Cape COD Beaches And Their Scenic Beauty

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Cape Cod Beaches
Image source : Photo By Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism from Flickr

Isn’t it an enticing scene to adore when you sit on the sandy seashore with the rustling seawater, the wide sky above you, and the soothing winds calm you inside out?

Indeed, it is. And truly, one can experience the same entirety in the Cape COD beaches.

Now, you must be wondering what Cape COD is and why Cape Cod Beaches are globally renowned?


All About Exploring Cape COD!

Cape Cod Beaches
Image source: Photo By Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism from Flickr

As Massachusetts is esteemed for its Martha’s Vineyard Beaches, so it is for Cape Cod Beaches. Geographically, from the southeastern corner of Massachusetts in the U.S., Cape Cod is an arm-shaped topographic cape that extends into the Atlantic ocean.

With the well-renowned glory of beach vacations, Cape Cod is one of the prime places that attract summer tourists from the US and worldwide. This season of summer begins with what is known as Memorial Day and ends with what is called Labor Day.

But even after Labor day, a huge number of beachgoers are frequently spotted on the beaches of Cape Cod, making the place historically, environmentally as well as economically significant.

Here is a video ravishingly explaining Cape Cod and its insights in detail.



With a flawless coastline of 559.6 miles or 900.6 km, Cape Cod beaches are considered one of the fascinating spots for beach lovers worldwide. This coastal treasure consists of both types of beach, that are, public beach and private beach.

The total public cape cod beaches are sixty in number, and the most prominent ones lie along the Cape Cod National Seashore. The Cape Cod Beaches are worldwide recognized for whale watching.

Let’s know about the best beaches in Cape Cod.


Cape Cod Beaches
Image Source: Photo by Aldon Hynes from Flickr

There are many beaches in Cape Cod that can qualify the category of the best beach. However, the following are the ones that ultimately top the list of the best ones.

1. Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod Beaches
Image Source: Photo By m01229 from Flickr

The Cape Cod National Seashore is a miles-long cluster of several beaches. It is considered as one of the most historically relevant places among the group of Cape Cod Beaches. It is beautiful enough with a spacious picnic area, making it a preferable spot to enjoy with friends and family.

The beaches in Cape Cod National Seashore become extremely likable spots for their hiking and walking trails. These beaches are precisely maintained and provide some exceptional amenities, starting from public restrooms to parking spaces.

2. Race Point Beach

Race point beach is a part of Cape Cod National Seashore and is located in Provincetown. If you look at Cape Cod’s map, the top of the cape is nothing but Race Point Beach itself.

Among the Cape Cod Beaches, this beach is beautifully inhabited fauna including piping plovers, seals swimming close to the shore, whales during the springtime, and so on. The race point beach is primarily famous for its breathtaking sunsets.

The beach is one of the reputed spots for fishing. Over sand off-road vehicles are also there on this beach. The beach also has a well-equipped parking lot, changing rooms as well as bathrooms.

3. Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Want to spend a rejuvenating day? Then, Chatham Lighthouse Beach is an ideal place to visit. It is a mile-long beach in the Atlantic Ocean, with incredible views and historical relevance. Seals are often spotted near the seashore. The visitors here can never leave the beach without taking its alluring beauty in their hearts forever.

4. Herring Cove Beach

Another known beach in Cape Cod for its irresistible sunset views, Herring Cove Beach, is located in Provincetown and is the only Cape Cod National Seashore Beach on the Cape Cod Bay side of the cape. The Herring Cove Beach is extensively known for the whale watching it offers and is also a captivating sight for kids for the lovely tidal pools it offers.

5. Mayflower Beach

Do you know the name of any of the most family-friendly beaches in the United States?

If not, then from today, you know one, Mayflower beach. With a large coastline, Mayflower beach is the most spectacular beach in Dennis, making it top the list of best beaches in the United States, released by Parents Magazine in 2011. It provides the visitors with homely comfort through its restrooms and delightful picnic spot.

6. Marconi Beach

A part of Cape Cod National Seashore, Marconi Beach, is located in Wellfleet. Marconi Beach offers an enchanting view of the Atlantic Ocean as well as Cape Cod Bay. The beach is an astounding locus for activities like boogie boarding, surfing, and skimboarding.

Seals are the frequently observed creature in Marconi Beach. The beach also offers restrooms, showers, bike trails, a parking lot, and others.

7. Nauset Light Beach

Nauset Light Beach is one of the most notable beaches on the Outer Cape. It becomes beautified by its lovely views of large dunes. The Nauset Lighthouse is the center of attraction in Nauset Beach. The beachgoers primarily enjoy surfing, boogie-boarding, and swimming. The exceptional facilities here include lifeguards for security and shower areas.

8. Head of the Meadow Beach

Another part of the Cape Cod National Sea Shore, Head of the Meadow Beach, is located in the town of Truro. The head of Meadow Beach is a fantabulous place to relax, with its soothing atmosphere and comfortable public facilities. Swimming, bike trail, surfing, and boarding are the activities joyfully enjoyed at the Head of the Meadow beach.

9. Coast Guard Beach

Coast guard beach is a part of Cape Cod National Seashore and stands as a popular beach for tourists every year. As the coast guard beach witnesses high tide waves, it is prominently preferred for surfing and boogie boarding activities.

