10 Best Cheap Croatia Cruises

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Croatia or the Republic of Croatia is a country along the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. This island country is extremely famous for its cheap Croatia cruises of the deluxe category.

However, choosing a cruise for your travel destinations is not as easy as it sounds. It is important to think about your pay off the cruise more than what you get to play on it.

Luxury cruising is not only about fine dining but also about fine dining included in the cruise package. The smaller size of luxury cruise ships means that you can turn up at any of the onboard restaurants without a reservation and enjoy a full pick of the menu.

You need to choose a cruise with all these onboard restaurants included in the cruise package. Enjoy the friendliness of familiar faces at some of the cheapest but most luxurious cruises in Croatia.

Top 10 Luxury Cruises In Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Alistair Boyd from Unsplash

If you are unable to decide from the menu of deluxe but cheap Croatia cruises, you’ve come to the right place. Read this article to know more about it.

1. Antaris, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Sergii Gulenok from Unsplash

Price: $ 177.98 per day

Croatia offers small ship cruises along the Dalmatian coast. The Antaris yacht is among them. At a spectacular length of 54 meters, the Antaris can cater to up to 38 guests in total. There are 11 cabins of which 11 are located on the upper deck and 8 on the below deck.

The upper deck cabins come with private balconies along with a magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea. Each cabin offers air conditioning, ensuite baths/showers, television for entertainment, and a safety deposit box. They also provide toiletries of good quality. The social areas include bars and restaurants to chill with comfortable sofas and tables. Apart from being one of the cheap Croatia cruises, Antaris is the ideal place to relax and is perfect for your low-budget vacations. The outdoor lounge offers deck chairs and sunbeds that make your small trip quite extravagant.

The cruise also includes a small swimming pool, jacuzzis, and an indoor salon with LCD TV. New in 2019, Antaris price per person comprises half board meals with daily fresh fruit juice and Captain’s dinner with live entertainment. Antaris is a cruise to remember.

To book the Antaris cruise ship online and reserve your space, click here.

2. Infinity Cruise Ship, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Spencer Davis from Unsplash

Price: $ 186.99 per day

Explore Croatia and the seaside towns with an Infinity cruise ship. From being one of the cheap Croatia cruises, Infinity is also one of the oldest among all. This 2015 cruise can accommodate up to 38 passengers in total. There are 19 well-equipped cabins with an ample amount of space in each. Sail Croatia and enjoy the treasures of cruise Croatia in these small ships.

Each cabin at Infinity cruise ship offers air conditioning, quality sofas, an ample amount of storage space, a PA system, a porthole, and a safety deposit box. Although Infinity counts among the cheap Croatia cruises, one additional piece of information about cruises in Croatia is that they provide high-tech features and facilities at a minimal price.

The dining areas provide complete privacy at mealtimes with tables spaced far enough from each other. The indoor lounge is air-conditioned with a hot tub, spacious sundeck and bar along with a TV.

At Infinity, you can save money and enjoy yourself at the same time. It offers water sports and swimming facilities with free Internet for the people. There are two outside showers at Infinity cruise ship so that you do not have to trail sand or seawater into your cabin. Enjoy the views of this beautiful country, feeling the breezes in comfort.

At Infinity cruise ship, you can have the experience of your life with helpful crew members. It enables you to fly and appreciate diverse views, stops, activities, and excursions with Airport or hotel transfers included in the cruise package. Admire the exclusive Hvar island, Krka national park, and secluded beaches with striking and magnificent scenery.

To book the Infinity cruise ship online and reserve your space, click here.

3. Aquamarin, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Grant Ritchie from Unsplash

Price: $ 189.25 per day

Built in the year 2017, Aquamarin is one of the most deluxe but cheap Croatia cruises. With modern ensuite cabins, the Aquamarin yacht allows us to explore the stunning view of the Dalmatian coast. On-demand during the peak season, this deluxe category cruise includes fun activities to make your trip remarkable. From swimming activities in the crystal clear water to hiking at the Pakleni islands, Aquamarin is all that you need for your holidays.

The cruise can cater to up to 19 stylish and spacious cabins under as well as on deck. Each cabin can be configured with either double or twin beds. The cabins feature deluxe facilities with ensuite bathrooms, a hairdryer, storage space, a writing desk, and air conditioning. Aquamarin does not include dinner with the cruise package and allows us to explore the local restaurants but offers a buffet breakfast every morning with a four-course lunch.

