Best 10 Wineries in Florida

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Wineries in Florida

You might think of California and Oregon when you think of wine, but did you know that there are lovely wineries in Florida that you should definitely visit?

Visiting a winery and enjoying a vineyard tour is a great opportunity to get away from the throng. A winery will take the hustle and bustle out of the equation, especially if you reside in a big city. If you’re over the age of 21, wine tastings are available at any of the wineries in Florida. You’ll get a close-up, in-depth look at the wine as well as the people who made it.

While Florida may be an unusual wine destination, it is home to Native Muscadine grapes that yield great wines worth tasting. These wineries in Florida break all the rules with fruit-inspired wines and sparkling citrus types, combining traditional winemaking techniques with Florida’s personality and flavor.

So without further ado, here are some of the top wineries in Florida to visit.

Wineries in Florida

1. Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards, Clermont

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards, which is consistently voted as Florida’s best winery, is an immense 80-acre property with magnificent landscapes of rolling vineyards, making it a popular choice all year. It’s only 25 miles outside of Orlando in Clermont, and it’s a terrific place to get a taste of Florida’s “wine country.” Visitors can visit Florida’s largest premium winery for a tour or attend one of their annual events, concerts, or festivals. One of the top wineries in Florida, Lakeridge continues to be a leader in the development of premium and sparkling wines made from Florida grapes.

Tours take place inside the lodge, where you may sample some of the 12 wines produced on-site. The wine tasting includes a variety of award-winning wines ranging from dry to sweet, as well as sparkling wines. Your Tour Guide will show you the entire wine making process and the breathtaking view of the vineyards where the grapes are produced and harvested will be shown to you.

2. San Sebastian Winery, St. Augustine

San Sabastian Winery in St. Augustine is a sibling property of the award-winning of Lakeridge Winery in Clermont in northeast Florida.

When you arrive in one of the top wineries in Florida, San Sebastian, you’ll be treated to a brief film before beginning a guided walking tour. You will learn about the art of winemaking as you tour the 18,000 square-foot facilities. As the grapes ferment, the 5,000-gallon stainless steel tanks will tower over you. The wines here are manufactured on the premises, where a tasting room offers a selection of options to explore as well as a wine shop where you may take your favorites home.

3. Henscratch Farms Vineyard and Winery, Lake Placid

Henscratch Farms Vineyard and Winery, one of the cutest wineries in Florida, is located in the picturesque tiny town of Lake Placid. Not only will you discover a winery here, but also a farm with 200 free-range hens! Henscratch started in August 2003, when they crushed their first batch of muscadine and scuppernong grapes by hand from their vineyards! Some of their cultivars are still being trampled today!

You can wander through the vineyards in August and September to pick the largest grapes you’ve ever seen! When you take a bite, the sweet nectar will run down your chin. The golden grapes have a honeyed, musky flavor, while the black grapes have a sweet, fruity flavor.

wineries in Florida
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4. The Gilded Grape Winery, Punta Gorda

If a typical Florida winery features groomed acres of unusually ripening fruit kinds and outdoor seats crammed with people clinking glasses, The Gilded Grape might belong somewhere else. This, one of the top wineries in Florida, a boutique in a Punta Gorda strip mall offers something that most other Florida vineyards don’t: personalized wine and the chance to brew it yourself.

At the Gilded Grape in Port Charlotte, you can not only taste wines, but you can also manufacture them. The wine is made from juice, and all of the fruit liquids that pass through these doors come from out of state, primarily California. When it comes to selecting a wine blend, winery visitors have a vast range of grapes and even exotic fruits to pick from.

5. The Florida Winery, Madeira Beach

The Florida Winery in Madeira Beach, one of the top wineries in Florida, is a little venue with a big punch, offering a variety of wines manufactured in-house. The location here is truly Florida since it is an award-winning vineyard just steps from the area’s magnificent beaches. It provides tropical wines, frozen drinks, and house-blend cigars in a colorful, creative ambiance, breaking away from the typical winery scene.

