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City of Oxnard: Best Guide to Have a Memorable Trip

The beauty of America has never stopped us from dreaming of enjoying one of those fun cities. With 108,000 cities, visiting the United States of America is still a dream for millions of people across the globe.

Every metropolis is well-known for one or the other adventurous activity you could dream of, but this little-known city is beyond your thinking.

No, it is not Washington, New York, or Los Angeles. It is a city with wonders that can make you wonder about its beauty and can be an ideal destination for a coastal weekend getaway. Are you pondering what could be the best city if it is not New York?

Well, it is the city of Oxnard. Never heard of Oxnard? Then, this post can be your complete guide to Oxnard.

A guide to the city of Oxnard

Oxnard is a city in Ventura County, Southern California, USA, popularly called “the city of Oxnard.” Nestled on the south coast of California, Oxnard is the most populous city in Ventura and the 22nd most populous metropolis in California. It is 60 miles from Los Angeles and 35 miles from Santa Barbara.

Since its incorporation in 1903, Oxnard has grown from cattle grazing to lima beans, sugar beets, orchards, and growing multiple crops yearly. It finally became a city with a commercial, housing, and industrial mix.

Today, taking pride in its rich agricultural land, diversity, and culture, Oxnard is home to long pristine beaches, nightlife, historic Victorian architecture, and a picturesque harbor, and it holds one of the most prevalent Californian festivals, the California strawberry festival.

However, the future of Oxnard is pretty balanced between country and city life. The 2030 general plan of Oxnard aims to protect the rich agricultural heritage while growing to become one of America’s prominent cities.

As the city population increases yearly, the local government, Oxnard City Council, is taking measures to support creative and sportive business models with all the requirements to expand their businesses in Oxnard.

Considering the past, present, and future of Oxnard, experts believe that Oxnard can be an ideal place to raise a family.

Growing a family in the city of Oxnard

With its 2030 vision plan, the Oxnard city council and the community services department laid ample opportunities in various fields
Photo by Mike Kitchen on Unsplash

Suppose you have ever considered relocating to a new metropolis that promises the best life, ample opportunities, the best education for your kids, and the best community. In that case, Oxnard can be a great choice.

With its 2030 vision plan, the Oxnard city council and the community services department laid ample opportunities in various fields for you to work and cultural and community services for kids in the summer.

Ample work opportunities in Oxnard

Oxnard has nippy job opportunities that pay enough to run a family, though it is still a flourishing city. Some of the job posts in Oxnard are:

1. Assistant Planner

Oxnard’s community development department is looking for a person with strong technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, and a person with a history of working as a problem-solving expert in the planning bureau to assist the current city planning team as an assistant planner. This post pays USD 59,000 to USD 96,000 annually.

2. Police Records Technician

The Oxnard police department is looking for a technician who would also work as a word processor to maintain the records of law enforcement data. It pays you $32,000 to $60,000 every year.

3. Custodian

Oxnard’s public works department is looking for a highly motivated and initiative custodian with good oral and verbal communication skills.

The applicant should have experience as a custodian, working independently, and the ideal candidate should maintain a positive attitude with interpersonal and excellent customer service skills. As a full-time job, it pays USD 1500 every month.

4. Customer Service Representative

Under the human resources specialist’s guidance, the applicant shall be responsible for working more like a receptionist – attending and redirecting calls to the respective department, addressing walk-in clients, preparing a monthly resume report, and many more. It is a part-time post with $16 to $22 hourly pay.

5. Administrative Services Technician

The Oxnard community development team is looking for a technician to join the building and engineering team.

The applicant will be responsible for providing excellent customer service to clients and the general public via calls, emails, text messages, and in-person at the service center counter. This post pays $32,000 to $62,000 as an average salary. is a place you can check out for detailed work opportunities. 

10 Things to Do in the Oxnard

Oxnard can be the perfect destination to get involved in nature and experience modern city life
Photo by Lisha Riabinina on Unsplash

If you take the right path, Oxnard can be the perfect destination to get involved in nature and experience modern city life. Here are the top 10 things you can do as a native and traveler.

1. Go Boating

You can never enjoy Oxnard without sailing on the long, pristine beaches. The best thing about visiting here is enjoying your picnic lunch in a vast ocean, especially with your dearest ones that can give you a lifetime memory.

And do not take your thumb off the shutter button because as long as you travel, Californian aquatic creatures like dolphins, sea lions, and birds, and sometimes, you can even see whales welcoming you. You can lease a sailboat or a small motorboat depending on your crew length.

2. Go Wine Tasting

Of course, your trip to any American city is never satisfactory if you do not go on tasting wines with different flavors. With four world-famous wineries, Oxnard is exceptional at satisfying you with the best wines. Not only do these wineries help you with the best wine tastings, but they also guide you through the process of how the wine you are drinking came into existence.

Your winery tour should begin with a tasting of the 26 flavors of wine at Herzog Wine Cellars, followed by the award-winning wineries Magnavino Cellars and Rancho Ventavo Cellars, and end with Strey Cellars. Enjoy the local grape flavor with every sip, and walk through the long winery fields to enjoy the moment.

