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7 Closest Airports to Gatlinburg: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Gatlinburg is a serene and formidable mountain town in eastern Tennessee. Gatlinburg serves as a gateway to the Smoky Mountains National Park, spreading across 520,000 acres.

The scenic and exhilarating miles of hiking trails in the peaks lure many visitors to Gatlinburg. There are numerous attractions, restaurants, shops, and arts and crafts in the valleys of this town. This article will help you plan your next vacation by discussing the closest airports to Gatlinburg.

1. Know The Seven Closest Airports 

1.1 McGhee Tyson Airport

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McGhee Tyson Airport is located in the south region of Knoxville, Tennessee. The airport’s name pays homage to World War I veteran Charles McGhee Tyson. The airport serves public and military operations. Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority governs the working of McGhee Tyson Airport. It is served by certain renowned airlines. 

The drive from the airport to the Smoky Mountains is only a few miles long. There are some official car rental services for the mountainous town of Gatlinburg.

Though the airport is relatively smaller, there is hardly any rush or haste in the environment. Moving across the terminal at the McGhee Tyson Airport is effortless and breezy. This airport does not offer the accessibility of international flights and travel. It is the closest major airport to Gatlinburg.

1.2 Asheville Regional Airport 

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Asheville Regional Airport, as the name suggests, is a regional airport certified with Class C. The airport is located around Interstate 26 and Fletcher, North Carolina, south of Downtown Asheville. Asheville Regional Airport hosts many commercial flights. 

A fairly short drive from this airport can take you to the Great Smoky Mountains. The number of passengers at this airport has grown significantly in the last few years. The authority has decided to upgrade the amenities and infrastructure of this regional airport. 

Landing at the Asheville Regional Airport provides you with a ton of choices. Other than a drive to Gatlinburg, you can visit the nearby towns of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. There are short drives that can take you to some new towns and adventures.

1.3 Tri-Cities Airport

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Tri-Cities Airport serves the regional area of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It is located in Blountville, Tennessee. The Tri-Cities Airport Authority governs the management of this regional airport. A few major airlines are offering their service at the Tri-Cities Airport. 

The drive from Tri-Cities Airport to Gatlinburg is roughly around a hundred miles and is fairly long. The airport is spread on a small scale and offers a decent experience. However, the drive to the mountainous escapes has breathtaking scenic views. 

1.4 Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport 

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Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, also called Atlanta Airport, is the primary international airport in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Atlanta Airport has been crowned as the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998. 

It takes around three hours from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport to the Great Smoky Mountains. This airport is the primary hub for Delta Airlines’ operations and hosts all the other major international airlines.

The lavish amenities and accessibility of international travel make Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport the most practical closest airport to Gatlinburg. 

1.5 Charlotte Douglas International Airport 

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is an international airport west of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is typically referred to as CLT. CLT serves commercial and military purposes in Charlotte.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport was designated the sixth rank globally for aircraft operations. It is the eleventh busiest airport in the United States regarding passenger traffic. 

The drive from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Gatlinburg is approximately three hours long. American Airlines has its major operations at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. There are around eight car rental services to take a drive to Gatlinburg from CLT. 

1.6 Nashville International Airport 

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Nashville International Airport is the largest public and military airport in Nashville, Tennesse. The airport hosts most of the necessary and major airline services. The primary regions of flights at this airport are North America and Europe. 

The recent renovations have made this airport the most sophisticated and elegant in its region. The drive from Nashville International Airport to the gateway of Gatlinburg is between three and four hours.

The accessibility of international flights offers an extensive selection of flights and locations worldwide. Nashville International is the sixth closest airport to Gatlinburg

1.7 Greenville Spartanburg International Airport 

Airplane parked: closest airports to gatlinburg
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Greenville Spartanburg International Airport is located midway between the towns of Greenville and Spartanburg in the Upstate United States. This airport is designated as the second busiest airport in South Carolina. Greenville Spartanburg International Airport primarily serves commercial operations. 

It takes around a four-hour drive from Greenville Spartanburg International Airport to the peaks of Gatlinburg. Specific official car rentals are offering a drive to the Smoky Mountains. Greenville Spartanburg International Airport is the most practical and among the closest airports to Gatlinburg from the region of South Carolina and Upstate

2. Conclusion 

As discussed above, three regional and four international airports can get you to Gatlinburg. There is no private airport or jet service in Gatlinburg. The only way to get through the gateways of the Great Smoky Mountains is through a long drive. 

McGhee Tyson Airport has the shortest drive among the closest airports to Gatlinburg. The drive from the airport is just around 40 miles. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the closest international airport to Gatlinburg

Other than the airports, as mentioned earlier, an individual can opt for many options based on their needs. There are a few regional airports around the region of Gatlinburg as well. However, the distance and driving time are significantly higher than the ones discussed in this article. 

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