and Tony’s over the Golden Gate Bridge. Each one offers a different atmosphere ranging from ferry building to outdoor seating and also serves unique foods – avocado toast and cinnamon toast – that complement their coffee flavours well.

The Mill – Josey Baker Bread

The mill is a 2-in-1 hot spot. You visit them and get the lovely Josey baker bread and sip good coffee from Four barrel coffee house.

Located on Divisadero St San Francisco CA.

Flywheel Coffee

The coffee house was born out of a coffee family and later taken on by the younger generation, experienced baristas and roast-master.

Their varieties mix Latin American and African beans roasted in-house, bringing a special flavour to their coffee.

The place is converted into a coffee place from an old bike shop located on Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA, where you can walk around Golden gate park sipping their coffee.

Piccino Coffee Bar

Piccino coffee bar holds your back whether you need caffeinated/caffeine fix/decaffeinated. They offer all varieties of Sightglass coffee.

This excellent coffee shop offers a drip variety of coffee and different espresso drinks. Located on 22nd St, San Francisco, CA, don’t miss the bar.

Equator Coffees

The equator coffee offers some unique blends known as “chef combo”, one of the best sellers. Other than this, they have excellent coffee in single-origin and seasonal blends.

Their coffee blends are also among the best preferred by repeat customers.

Equator coffees are located in multiple locations; you can find two spots in San Francisco. One in Golden gate park bridge plaza, San Francisco, CA, and another in Fort Mason, Fort Mason Center Gatehouse, San Francisco, CA.

Visit: Website

Trouble Coffee

Some memories with trouble coffee on Judah St, San Francisco, CA. Though now the bar is closed, it used to offer the best cinnamon toast and espresso drinks but has been closed permanently.

Moroccan Arabica Beans

Similar to Blue Bottle, many restaurants feature a speciality blend or single variety of beans for their coffee. Bar Tartine features Moroccan arabica beans for its take on café noir, which means black coffee with no sugar or milk added to it.

This Coffee Bar also uses local ingredients for its delicious menu choices whenever possible. This way, their patrons can enjoy a flavorful cup of joe with every meal at Bar Tartine.

Another excellent choice for speciality coffee at Bar Tartine is Bay Area’s Wild Peppers & Coffee Company’s honey chile lattes. Their latte art is fiery as they add jalapenos to their lattes to add more flavour to your drink.

Bowl of Joe

If you want a great cup of coffee while supporting local businesses, do not miss ordering a bowl of Joe at any of these recommended eateries in San Francisco. Joe’s Anchor Quarters has served good food and cheap beer since 1909.

They had a special breakfast menu available every day until 2 am called ‘breakfast at Joe’s also served good meals all day long, so you could order something light for lunch or a hearty meal with your brews- whatever suits you best!

best coffee in San Francisco
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You can taste residents’ love for their coffee here in San Francisco by sampling each variety they have at every restaurant and cafe!

People can enjoy a wide array of coffee styles and blends at the local coffee spots. Major Coffee spots serve delicious pastries and snacks to go with strong coffee. Anchor Coffee is known for producing high-quality coffee from its small roasting facility.

End Note

Being the awake city of the US, more coffee bars and roasters are popping up in every st San Francisco, CA. These are our selected varieties of roasters and coffee bars in San Francisco. For other information on Coffee shops in San Antonio, check this article.

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