The National Blues Museum in St. Louis, USA. The National Blues Museum in St. Louis, USA.

Museums in St. Louis: Where History and Art Unite

St. Louis is a favorite city among visitors. So, if you plan to visit St. Louis, you must visit the famous museums there. To help you out, this article will cover the famous museums in St. Louis that are worth visiting. 

But before going there, we will give you a little idea of how to get to St. Louis and how to travel around.

1. Travel Tips to Visit St. Louis

To visit Saint Louis, April, May, and September are the best months for visiting. Because in this month the weather is pleasant also crowds are low.

The city experiences long and hot summers and cold winters.  So, to get the best experience in St. Louis, the above-suggested months would be a good call. 

1.1. Getting to St. Louis

International Airport at St. Louis offers direct flights to major U.S. cities. Also, you can take Metrolink lights to the downtown area. Because multiple trains run daily to St. Louis. Amtrak is an excellent option for travelers traveling to the USA via train.

1.2. Getting around St. Louis

Well, traveling around a city can be a lot of fun, if you do it right. The first option for you is to rent a car and drive places. However, it won’t come easy on your pockets.

The second best option is to go for the light rail system of the city. It’s convenient and cost-friendly too.

Now let us see the famous museums in St. Louis to visit. 

2. Famous Museums in St. Louis

2.1. Saint Louis Art Museum

An arch of a general staff building with royal designs.
Photo by Anna Kapustina from Pexels;

Saint Louis Art Museum is of two buildings connected. The front building of the museum opened in 1904 as the Palace of Fine Arts at the World Fair. It is where visitors enter the museum.

Suppose you come with a school group or tour group you might arrive through the group entrance. Also, you will find Grace Taylor Broughton’s Sculpture Garden at the group entrance. 

Here, you will also find the docent. The Docent is the guide who will show you around the museum.

Saint Louis has more than 35,000 artworks. But they all are not displayed at one time. They share stories and styles of making art from all over the world. The oldest artwork here is from 5,000 years ago. And newest artwork was made just a few years ago.

2.1.1. Sculpture Hall 

In the Saint Louis Art Museum, there is one more room. This room is called Sculpture Hall. Because, in the past years it exhibited many sculptures. Now, only a few sculptures are displayed here as the space serves. 

In one of the museum lobbies, people can meet and gather. 

2.1.2. Main Role of the Museum

Preserving and protecting the artwork is the central role of the Saint Louis Museum. So, the artwork lasts for many years and people can continue learning and enjoying it.

Also, to protect and preserve the artwork from our end, we should not touch it during the visit because touching can damage it adversely. 

2.1.3. Why Visit the “St Louis Art Museum”?

When you visit the museum, you are going to enjoy it. Because it’s interesting to talk about the artwork with our friends and family. Here, you are going to explore the different types of art.

But if you ever need directions or have a question during the visit, the visitor’s service and gallery staff of Saint Louis Museum are there to help you. 

2.2 National Museum of Transportations, St. Louis

In the hills of St. Louis, a jewel of the city is present. Jewel is the National Museum of Transportation of St. Louis. This museum adds cultural and civic value to the city. Also, this museum educates, informs, and delights many visitors across the world.

This museum has the best and largest collection of vehicles. Over the years museums have added hundreds of artifacts, expanded their facilities, and added attractions that can attract both young and old.

2.2.1. What to See in the Museum? 

National Museum of Transportation, St. Louis Missouri ???? Train Museum ???? #trains #cars #route66

The museum has a train dating back to before the Civil War, exhibits showcasing transportation, and fascinating history. Interactive playrooms for young engineers are also present here.  

The museum contains a library and a research center. Also, it has historical documents, photos, magazines, manuals, and books related to the history of travel and transportation. Here, you can access the material for your research and academic needs.

The museum houses a rare collection of transportation goods. Because of the museum, everyone can learn about rare transportation systems. Toddlers love the toy train displays. While young ones are amazed by the engineering of vehicles. So, there is something for everyone.

2.2.2. Role of the Museum

The National Museum Of Transportation is a unique type of storytelling experience. Past learning of transportation methods and today’s learning will help us to build better transportation tomorrow.

You can learn a lot here by touching, feeling, and seeing the transportation system. The museum is an educational service and facility for all ages of people. So, from toddlers to senior citizens everyone loves the museum. 

2.2.3. Why Visit “National Museum of Transportation”

Everyone must visit the museum to learn about the history and modern transportation techniques. Here, you will not just gain knowledge, also you are going to enjoy it a lot. So, this museum is the perfect museum to visit with your family and friends. 

2.3 Miniature Museum, St. Louis

Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis | Living St. Louis

Miniature Museum in St. Louis has some of the tiniest larger-than-life objects. You will find colonial furniture, a haunted mansion, a pinball machine, and charcuterie boards here.

The museum has thousands of miniature objects. But quantity does not attract visitors. It is the quality of the miniature object that attracts most of the visitors here.

