Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science – 4 Great Reasons to Apply

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Looking for a degree in mortuary science? Well, look no further. Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is a private college located in the beautiful city of Cincinnati, Ohio that offers two great degree programs accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE) and has regional and professional accreditation as a mortuary school. With ultra-modern facilities, a beautiful campus, and qualified staff, it is no wonder that CCMS is referred to as ‘ the Harvard of mortuary schools ‘.

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is the oldest mortuary science program in the country that boasts state-of-the-art facilities and high pass and employment rates. Keep reading to find out more about the admission process, scholarships, campus life, and degrees that CCMS has to offer.

1. Modern College Facilities & Campus

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is located near Finneytown of Cincinnati, Ohio on North Bend Road and offers its students all the luxuries of pleasant college life.

1.1 Library

The 16 acres campus has a library completely dedicated to mortuary science and offers textbooks and other study resources to computers. It’s a productive haven for students to study with a Library Director who offers guidance with student research and library technology.

1.2 Labs

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science believes in extensive hands-on practice, giving students an edge over others. This institution is home to three separate state-of-the-art labs which provide students with unmatched practical exposure to restorative art, preservation, and dissection of bodies. Students also have the opportunity to be employed as clinical lab assistants to manage the immense case volume.

1.3 Student Lounge

Tired of studying or looking to meet new people? The student lounge is the perfect place to unwind and de-stress with peers, equipped with a gaming console, TV, vending machine, and more!

1.4 Classrooms

The classrooms and auditorium classroom of CCMS are spacious and well-lit, creating a productive atmosphere for optimal learning. Some classrooms are even equipped with funeral service equipment and products which further boosts students’ practical skills.

1.5 Educational Cremation Center (ECC)

Unlike any other mortuary science institution, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is home to the most cutting-edge crematory processing plant in the world. Therefore, students on campus can get first-hand insight into the cremation and alkaline hydrolysis processes, making great practice for their future careers in mortuary sciences.

1.6 Student Life

The CCMS batches consist of a great diversity of students from all over the country and the college also has several student organizations like sororities, fraternities, student government, and the honor society of academically gifted students, promoting social activeness amongst students and an opportunity to foster lifelong connections.

2. First Class Academics and Faculty

For those of you who are new to this, mortuary science involves the preparation of those who have passed away for burial and providing support to their beloved ones. Cincinnati college of mortuary science offers two types of degrees between which students can choose – CCMS AMS (Associate of Applied Science) and CCMS BMS (Bachelor of Mortuary Science) – to prepare themselves for a potential job as a funeral director.

2.1 Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

AAS is a three-semester program of 47 credit hours which is completed over a duration of 12 months. This curriculum is the minimal requirement for dual licensure in all the states. For more information on the curriculum, course, and grading system visit their website here.

2.2 Bachelor of Mortuary Science (BMS)

This on the other hand is a four-semester program of 62 credit hours which is completed over a duration of 16 months. Like the AAS degree, BMS also meets the requirement for dual licensure in all states. For more information on the curriculum, course, and grading system visit their website here.

2.3 Faculty

CCMS has qualified and experienced faculty members and instructors with inspiring backstories and zeal for teaching what they are masters in. The staff is approachable and dedicated to guiding students from day one all the way through their careers.

2.4 Further Education

As with any science field, even after graduation and earning your degree, you must continue to learn and stay up-to-date with all the latest advancements in the area. CCMS, therefore, provides continuing education courses via an all-new online platform and professional certificate programs and apprenticeship programs related to this field which would sharpen your skills and boost your career.

3. Easy Admission Process and Great Financial Aid

3.1 Visit the Campus

Surely, before taking admission to any college you would want to visit the institute and get a more accurate idea of how life may be on campus rather than just reading online reviews. CCMS understands this and provides prospective students the opportunity to schedule a visit in-person or a virtual one or you can even join the open house hosted throughout the year to get a chance to interact with the exceptional faculty. Visit here to schedule a visit or register for the open house. Alternatively, here is a campus tour video by an alumnus of CCMS!

3.2 Applying

CCMS has a transparent and easy application process. Their website guides students through the whole process step by step and even offers tips for applying. You may even contact them for extra assistance. Find their contact details and tips on this page.

3.3 Course Prerequisites

Before taking up any course at CCMS, there are certain general education credits that students must have earned in order to be ready for the course. These prerequisites vary based on which course you plan to apply to. For a detailed list of BMS prerequisites visit here and for a detailed list of AAS prerequisites visit here.

3.4 Fees and Financial Aid

CCMS offers a quality education at a decent price upon which financial aid and scholarships are applicable. The tuition fees vary between AAS and BMS and their website provides a detailed breakdown of the fees and payment process. CCMS also offers great financial aid, grants, loans, and scholarships to lessen the burden on students. Their website has plenty of information on how to apply for financial aid, types of financial aid, and policies.

4. Strong Alumni Network

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science has a tight-knit network of over 7,000 distinguished alumni and many have made it to the Alumni Hall of Fame. There is also an Alumni Ambassadors Club which consists of college alumni who often help out during special college events. Strong alumni networks such as this one are actually effective social webs.

College is undoubtedly a crucial step of life and requires several important factors to be weighed and decisions to be made (here is another guide for extra advice on that process). Nevertheless, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is the perfect place to earn a mortuary science degree and should definitely be considered. You may stay tuned to their news hub to keep up with their upcoming events and more details about the college.

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