Congress Must Act Now to Ban Assault Weapons

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The Biden-Harris administration passed Smart Gun Safety legislation for the very first time, too, in 30 years.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently tweeted regarding this Smart Gun Safety Legislation saying “We have more to do”. She also added that Congress should support the banning of assault weapons, to stop self-killings by people.

From Nashville to shooting in Sandy Hook Kamala Harris has always been vocal about ending gun violence. Also, it is a bigger part of the manifestation in the Biden-Harris administration. 

A Twitter post by US Vice President, Kamala Harris tweets that Congress must act to ban assault weapons.
Courtesy: Twitter

1. Smart Gun Safety Legislation

Smart Gun Safety legislation is just a little step towards ending gun culture in the USA. Since this legislation would prevent people from buying firearms, it will ultimately bring down the suicide rate in the USA as well.

It is no secret that most people in the USA are in a constant mental breakdown for various reasons and they find suicide as the only rescue. Therefore, suicidal ideation with this legislation would at least solve the problem for a minor part. 

Adding to this initiative to end gun violence, the Texas Gun Bill which would make it illegal to buy any kind of assault weapon for anyone who’s below the age of 21.

The family members of the Uvalde school shooting are favoring this new legislation. When the decision was taken the room was filled with joy and cheers of hope; hope in ending the gun violence.

2. Criticism 

With these types of bills and legislation being introduced in the parliament also comes criticism. Some internet users took over social media platforms to criticize these bills.

According to them, such bills give more authority and power to the government. Moreover, it will create a strong control of government on people.

Some even wrote about why the government allows people under 21 to be recruited by the army.

With the constant cases of gun violence, people are in fear that if they do not carry firearms it would just worsen the case. Also, it would threaten their safety and it’s a violation of their right.

An illustration of a stop sign on a gun. It states that if gun usage is stopped, it will worsen gun violence. Local people are scared that if they do not carry a gun, it will threaten their safety.
Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

There’s this debate going on about how some laws made by the government can make it impossible for criminals to have access to assault weapons, it is just the government’s utopia.

3. Real Problems 

Legislation and bills are just paperwork until and unless the gun violence ends or at least gets controlled.

With this state of panic and fear of being shot down, everyone’s headed to buy assault weapons rather than thinking about some rules.

And on top of that, the ban would prevent mostly innocent people from buying it. However, those who are buying it to kill people would still get them one way or another, not to mention the black market.

Chicago is the right example to prove this argument because even after stricter gun control laws, it is considered very dangerous and prone to gun violence.

 Well, it can be said that something is better than nothing. If nothing else there’s a law that prevents people from acquiring assault weapons.

What are your thoughts on this; do share your views with us in the comment section about the USA gun safety legislation.

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