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10 Most Wonderful Fairs in New York State for You to Visit!

A trip to the USA is not complete without fun, food, and festivities. And to have the best time there, you have to visit the wonderful fairs in New York State.

Fairs, carnivals, and festivals bring joy like nothing else. What can be better than spending hours filled with food, rides, games, and shopping? And the fairs in New York State are no exception.

But do you know the most fun and unique places in the State where you will enjoy a trip like no other? If not, no worries – with this guide, you can now discover all the best and most incredible fairs in New York State that will make your trip here memorable.

1. 10 Most Wonderful Fairs in New York State for You to Visit!

The Empire State is known and loved worldwide for its iconic landmarks, colorful concerts, amazing Broadway Musicals, spectacular azure skyline, and sleepless nights filled with neon lights. The State, especially New York City, is on the bucket list of every traveler, artist, or dreamer.

It is a place for dreams, art, colors, fun, music, and creativity. Can you think of anything more perfect that represents all that is better than carnivals, festivals, or fairs? The NY State has numerous such fairs you can visit all year round. While such gatherings are seen more during summer, especially in August, the place is always alive with the sounds of music and vibrant with the lights and colors of festivities.

And here, you can find the most lively, vibrant, and exciting fairs in New York State that you can visit and enjoy.

New York
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1.1) New York State Fair

You cannot enter the colorful land of fairs in New York State without visiting the classic and iconic Great New York State Fair. The New York State Fair is a thirteen-day extravaganza of agriculture, festivity, education, science, and arts.

With thrilling midway rides, concession stands filled with goodies, brilliant exhibitions, and vibrant concerts – it is no surprise that the New York State Fair is considered the biggest annual event in the State.

The magic started in Syracuse in 1841 and became part of NY state’s culture in 1890.

The New York State Fair is considered the oldest and one of the largest state fairs in the USA, with more than one million visitors and tourists yearly.

Among the most popular entertainment at the fair are the Chevy Court concerts and the Midway rides. To visit this fantastic event, visit New York State in August and before Labor Day. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life.

1.2) Saratoga County Fair

One of the oldest fairs in the State, the Saratoga County Fair, managed by the Saratoga County Agricultural Society (SCAS), goes on for six days and nights during July.

Fair Food
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A part of the USA heritage and culture since 1841, this family-friendly event on Saratoga County Fairgrounds is fun and educational. With a huge amusement midway, a wide assortment of exhibits, midway games, hundreds of food vendors with every kind of stall, and every variety of captivating entertainment that you can think of and more, the Saratoga County Fair will never let you experience a single dull moment.

1.3) Erie County Fair

In Hamburg during August, the Erie County Fair is the second biggest county fair in the State.

A place with a wide range and variety of entertainment options, the Erie County Fair comes with music, shopping, animals, displays, food, rides, races, and even camping!

There are also special events for Children( Kids Day) and senior citizens (Senior Fest), and no one in the family will feel left out in this remarkable place of fun and merriment.

1.4) Altamont Fair

The Altamont Fairground represents not one but three wonderful county fairs in the name of Albany, Greene, and Schenectady.

A place for fun and academic events, the fairground is home to year-round festivities and carnivals.

The Altamont Fair, which takes place in August, stars a combination of old and modern traditions and a collection of shows, exhibits, and glamours. Among the most popular highlights of this fair, you will find remarkable midway rides, farm animal shows, and live music.

Live Music
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1.5) Steuben County Fair

Another old and culturally significant event of the country, the Steuben County Fair is one of New York state’s most known and loved fairs.

Held in mid-August, this fair has various unique events such as the Monster Truck Show, Demolition Derby, and Animal and Trade Shows. Children will surely be delighted to meet Oscar the Robot, not to mention spend some time at the Party Animals Petting Zoo.

While some might find the Steuben County Fair a bit expensive, most visitors agree it is worth enjoying all the fun and lovely events.

1.6) Queens County Fair

The ground where the Queens County Farm Museum stands has been cultivated since 1697, which has made it an ideal spot for traditional contests like pie eating and corn husking.

Such games, contests, carnival food, exciting games, and hayrides can always be found at the Annual Queens County Fair.

Apart from fun games and rides, there are live tunes, musical theater, sack races, farmhouse trips, recreational exhibits in harvest, arts and crafts, and much more, with all the competitors striving to win a blue ribbon prize.

Regional food and drink sellers are also present to satisfy all your carnival cravings. Furthermore, there will be the most traditional and distinguished attraction of the only corn maze of New Citythe Amazing Maize Maze.

First, the home to New York World’s Fair, Queens is now the proud host of this great county fair.