There is spacious indoor dining on the upper deck with a bar area and lounge making it a perfect spot for some relaxation. The sun deck offers both shaded and open spaces with quality deck chairs. The trip starts from Split or Dubrovnik stopping along the Mljet National Park, Brac Island, and Biševo. You can have a magnificent experience at the blue cave along with enjoying the scenic views of your cruise.

To book the Aquamarin cruise ship online and reserve your space, click here.

4. Markan, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Morgan from Unsplash

Price: $ 186.99  per day

Sail and explore the best beaches in Croatia with an amazing trip at Markan Croatia cruise. Built-in the year 2018, Markan is a deluxe superior cruise at a cheap price.

The market cruise ship is one of the extravagant cheap Croatia cruises along the Croatian coastline. The activities on this cruise include visiting Mljet island which has a national park with famous salt lakes. You can happily enjoy a spectacular dinner cruise along the old town city wall of Dubrovnik.

You can also enjoy Croatian wine tasting in Bol, swimming at Golden Horn beach on Brač island, and enjoying an authentic Croatian dinner party. Along the way, there will be plenty of time for sun basking and relaxation.

Markan offers a modern design with high-end amenities including equipped wardrobes, deposit boxes, hairdryers, toiletries, bathrobes & slippers. The VIP cabins feature private balconies.

There are 19 spacious cabins in total, out of which 9 are VIP cabins. Each cabin is superbly designed with en suite bathrooms/showers and twin beds of 15 to 20 square meters. Social areas include a large contemporary indoor dining room, bar, and lounge.

To book the Markan cruise ship online and reserve your space, click here.

5. Avangard Cruise Ship, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Cody Black from Unsplash

Price: $ 186.99 per day

The Avangard Croatia cruise ship was launched in 2017. Sail along the Adriatic coast and visit Croatia’s oldest settlement. Avangard is another luxury ship in Croatia’s deluxe category that can accommodate up to 36 passengers in 18 twin or double cabins. Each accommodation is equipped with modern amenities such as ensuite bathrooms and climate control.

The top deck has ten guest cabins and the lower deck has eight. A big upper deck dining room, bar area with LCD TV, and extended outdoor lounge area with beautiful views are among the social amenities. A large sun deck with loungers and a hot tub is located on the top deck and offers both sheltered and open spaces.

Enjoy wine tasting in Hvar town, as well as dinners with the people in Kuna, which include all Croatian cuisines. Daily swim stops and recreational activities are also included in the cruise price. During peak season, save money and enjoy your time in this wonderful country. Have a fantastic time on the Avangard Croatia cruise.

To book the Avangard cruise ship online and reserve your space, click here.

6. New Star Cruise Ship, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Lyle Hastie from Unsplash

Price: $ 177.98 per day

Another magnificent inexpensive Croatia trip along the Dalmatian coast is the new star cruise ship. The 19 double and 1 single cabin on board the New Star can accommodate up to 39 passengers. Each cabin has luxurious air conditioning, as well as wardrobes, workstations, televisions, hair dryers, a safety deposit box, and ensuite showers.

Explore this historic town with its mediaeval churches while sailing Croatia. The New Star cruises the Adriatic Sea, stopping in Korula, Mljet Island, Diocletian’s Palace, and some of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches.

Korcula Island is regarded as a miniature Dubrovnik from the Middle Ages. Mljet Island, likewise, is well-known for its salt lakes and Benedictine abbey. You can spend your evenings staring at spectacular sunsets while learning about local customs and hospitality.

Bars and restaurants with a huge screen LCD TV are available in the New Star cruise’s social areas. Every morning, a buffet breakfast is included in the cruise package, as well as lunch or dinner depending on the itinerary. Quality sofas and desk chairs with jacuzzis are available in the outdoor area for sun worshipers.

To book New Star Croatia cruise online and reserve your space, click here.

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7. Adriatic Sun Cruise Ship, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Ana Klaric from Unsplash

Price: $ 186.99 per day

The Adriatic Sun cruise ship was built in 2018 and has 19 luxurious suites with ensuite bathrooms, tiny sofas, air conditioning, and private balconies to enjoy the breathtaking sea views.

