7 Best Dragon Boat Festivals Across USA

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Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a glamorous traditional festivity. It comes about the 5th day of the 5th month of the customary Chinese lunar month.

It is a traditional holiday that celebrates the living and death of the highly prominent Chinese intellectual, Qu Yuan (Chu Yuan). The Dragon Boat Festival originated in China and is even celebrated worldwide.

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festivals (One of the 4 greatest traditional festivals in China). This festival is a public holiday in the Republic of China.

It is celebrated in Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the USA, Vietnam, Korea, and even Singapore. It is a day to fend off evil spirits, ill diseases, harmful pests, and noxious animals.

For 2,000 years, this festival is a tradition and is celebrated to remember a national hero. It can make us fall in love with this holiday spirit.

Evil spirit cleansing is done by hanging wormwood and calamus on windows and doors. Wearing perfumed porches, drinking realgar wine, and bathing in herbal water also helps for the same.

A day of positive mood and enlightenment of spirits, Duanwu Festival is must-visit cultural captivity and enjoyment festival.

Dragon Boat festival
Photo by Giuliano Di Paolo. Unsplash.com Copyright 2021.

The Popularity of the Dragon Boat Festival in America

In America, too Dragon Boat festival is celebrated. The Duanwu Festival was first organized in Boston, Massachusetts.

Many cities in America celebrate Dragon Boat festivals, participate in annual Dragon Boat races and celebrate joyfully.

The Dragon Boat festival in America touches on three aspects of the culture. Firstly, relishing the traditional delicacies such as thin pancakes and Zongzi. Secondly, taking part in the ultimate Dragon Boat races. And lastly, enjoying the delightful Chinese alcoholic wine.

The dragon boat festivals are quite iconic in America. It is celebrated in June. Among all the events of the dragon boat festival, the racing aspect is the most iconic. Dragon boat racing brings people together and brings alive the sporting team spirit.

The United States celebrates the Duanwu Festival. It has grown trendy. Mainly in Dragon boat races, America has around 400 professional sports dragon boat teams.

The Duanwu Festival is so famous. It has highly captivated the American sport’s spirit. Seeing such high demand and growing popularity of the Dragon Boat Festival. The United States Dragon Boat Federation was set up in 1991.

Festivals are fun and enjoyed in addition to the cultural part of the Dragon boat festival. Concerts and cultural activities are arranged.

Traditional Food savored during the Duanwu Festival, like Zongzi is succulent and lovely. This Festival in America is a huge social event. It is a tourist hotspot. It attracts thousands of locals and tourists.

In America, Dragon Boat Racing is an enormous deal. Sports Athletes from around the country come to showcase their talents. This show of great athleticism engulfs a massive spirit of sportsmanship. It makes the Duanwu Festival more lively and energetic.

The showcase of young raw talented athletes is what makes the dragon boat festival even more superior. It is celebrated well and loved around the World. 

The endowment of such rich cultural activities. It celebrates legacies that date back over 2500 years. It shows how western countries love eastern cultures and festivals.

Dragon Boat festival
Photo by Jimmy Chang. Unsplash.com Copyright 2021.

Dragon Boat Delightful Delicacies

The most iconic and lovely delicacies of this traditional festival are

  • Zongzi – Kind of sticky rice dumplings with an assortment of fillings, the most famous dish of the festival. Legend says that Qu Yuan gave up his life for his nation after seeing the warring states period. For protecting his body from fish, people throw zongzi into the river. This made it an iconic dish.
  • Ricefield Eel – Being tender and nutritive. It is important as Zongzi at the festival. Usually stewed with Mushrooms, soups can taste tender and sweet.
  • Dagao – Sort of a cake made of boiled sticky rice. Popular local food is chewy and glutinous.
  • Tea Eggs – Boiling eggs with tea is an age-old tradition. It is known that hanging these around children’s necks can remove misfortune and negative emotions.
  • Garlic Eggs – Believed that it eliminates poisonous insects around.
  • Jiandui – Made of sticky rice flour and sesame on the surface, it is a traditional delight.
  • Pancake – People love to eat traditional tasty pancakes during the dragon boat festival
  • Realgar Wine – Believed to dispose of negative emotions.

    Dragon Boat Festival
    Photo by Mae Mu. Unsplash.com Copyright 2021.