New York World's Fair
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1.7) Hemlock Little World’s Fair

With exciting midway rides, a delightful petting zoo, endless shops, and food stalls, Hemlock Little World’s Fair is undoubtedly one of the loveliest and most family-friendly fairs in New York State.

Along with all the basics of carnivals, you will also find fantastic live music from excellent bands, derby races, monster trucks, talent shows, and much more.

1.8) New York City Wine and Food Festival

Food and drinks are the two most essential parts of any event or festivities, and the New York City Wine & Food Festival doesn’t disappoint.

The charm and allure of NY are at their peak at the celebrity-filled fair of wine and food.

With celebrity chefs, television personalities, big-name entertainers, and famous artists, the festival is no less than any Hollywood Red Carpet event. You will see many cocktail parties, Drag brunches, and cooking events. The most anticipated highlight is the traditional walk-around tasting spectacle, the Blue Moon Burger Bash.

Food and Wine
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So when you are exploring the most amazing fairs in New York State, the New York City Wine & Food Festival, with its star galore, mouthwatering, flavorful delicacies, entertaining cooking events, unforgettable dinners, and overall charm, is undoubtedly among the places in the world that you have to visit and experience.

1.9) National Buffalo Wing Festival

If you love wings, this one is the perfect festival for you! Come with a hearty appetite and a passionate craving for attachments to the Annual National Buffalo Wing Festival, and you will be giving your tastebuds the treat of a lifetime.

Here, you will not run out of wings to taste, which popular restaurants will cook and present. Apart from that, plenty of wing-based shows and games will be like wing-eating competitions, wing bobbing, and grabbing branches and blue cheese dressing from a pool without using hands. Maybe you are new and haven’t participated in such games before – but if you are ready to eat and win, this is the place to ‘wing’ it!

And in case you consider yourself somewhat of a good cook, take part in the Amateur Cook-off and take home a big win along with wings.

1.10) Long Island Seafood Festival

Good news for seafood lovers – get ready for a two-day feast of prawns, oysters, lobsters, crabs, fish, and much more at this iconic summer extravaganza.

Taking place near the Long Island Maritime Museum, this fair will bring you all the flavors of the sea with juicy seafood from beloved diners, cafes, and eateries such as the Blue Island Oyster Company and Claws Seafood Market.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay Copyright 2016

If you visit the museum, glimpse the 1888 National Historic Landmark – Oyster Sloop Priscilla, one of the final boats to bring quality oysters into the neighborhood.

Among other festivities are live music, an arts and crafts fair, fun activities like face painting, pirate games for kids, and sand art.

2. FAQs on the Best Fairs in New York State

Still, have queries on how to have the best time with fun and festivities on your USA trip? Well, read on to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the best and most amazing fairs in New York State.

2.1) Which are some of the most wonderful fairs in New York State to visit?

The State of New York is always bursting with colors and buzzing with noise and music. It has some of the most iconic sights and landmarks in the whole world, but the fairs of New York State are no less remarkable.

Among the best and most incredible fairs in New York State, you will find the names of the New York State Fair, Steuben County Fair, Erie County Fair, and Queens County Fair. For the foodies out, you can visit some more special events. This includes the New York City Wine & Food Festival, National Buffalo Wing Festival, and Long Island Seafood Festival.

2.2) What kind of fun things can you do at the fairs in New York State?

You will never run out of fun and exciting things to do at the fairs in New York State. Visiting these carnivals and festivals will ensure your time is filled with delicious food, thrilling rides, entertaining games, lovely shopping, and much more.

Here, you can buy a lovely souvenir or take a little something for your loved ones. There are many fun and thrilling rides and endless varieties of foods to relish. You can enjoy a concert or participate in unique games to win prizes.

2.3) Why should you visit the county fairs in New York State?

Traditional games and contests, live music concerts, mouthwatering dishes, shops filled with trinkets, thrilling rides, and celebrity-filled shows and events – what more could you ask for?

And the county fairs in New York State will give you all these and much more. So if you wish to win some game prizes, participate in talent shows, watch the most spectacular monster trucks and races, sample the tastiest blueberry pies, and sip on the best cold brews, visiting and exploring New York State fairs should undoubtedly be on the very top of your bucket list.

Closing Thoughts: A Day Filled with Food, Fun, and Festivities

Now that you know all about the best and most fun festivals and fairs in New York State, what are you waiting for? A trip to the USA is on everyone’s bucket list, and visiting this colorful carnival should undoubtedly be on your list of things to do in New York State.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay Copyright 2017

So pack your bags and prepare for the trip of a lifetime – because a day at the NY State fairs will gift you some of the happiest memories you will ever make.

With iconic landmarks, enchanting sights, colorful city lights, lively music, delicious food, fantastic shopping trips, and wonderful fairs in New York State, you will have some of the best days of your life.

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