3. Visit Ventura

Ventura can be a great visit from Oxnard if you want to explore the town’s surroundings. North of Oxnard, Ventura is one of the best day trips, with places to relish similar to Oxnard. However, botanical gardens for a peaceful mind, Mission San Buenaventura to marvel at, and the Museum of Ventura County to dig back into historians make a difference.

4. Explore Channel Islands Harbor

Being the central tourist attraction, the Channel Islands surrounds Ventura with thousands of boats and hundreds of activities to do in a line across the larger water body.

From seaside dining to shopping with multiple options at the fingertips to adventurous activities like kayaking, gondola, or ferrying, you will find yourself hooked up to one or the other activity.

Guided paddling excursions, sport fishing, and parasailing above the water are some popular daily activities most tourists enjoy.

You can even enjoy whale watching if your visiting period is between December and April. The Channel Islands are also known for land-based activities, weekly farmer markets, hotels, and diverse dining options.

5. Spend a Day at Oxnard State Beach

Oxnard State Beach is another must-visit place in Oxnard. You can pursue your dream of surfing the beaches, and your kids can enjoy the sand here while the sparkling waves touch their warm feet. Oxnard State Beach is an ideal destination for beach and nature lovers because of the amenities it has to offer to its visitors.

While parking lots are standard at every beach, having two large parks connected to two parking lots is unusual to provide an extra dose of entertainment.

Oxnard Beach Park, one of the two parks, is a favorite spot among children as they can enjoy kite flying, picnicking, and many other park activities. At the same time, you go enjoying the ocean, swimming, surfing, and other beach sports.

Oxnard State Beach is another must-visit place in the city of Oxnard
Photo by Zachary Theodore on Unsplash

6. Visit the Channel Islands Maritime Museum

The Channel Museum exhibits the history of the Navy and stresses how it shaped the nation. The upper and lower decks of the museum show the seascape paintings and the detailed model ships.

What will amaze you most is the vast collection of sea vehicles, from massive ships to small boats in a bottle, with detailed information that includes their history and functionality.

Big windows attract you the most as they overlook the water bodies with ships on and off the harbor. The Maritime Museum can be an effective place for people who are interested in history, geography, and the military.

7. Pay a visit to the Rare Cars at Automotive Museum

Another place to learn more about the evolution of the current world is by taking a two-hour walk in the automotive museum. While the maritime museum focuses on ships, the automotive museum focuses on cars. There are two museums, the Mullin Automotive Museum and the Murphy Auto Museum, separated by 5-minute travel. Each of these museums emphasizes different themes.

The Mullin Automotive Museum tells more about the evolution of French cars with terrific artifacts like posters that belong decades back. In contrast, the Murphy Auto Museum tells about the American manufacturing industry. Car enthusiasts can never miss out on visiting the automotive museum. And do not forget to carry the pictures of these masterpieces to your friends and family.

8. Visit the Carnegie Art Museum

This museum has a mission to present and preserve the best arts from the Californian area, and their work so far is just fantastic. They have a vast collection of art, from more traditional pieces to contemporary which can satisfy people from different tastes.

This museum is outstanding because it only exhibits masterpieces from local artisans. They also display paintings and sculptures. You can visit them any time of the year as they are permanent.

9. Take a leisurely walk at the Heritage Square

Heritage Square can give you a complete glimpse of how the pioneers once used to live in Oxnard. Sitting in the downtown area of Oxnard, Heritage Square is a group and a collection of historical buildings in one place with beautiful gardens and fountains.

So, if you are tired of pushing knowledge in your mind, taking an afternoon tea in the prevalent Rose Garden, which also sits in the square, can refresh you completely, setting you up for another activity.

10. Enjoy the Collection at Riverpark

River Park is famous among the locals, and it can also favor tourists with options in one place. It is widely known as the shopping center with vast shopping options, from department stores to local supermarkets to almost everything locals demand.

Also, you can dine at one of the well-known dining areas after a long shopping day, enjoy a salon or spa, and entertain yourself in a movie theater. This place exceptionally can be the best choice for buying souvenirs.

Where to stay in the City of Oxnard?

The place you choose to stay in can make a difference to your planned trip
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

The place you choose to stay in can make a difference to your planned trip. When your stay is perfect, you can have a joyous journey. So, here is a list of hotels to stay in to enjoy the sightseeing.

  1. Hampton Inn Channel Islands Harbor: Hampton is affordable, with the best water views and hotel rooms overlooking the massive water bodies. Hampton can be an option for water and ocean lovers.
  2. Homewood Suites by Hilton: Spacious rooms with fireplaces, balconies, and beautiful landscape views set Homewood apart from other hotel rooms. It is a perfect hotel destination for people with heavy teams.
  3. Best Western Oxnard Inn: Best Western Inn can be an option to look at as it stays in the middle of Oxnard, letting you explore the entire city effortlessly. 

Bottom Line

The city of Oxnard is one of the must-visit American cities that promise to provide entertainment. It can be an ideal tourist destination as it does not seem crowded like most other famous cities, which allows you to be deeply involved in your tour moods.

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