Tourists are spoiled for choice in their delicious libations at this modest 900 square foot winery, which bottles their wines by hand right in the front window. Free tastings of their whole variety of wines are available all day at a tasting bar where island-style music and vividly colorful design transport you away from your everyday stresses. From coconut candy to hot sauce, a variety of gourmet foods matches the wine perfectly, and wine accessories, home decor, and gift products are also offered.

6. Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery, Fort Pierce

If you’ve ever believed that wineries in Florida might be stuffy, uninteresting, or pretentious, you must visit the Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery on Florida’s East Coast. Summer Crush is a wine festival in Florida.

Summer Crush Vineyard & Vineyard, a family-owned winery in Fort Pierce, is a must-see since it’s the culmination of the owner’s passion for surfing, history, native muscadine, and fruit wines. Vintage surfboards and other surf-related memorabilia adorn the walls, while handcrafted wine barrels set the tone for a one-of-a-kind tasting bar.

7. Flagler Beachfront Winery, Flagler Beach

Flagler Beachfront Winery is the place to go if you want slushed wine with a view of the ocean. This winery, which uses grapes from all around the United States to make wine, has some unique concepts that appeal to even non-wine consumers. Visitors come from all over the state to enjoy the perfect antidote for Florida’s sweltering summer days: unimpeded ocean views and cold drinks.

Visitors can mix tastes and keep their drink cool in a “Got Slushed” tumbler with varieties like raspberry, blueberry, or watermelon slushies. This facility is always busy, hosting a variety of Winemaker Tastings, food and wine pairings, and full moon events.

8. Schnebly Redland’s Winery, Homestead

Schnebly Redland’s Winery in Homestead has a Spanish moss-lined waterfall, tiki huts, and wooden barrel tasting tables, creating an atmosphere unlike any other. There are no muscadines or conventional wines here, so wine connoisseurs can step outside their comfort zone. Instead, specialty wines created from mango, lychee, coconut, avocado, guava, and passion fruit may be found in this one of the best wineries in Florida.

Weekend tours last approximately 30-40 minutes and take you through the full winemaking process. On a hot summer day in Florida, visit the tasting room and enjoy views of a verdant courtyard and waterfalls while sipping a refreshing glass of fruity wine. This winery’s events calendar is jam-packed all year, with live music events paired with their great selection of wines.

9. Keel & Curley Winery, Plant City

Traveling a bit outside of town to Keel & Curley Winery is one of the most romantic date nights in Tampa. One of the top wineries in Florida, where you may sample blueberry-based wines!

Joe Keel, a blueberry farmer, sought to find something to do with his end-of-crop berries in the spring of 2003. That first journey into the world of winemaking has grown into a state-wide phenomenon.

You and your spouse will go through the fields where the blueberries are collected on a vineyard tour. Following that, sample the blueberry-infused wines, which range in sweetness from sweet to semi-dry to dry, depending on your desire. From 1-4 PM, tours are available every hour on the hour for $5 per person.

10. Strong Tower Vineyard & Winery, Spring Hill

Strong Tower Vineyard & Winery has been in Spring Hill since 2001. Beginning as a small planting of vines, it has now became a source of motivation for hard effort and endurance. One of the best wineries in Florida, Strong Tower became a Florida Farm Winery in 2008, with 11 beautiful acres currently home to three grape types chosen for their distinct aromas and qualities. The seasonal blueberry, strawberry, and watermelon wines will appeal to both experienced and casual wine lovers, and their “U-Pick” harvest season is ideal for a family adventure. View how wines are processed at the processing area and vineyard, as well as the final stage of labeling the bottle.

Visit the on-site wine shop for a variety of great wines to take home, including whites, reds, and blush wines ranging from dry to sweeter, as well as wine tasting on-site at their lovely veranda.

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