6 Beautiful Botanical Gardens in Florida

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You all might have surely heard of the word botanical gardens or botanical plantations. But do you know what they are? Do you feel like exploring some of these botanical gardens?

And by any chance, do you live in Florida? If so, believe us, you are absolutely at the right place. In this article, we will inform you a lot of things about botanical gardens.

You will know a lot about botanical gardens and what type of plants are found in different botanical gardens. 

This article will be the ultimate guide on some of the Florida botanical gardens. After reading this article, you will feel the urge to go to one of the botanical gardens in Florida and explore some of the most exotic plants here.

Let us dive right into the article and learn more about botanical gardens, especially those found in Florida.

Botanical gardens
Botanic Gardens – small waterfall/@Flickr

What are botanical gardens?

Botanical gardens are particular kinds of gardens with many and various botanical plants. These gardens contain a variety and of species. There are many classifications and categories of botanical plants found here.

Going to botanical gardens will not only soothe your stressed mind but will also encourage you to explore a lot about the different kinds of plants found here.

Once you step into a botanical garden, you will witness many varieties of plants that you might have never seen or heard about. Your curiosity will drastically increase you will become very excited to know about these plants.

Botanical gardens are fantastic picnic areas and great learning centers from where you can learn and explore many amazing things about science and nature.

Now let us look at some of the top-rated Florida botanical gardens.

1. Butterfly Garden, Florida

Butterfly Garden in Florida is a unique botanical garden and is one of a kind. This garden does not just contain tropical plants but also many varieties of insects.

This botanical garden has a great specialty. They have an extensive collection of different types of butterflies which you might have never seen. This garden has almost 200 species of different kinds of butterflies.

And the best part of all this is some of the butterflies found here cannot be found elsewhere on the earth. A lot of visitors visit this place.

This place has a combination of both flora and Fauna. These gardens provide food to attract butterflies and delicate creatures. But maintaining this garden is not an easy task at all. A lot of work has to be put into it.

The butterflies mostly rely on nectar, which is available from the different flowers found in this garden. These gardens contain specific components to make them successful and attract many butterflies. They are as follows.

*Adult nectar sources available from the flowers

*Host plants for the larvae to feed on.


*Easily available source of water

The butterfly garden is a great place to visit if you are interested in exploring insects, flora, and Fauna. This one is among the most recommended Florida gardens.

There are a lot of native plants that can be found here. If you reside in Florida, you must give this place a visit.

Botanical gardens
Drinking in the botanic garden/@Flickr

2. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

This garden is located on South Palm Coast Avenue. It almost covers 15 acres of land. The gardens feature a lot of flora, especially the preserved epiphytes. This garden has much variety of plants like oaks, palms, mangroves, and a bromeliad garden.

This garden is also very famous for having 5500 orchids. 

Many visitors visit this place to look at the tropical plants grown here. These gardens are major tourist attractions. Many natural resources are found here. Many plant collections can be found in this Florida botanical garden.

This garden showcasing flora of different kinds will surely interest you. Give this garden a try if you are interested in various plants.

Botanical gardens
Botanic Gardens Autumn/@Flickr

This garden also features a shop where you can buy different plants, garden accessories, jewelry, and customized orchid arrangements. 

3. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

This Japanese garden is located near Delray Beach in Palm Beach Country in South Florida. This is a garden and a center of Japanese culture and trade. This garden showcases many different kinds of plants from Japan.

These gardens also serve as modern historic places. Along with many plants and other plants, this garden also features many museums.

One of the most famous gardens found here is the Morikami Museum. They’re also a lot of formal gardens found here. Another specialty of this garden is that many traditional Japanese Festivals are conducted here. A lot of special events are also performed.

This garden is a unique one among the Florida botanical gardens. This is not only a garden but also an integration of nature trails, different kinds of trees, and a diversity of traditions.

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, try visiting this place, primarily when they conduct special events. These gardens are worth giving a try if you live in Florida.

Botanical gardens
Springs Preserve Botanical Garden/@Flickr

The museum has a collection of bonsai trees that you must see for once. 

4. Mckee Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is very famous, especially for having the most extensive waterlilies in Florida. This garden is situated near Vero beach. This beach is among some of the initial parks set up in Florida’s the United States of America.

This botanical garden also has a reflecting pool and some of the most beautiful cascading waterfalls. This beautiful garden in Florida features on an average 10,000 varieties of native plants, which are exclusively found only here.

Apart from having only greenery, these Florida gardens also have a lot of historical importance. Because of this, a lot of historic buildings are also located here.

So this Florida garden is not just a mere garden but also an aggregate of many other components. 

This garden is something not to miss on. If you like exploring and find historical things interesting, this is the place. This Florida Botanical garden will not fail to amaze you. You must, without fail, try out this place.

Another fantastic fact about this garden is that it allows free admission to the people who visit it. Because of this a lot of visitors see this place.

Botanical gardens
Botanic Gardens_P8030413/@Flickr

5. Sunken Gardens, Florida.

Sunken Gardens are also one of the most mesmerizing gardens found in Florida. This beautiful garden has a history of over more than 1000 years. This garden can be considered an ancient Florida Garden.

For 100 years, these gardens have welcomed many visitors to enjoy their beautiful views. It also acknowledges being one of the oldest roadside spots and attractions.

Botanical garden
Botanical garden/@Flickr

The things that make this garden unique are Cascading waterfalls, a playground for the butterfly species, a cactus garden, and a Japanese garden.

These are some of the greatest specialties of the Sunken garden, which is present in Florida. Many visitors come to have a glimpse of this beautiful masterpiece situated in Florida.

Visiting such gardens will not only soothe your mind, body, and soul but will also increase your knowledge regarding the botanical world and the different types of species found here.

6. Naples Botanical Garden

Naples botanical garden is situated in Naples, Florida. This garden has 170 acres where varieties of Flora and Fauna are found and maintained. This is also called a living museum, and it was designed by one of the most acknowledged landscape designers Ellin and Ted Flato.

Botanical gardens
Naples botanical garden 03/@Flickr

This garden is cultivated not merely to showcase species but also to preserve those plants that grow between the longitudes 26th parallel North and 26th similar south.

Some of the different trees and plants found here are Orchids, screw pine trees, bromeliads, bougainvillea, jackfruit trees, and bamboo. This garden was not found too long back.

This garden was established recently. Despite this, the Naples garden has made many commendable changes in the cultivation and preservation of rare plants and trees. This garden also has received many awards for the outstanding achievements established by it.

In 2017, Naples Botanical garden, situated in Florida, United States of America, became the youngest garden to get acknowledgment and an award for garden excellence from the American Public Gardens Association.

These were some of the best botanical gardens which are found in Florida. If you happen to live near and around Florida, visit some of these. Happy reading!! 

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