Its marvelous large dunes and views of marshlands make it a unique sight in itself. The coast guard beach provides visitors with wheelchairs for physically challenged people and services like comfortable restrooms, lifeguards, and showers.

10. Sandy Neck Beach

The name is popularly known as a 6-mile long beach in the popular beaches in Cape Cod Bay of Sandy Neck Beach. This pebbly place serves as the breeding habitat for piping plovers.

The sandy neck beach is also amusing to the beachgoers for a sport, off-boarding, and delightful swimming. The sandy neck beach is in itself an oceanic place with the attractive beauty of nature. It is comfortable to visit sandy neck beach, as it is affluent with public services for its visitors.

10. Craigville Beach

Craigville beach is a public beach with clear and soft sand that provides wonderful scenic beauty to its visitors. Located in the Nantucket Sound, it is the most known beach in Barnstable. Sunbathing and swimming are enjoyed here, along with kitesurfing, as the prime love in the summers.

The beach becomes a lovable place for its servicing features, including restrooms, showers, rental shops for beach chairs and umbrellas, swimming lessons, boardwalk, and coast guard service for security concerns. Its parking lot is open to non-residents as well on a minimal charge.

11. Breakwater Beach

Breakwater Beach is a sandy beach that is across Cape Cod Bay, in the town of Brewster. It forms a scenic site with its alluring dunes, sands with shells, and varied marine life. During the low tide, sailboats are often observed in the areas around the breakwater beach. The public here feels comfortable with the portable toilets and food carts.

12. Red River Beach

Your trip to Cape Cod is never complete without visiting Harwich, and especially the Red River Beach. The beach is often called Dog Beach, as dogs can come for a walk in the parking lot.

The Red River Beach is considered suitable for playing in the waves, swimming, and boogie boarding. The beach makes the visit of the beachgoers comfortable with its first-class public services.

13. Old Silver Beach

Located in the town of Falmouth, Old Silver Beach is one of the most fetching beaches in Buzzards Bay during summertime. The distinctive feature of the Old Silver Beach is its beguiling view. The beach is divided into two sections on either side of a salt marsh along Herrick Brook.

The fauna observed her include silvery fish, egrets, fiddler crabs, menhaden, and various others.  The facilities here include a bathhouse, food service as well, like a parking area.

14. Monument Beach

With its appealing tropical picturesque views, the Monument beach marks the coastal edge of the town of Bourne. It looks out at the entrance of the Cape Cod Canal. With the abundance of peace, the monument beach is idealized for providing a decent place to spend time with family, especially when you and your family are fond of windsurfing and beach volleyball.

The visitors at the monument beach feel comfortable with its public facilities, including restrooms, concession stands, coast guard station, picnic area, and large parking space.

15. Grays Beach

The Grays Beach is a saltwater beach on Cape Cod Bay and is located in Yarmouth, at the opening of the Garden Creek. The second name for Grays beach is Bass Hole Beach. This beach is ideal for kids as it is small with low tide water, making it easier for children to swim.

It has a long boardwalk with the delightful treasure of tropical flora and fauna. The Grays beach is the center of attraction for its spacious picnic area with gazebo.

16. Seagull Beach

One of the most eminent Cape Cod beaches for teenagers and adults, Seagull beach in Yarmouth’s largest and most famous beach. With large, clean, and soft stretches of sand, the beach is highly preferred for sun-basking.

Windsurfing and beachcombing are widely enjoyed here. The beach provides a spacious parking lot and additional showers, stalls of food and beverages, bike racks, and is also disabled-accessible. It also has attendants for the visitors.

17. Cahoon Hollow Beach

Want to know which Cape Cod Beaches demand you arrive early on weekends, as it gets full so fast? That is one of the most renowned beaches in the town of Wellfleet, The Cahoon Hollow Beach.

It is one of the most beautiful Cape Cod Beaches with an alluring landscape with views of massive dunes on the one hand and the Atlantic Ocean on the other hand. This is a top-rated beach among the young generation for a well-reputed restaurant and bar, The Wellfleet Beachcomber. The public amenities include lifeguards, a beach volleyball area, attendants, restrooms, and two separate parking lots.

18. Skaket Beach

Located in Orleans, Skaket Beach is one of the most charming Cape Cod Beaches, mainly known for its aesthetic sunsets and boats traveling to and fro from Rock Harbour. It is a suitable place for people with a love for kite flying. Public facilities of lifeguard service, restrooms, parking lot, beach wheelchairs for physically challenged, and picnic area.

The significant focus is the low tide, which makes long strolls by the beach possible, along with affable tropical animals inhabiting the tidal pools during low tide.

Some other well-known Cape Cod Beaches are :

  • Barrier Beach
  • Long Point Beach
  • West Dennis Beach
  • Cold Storage Beach
  • Crosby Landing Beach

Here is a video proffering all you need to know about beaches in Cape Cod.


Beaches are one of those heavenly places on the planet that stand to one’s liking, whether a young juvenile or a man in his eighties. They give equal bliss to one and all. And on the dot, Cape Cod is a dream come to a true place of this world.

The place offers an exquisite adventure to all alike, with its wealth of gorgeous beaches. Particularly for beach lovers, Cape Cod Beaches are undoubtedly a praiseworthy location. The beaches in Cape Cod are pristine for their beauty, their asset of native wildlife, and the unforgettable moments they contribute to your basket of memories.

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