A view from the top of a food plate served on a table. A view from the top of a food plate served on a table.

Boozy Tower Brunch in Washington DC Every Saturday!

Washington DC is welcoming every food lover to enjoy the delicacies served by Boozy Tower Brunch at Jesiree’s Chop House & Lounge. 

The brunch has been specially organized on weekends and that is on every Saturday and you can enjoy the food as well as beverages around the set time between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

So, book your slot so you can click here, Feverup

You can enjoy your weekend at Jesiree’s Chop House & Lounge after working hard during the week.

It is the best place to enjoy your tower brunch as delicious food and beverages are served here and the best place to get away to relax. 

Jesiree’s Chop House & Lounge is the best lounge where a fusion of West African cuisines is served. It sells the best extraordinarily crafted steaks as the meat used to cook is fresh and juicy.

Zero compromises on taste, quality, and hygiene. Freshness and hygiene is the goal and customers love the hospitality of the staff. 

 Therefore, if you want to relax your Saturday with good food then Jesiree’s Chop House & Lounge is the one for you. 

1. About Boozy Tower Brunch

1.1. The Highlights

Jesiree’s Chop House & Lounge serves fresh and quality food to its customers.

It has specially organized the boozy tower brunch on Saturdays that starts from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm for the selective customers who love to enjoy the fusion taste of West African cuisine and streaks that are uniquely crafted with special ingredients. 

A close-up of glasses, plates, and tissues is kept on the brunch table. A view for a Boozy Tower Brunch in Washington DC.
Boozy Tower Brunch/ Source Fever

Not only food, but you can also enjoy personal pitchers of Sangria and Mimosas that are available in 4 variant flavors on Saturdays.

Anyone above 21+ with a valid ID can get a seat as general admission is only limited to 1 person at a time. 

You can not miss out to enjoy the fresh food here. The hospitality service of the lounge is an unforgettable experience. So, grab the chance of booking the tickets.

You can even review the menu online. It’s a great choice for early access.  

1.2. The Venue

The venue for your mouth-watering experience is Jesiree’s Chop House & Lounge. The people of Washington DC are always welcome to join the lounge. 

The best part of the facility is that the boozy tower brunch service is specially set at weekends. You can reserve the table for the same as per your concern. 

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1.3. The Tickets 

The tickets for the reservation for the boozy tower brunch are very simple. You can book your slot with Feverup

The cost for the tickets has been kept minimal at $50.00 to enjoy the unlimited food and beverages and the general admission is limited to 1 person at a time. 

The scheme is available every Saturday for various months.

Therefore, there’s no rush. But, remember to book your tickets on time since the seats are limited and offered to first-cum-first-preferance. 

2. The Main Details That You Need to Remember before Booking the Boozy Tower Brunch

  • What – Boozy Tower Brunch
  • When – On every Saturday.
  • Where – The venue is Jesiree’s Chop House & Lounge in Washington DC.
  • Time – The timings for the brunch are between 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. 
  • Tickets – Get your tickets from Feverup

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