Best Dragon Boat Festivals Across USA

One of the most iconic Eastern traditional festivals of the USA. This festival is surely a delight. Wondering where to catch up with the Dragon Boat Festivals across the USA. This article will mention all the eye-catchy hotspots where Dragon Boat festivals are celebrated. 

Queens, New York

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Dragon Boat festival is one of the mightiest and greatest festivals in the United States. Visiting will be hands-on, the nearest experience of the East. Grab opportunity this year on 6th and 7th August. They provide delightful traditional Chinese delicacies and performances.

Established in 1990, they host one of the largest races with over 120 dragon boat teams. Fiery summer heat can be cooled by visiting this infamous festival. It surely should be on your checklist while visiting Queens, New York.

San Diego, California

This year catch the international San Diego Dragon Boat festival on October 16th and 17th. Watching live action in the cozy, serene autumn weather is the perfect match for a vacation.

You can register to take part in races. Offering pre-race practices before the live event is quite fun and feasible.

The ideal place to visit for experiencing the bright and vibrant festival. Association offers an option to volunteer if you want to help with the events or need a team to participate. Do visit San Diego during the crisp autumn to enjoy the exciting and solemn festival.

Dragon Boat Festival
Photo by Samuel Wong. Unsplash.com Copyright 2021.

Portland, Oregon

Sanctioned under the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, it is one of the most iconic in the States. This year the scheduled dates of the annual cultural event are from 31st May to 13th June.

There are huge fireworks, parades, and vivid cultural events. They even arrange waterfront carnivals and live concerts.

Taiwan-style boats stand out and create a mark. If good food and good vibes are your things, it is a must-visit. You will surely have an enjoyable festive time during the scorching heat of summer for sure. An additional perk of visiting is spectating great sports enthusiasm on an international level.

Wanting to have a true cultural experience is something we love. Do visit the highly energetic festival in May.

Boston, Massachusetts

It is the first and oldest Dragon Boat festival in North America. Initially a small neighborhood affair, it shaped Chinese festivals in America. Currently, it caters to around 20000 participants and visitors.

They have canoe championships, lovely food, and feisty, competitive races. Zongzi, Dagao (boiled sticky rice), pancakes are delightful and present in all the food stalls. A lovely serene atmosphere and lively crowd are something we always love to see during an enchanting festival.

Usually, you can visit this festival in Charles River near Weeks Footbridge. Due to uncertain times, the organization has decided to take this festival virtual for the first time.

Dragon Boat Festival
Photo by Atul Vinayak. Unsplash.com Copyright 2021.

Denver, Colorado

The colorful and rich festival feeling is what the Colorado Dragon Boat festival prospers in. Established in 2001.

The best place to visit in summer with family and friends. It is a fun and lovely atmosphere in Denver.

Food vendors sell exquisite impressive Chinese delicacies like rice dumplings and Tea eggs. Arranging perfect events for performers to shine makes the festival energetic and striking.

Do plan to visit Denver this year, in September during fall. You will always cherish the moments you spend with your family in lovely heart-warming festivals.

Kansas City, Missouri

Famous for lovely delicious Barbeque and American Jazz. Kansas City is awesome and iconic for Kansas City Dragon Boat Festival. Heartwarming, lovely culture is what everyone wants in a festive event.

Chinese Dragon Festival is so fun and amazing. Zongzi and delightful glutinous rice are so lovely and heart-warming. The fun festival cools summer tranquil weather.

Festival is a gift showing strength and a wonderful bond. The committee specially arranges lovely, culturally powerful performances.

Eye-catchy events and great racing events are the best part of the magnificent festival. Save the date this year! Do not miss a great lovely opportunity and do visit on June 12.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival hosts more than 130 teams. Cultural event, friendly aura, and great food are what makes the festival so great and energetic.

You can find food cuisines from around the world. Everything needed to make your experience better can be found here.

From gear to delicious food. Even picnic tables are available. Cultural events further enrich your experience.

It takes part in Lake Merritt. This fall, between September 18 and 19, you can catch the live-action of the great Dragon Boat festival. Association has planned to arrange it online. Even virtual sessions have been planned.

Dragon Boat Festival
Photo by Eva Elijas. Pexels.com Copyright 2021.


The Dragon Boat Festival is truly a fun and lovely festival to visit. It is celebrated across the world and cherished everywhere.

Celebrating festivals together and spending lovely time during vacations is what makes us happy. This article talks about the most iconic traditional festival of the East loved in the United States.

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