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Elegance on the Go: The Allure of Level 8 Glitter Luggage!

A super cozy, stylish, and durable carry-on is every traveler’s best friend, and if you are looking for the right luggage to suit your preferences, the Level 8 Glitter Luggage is an absolute must-have.

Everything about Luggage is top-notch and worth buying, from its German architecture hard shell to its smooth handles and water-repellent zippers.

Whether it’s a one-day trip or a long vacation, Level 8’s glitter luggage fulfills all the requirements, from its large capacity to its weightlessness, and it’s a spectacular choice.

I have been using it for quite a long time, and I am in love with every feature and quality that fits my standards. I can assure you that it’s a reliable travel partner for me.

As a fervent solo traveler, I have combined all the amazing features of the Level 8 glitter luggage that make it an absolute buy.

1. A Trace of German Architecture

Instead of a hard finish, the Level 8 Glitter Luggage has a German-made architecture, built with polycarbonate-hard shell material, which contributes to keeping it light and long-lasting.

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Source: Level 8

Its skin-friendly, re-upgraded, and lining material, which is light and smooth and prevents your clothes from being damaged or leaving any materialistic trace behind, makes it comfortable.

2. Sparkling Shell: A Sense of Style

With a capacity of 38L, the sparkling shell of the luggage gives a sense of style and goes with any costume I wear.

Light luggage sets yet durable, with a sparkling shell, a secure and fashion-forward suitcase that mirrors exemplary taste for travel has always been my first choice.

3. Distance Shortened: Smooth Rolling – 360° Spinner Wheels

Do you hate the unnecessary noise of luggage wheels, too? It comes with super quiet spinner wheels.

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Source: Level 8

The noise sometimes might irritate you, and it’s extremely annoying, but the anti-shock feature of Glitter Luggage ensures that they remain silent. Moreover, 360-degree rotating wheels are the highlights and are among the features that make the Level 8 Glitter Luggage worth buying.

I don’t need to put any extra effort into pulling my glitter luggage carry-on as the wheels move around fluently without a hitch, and the wheels are durable for smooth travels.

4. Advanced Safety: TSA – Approved Lock

Having a TSA-approved lock is like a cherry on top. It makes traveling easier as I don’t need to worry about the safety of my locks during the security check.

TSA-approved locks directly refer to the fact that security agencies in various countries can easily examine the suitcase without damaging it.

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Source: Level 8

However, if you are also thinking about how to know if the lock is TSA-approved or not, then simply look for a red diamond mark, which is accepted by the TSA and other authorities.

5. Interiors & Compartments

It has an interior divider between the two compartments, which is an entangled pocket with wet or dry separation that makes it even cooler.

This luggage is extremely suitable for many overhead compartments, and no check-in is needed as with this exclusive traveling companion, I am always ready to fly.

6. YKK Water-Resistant Zipper

YKK Zippers are widely famous as they tightly seal up when zipped up, and their water-resistant type makes their zippers more durable.

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Source: Level 8

A zipper of VISLON®, coated with polyurethane laminate tape, is a water-resistant zipper of the AquaGuard® series that’s not entirely waterproof but can resist water for a certain period and enhance the quality of the zipper.

Available in a varied range of colors for the application and when attached with the Level 8 Glitter Luggage, its match is outstanding and improves the elegance of the luggage.

7. Elegant Design: Ingenuity Made

With a sense of elegance, the idea behind its architecture is innovative, making it super durable and fashionable, available within an affordable budget.

From a tiny YKK water-resistant zipper to its shiny, durable hard shell, everything is quality-checked, and all things together make it worth buying.

8. Comfortable Handles

Its adjustable and wide handles are designed for a comfortable grip, increasing the luggage’s packing space.

Despite the authentic cabin-sized dimensions of the glitter luggage, I can enjoy a 38L luggage capacity with smooth and cozy gripping.

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Source: Level 8

The Level 8’s glitter luggage comes with a trolley bar made of Aluminum with four adjustable height settings, and its wide handles are suitable for people of all sizes.

It looks sensational when traveling with this beautiful glitter luggage that awesomely coordinates with its owner.

9. An Eternal Buddy with a Lifetime Warranty

Moving on to the most important part, Level 8 glitter luggage is an eternal buddy, which comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t need to worry about durability when traveling.

Along with the zipper and hard shell, the smooth movement of the spinner wheels always gets your back; they improve comfort and lessen worries.

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Source: Level 8

The Level 8’s best part is they do not compromise with quality; every part of the luggage undergoes several constricted quality tests and provides a lifetime warranty covering functional characteristics including handles, shells, wheels, and zippers.

10. Sizes & Attributes

Go for stylish and cozy Level 8 glitter luggage with a capacity of 38 liters, which weighs 3.37 kgs and is extremely light luggage to carry anywhere. Along with its spinner wheels, it’s super light to move.

Together with its wheels and handles, it measures 37 cm long, 22 cm wide, and 54.5 cm in height. In short, its dimensions in the SI unit are 37cmL*22cmW*54.5cmH.

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Source: Level 8

11. Why is Level 8 Glitter Luggage a Must-Have?

The Level 8 glitter luggage is one that matches your standards, and from smooth spinner wheels to the sparkling shell, it is a lifetime traveling companion for all passionate travelers.

What’s more? You’ll get a free luggage tag and a suitcase cover protector. So, hurry up and order your Level 8 Glitter Luggage now.

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  1. Wow this seems like luggage made for a trip to heaven (and probably back, fingers crossed)! Puns aside, I liked some of features of this luggage like TSA approved locks and quite wheels. Wondering about the colors through. While this rose pink shade looks classy, it could also show more dirt. What are some of the shades they are selling this?

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