The Adriatic Sun boat is a luxury cruise with 8 twin cabins on the lower deck, 1 twin cabin on the main deck, and 10 twin cabins on the upper deck, which can accommodate up to 38 guests.

Only on the upper deck are private balconies available. A huge contemporary lounge, dining, and bar area are located on the main deck. The sea wind and views can be enjoyed from the covered outside lounge area. Every morning, a breakfast buffet is served as part of the cruise package. On the sundeck, there is an open area.

To book the Adriatic Sun Croatia cruise online and reserve your space, click here.

8. Riva Cruise Ship, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Ivan Ivankovic from Unsplash

Price: $ 189.25 per day

Riva was built in 2018 and can accommodate up to 38 passengers in 19-passenger cabins. A hydromassage pool, indoor salon, onboard gym, outdoor bar, eating area, and a big sun deck with loungers are all available on the Riva cruise ship. The VIP cabins are located on the sun deck, with two on the top deck and eight each on the main and lower decks.

The accommodations have ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and a breathtaking view of the island of Korcula and the surrounding crystal-clear waters.

Guided walking tours, dining with local villagers, and an exhilarating nighttime dinner cruise along Dubrovnik’s city walls are among the attractions of the Riva cruise. Because the cruise departs from Split, you can fly into Split International Airport, but Dubrovnik has its international airport.

To book the Adriatic Sun Croatia cruise online and reserve your space, click here.

9. Ave Maria Cruise Ship, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Conor Rees from Unsplash

Price: $ 186.99 per day

Ave Maria’s travel plans can be very exciting because they involve stops at lovely beaches for swimming and snorkelling. You’ll also have the opportunity to stop in tiny communities for dinners to sample the local fresh cuisine. One of the great pleasures of travelling on the Ave Maria cruise is visiting several places in Croatia and learning about their history.

The cruise also includes a captain’s supper and guided strolling tours. Ave Maria can accommodate up to 38 passengers and has social sections that are large enough to provide seclusion.

The back platform features a small pool with ladders for convenient access to the water. On board, there are 19 modern cabins with private bathrooms, air conditioning, workstations, closets, nightstands, tiny sofas, and porthole windows. An open-air sitting area on the upper deck with spectacular views and a lovely sea wind leads up to the partially covered sun deck with loungers for all visitors and a hot tub.

To book the Ave Maria Croatia cruise online and reserve your space, click here.

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10. Symphony Cruise Ship, Croatia

Cheap Croatia cruises
Photo by Matthias Mullie from Unsplash

Price: $ 177.98 per day

Symphony is another of Croatia’s tiny luxury cruises available at a low cost. The fact has been specifically constructed to accommodate a maximum of 36 people in total. The cruise is roomy, with plenty of places to lounge in the sun. Each cabin has its private toilet and air conditioning that can be adjusted separately.

Symphony features a modern design, 50-meter-long decks, and onboard entertainment for passengers. This Croatian trip travels around the Dalmatian coast, stopping in the islands of Hvar, Mljet, and Korcula. You can also visit well-known national parks and take in Croatia’s rich cultural diversity.

The swimming pool is on the main deck of the Symphony Croatian cruise, while the sun deck offers a hot tub. The sun deck is large and spacious, with plenty of sunbeds for guests to relax and enjoy the Croatian sun. Food is served in the indoor eating area, which offers a variety of foods and beverages.

To book a Symphony Croatia cruise online and reserve your space, click here.

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Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Croatia cruises are an excellent way to experience the beauty and culture of this Mediterranean country. With its luxury accommodations, stunning coastlines, picturesque islands, and rich history, Croatia offers something for everyone.

A Croatia cruise allows you to see the best of the country while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a cruise ship. You will be able to visit multiple destinations in a short period of time and enjoy activities such as swimming, snorkelling, and exploring ancient towns and villages.

The cruise also includes delicious local cuisine and the opportunity to make new friends from around the world. Whether you’re a history buff, a beach lover, or just looking for a relaxing vacation, Croatia cruises have something for everyone.

So, for those who haven’t visited Croatia, it’s time to book a cruise and experience the beauty of this country for yourself!

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