2.3.1. What Is Special in the Museum?

There are many unique components in the museum. Intricate lighting is a subtle detail that makes a big difference in the quality of the miniature display.

Every item in the museum has custom lighting. This feature makes the museum unique. Because of proper lighting, the miniature objects are visible more clearly and deeply. Also, the museum has classes that demonstrate lighting techniques.

Besides these technical aspects, museums are unique in every single item displayed. These items are donated to the museum. Also, the artists of these miniature objects have created every object by putting minute details in it. 

2.3.2. Why Visit “The Miniature Museum”?

Why You Should Visit The Miniature Museum of Greater St Louis/Tour/Classroom & Store  Sale/S1-E2

It is the best museum to visit with your family. Children will love the museum as they will see the miniature objects as toys. Also, young and senior citizens will love the museums due to the minute detailing in the miniature objects.

It’s interesting to see real-life objects in miniature forms. So, this museum is the perfect museum to visit with family. 

2.4. Missouri History Museum

The Missouri History Museum is a more than 155-year-old museum situated in St. Louis. In the museum the history of the people places and things of St. Louis is present. 

The museum is open all seven days of week.

Missouri History Museum closes St. Louis 1904 World Fair exhibit for renovation

2.4.1. What Is in the Museum?

The museum has various events that are connected to exhibitions or stand-alone events. Also, there are a lot of things for toddlers and children. In the museum artifacts from old times are present. The museum has two permanent galleries called Current and Reflections.

2.4.2. Research Centre 

The museum also has a research center on Skinker Avenue in St. Louis. This research center is open to the public. You can visit the research center six days a week anytime. Here, you can do your research about the area and state. 

2.4.3. Why Visit Missouri History Museum?

Missouri History Museum is the best museum to visit because here you get in touch with the people places and things of St. Louis. There is something for every age group. So, if you are coming to St. Louis you must visit this museum to learn about the history of the city.

2.5. National Blues Museum

In downtown St. Louis there is a special place dedicated to exploring the blues. St. Louis is a blues hotspot in the National Blues Museum. The Museum was created to celebrate itself! 

2.5.1. What Is Blue Music?

 It is the basis of all American and world music today. Because blues music inspired rock, roll, and country music.

Firstly, the story of blues began in the late 1800s. Later, blues migrated throughout the country. So, with the migrated peoples, music influenced the country. 

2.5.2. Inside Museum

When you enter the museum there is a theater showing a short movie that gives the intro to the national blues. Blues music surrounds here all the time. As you walk in you will learn about the origin and history of genre. Also, the museum represents instruments used in playing the blues. 

Another section of the museum represents how blues gave birth to every popular form of music. Also, the museum hosts a rotating collection of exhibits.

2.5.3. Shows in Museum

The museum also puts music live three days of week. Also, a free open jam is held every Thursday night. Ticket shows are there every Friday and Sunday. 

2.5.4. Why Visit the National Blues Museum?

If you want to know about Blue’s history you must visit the museum. Also, if you love music, the museum is the perfect place to visit. There are so many blues around the country but nothing like the National Blues Museum.

Because all the wonderful things you see here are just a step above the other. 

The museum hosts live music and shows. So, by visiting the museum you can make your St. Louis trip more memorable.

2.6. The City Museum

The City Museum was opened in 1997. City Museum is a unique urban playground and architectural marvel. It is located in a former international shoe company building. The museum is a stunning blend of art, adventure, and discovery. Because it is designed by talented artists. 

2.6.1. Why Visit the Museum?

The City Museum is the best place to explore. Because the City Museum is a place where imaginations run wild and explorers of all ages can play and create unforgettable memories. This makes the museum special. 

The museum features over ten thousand tons of salvaged materials, pieces of chimneys, construction, cranes, and even pieces from old bridges and retired school buses. 

2.6.2. Inside Museum

The museum is spread across several floors. Each floor has its unique theme and attractions. From enchanted caves and shoe shafts to monstrosities and rooftop Ferris wheels, there is always something new and exciting to discover. So, the City Museum is one of the most visited tourist destinations in St. Louis.

2.6.3. Monstrosity

Monstocity is one of the most iconic attractions in the city museum. Here enormous playgrounds with interconnected tunnels, slides, and climbing structures are present. This massive space is created by two repurposed airplanes and a fire truck. Here visitors can climb and explore it. 

2.6.4. Enchanted Caves and Shoe Shaft

For those who love to touch the surreal, the enchanted caves and shoe shafts take visitors to underground adventure. It makes its way through the labyrinth of winding tunnels, filled with fantastic sculptures, gems, and a slide. The slide descends into the depths of the museum. 

Caves entrance is from the first floor. It feels like you’re in a cave area. There are holes everywhere. You will see kids crawling in and out of these holes. 

2.6.5. Rooftop

The rooftop is also an awesome part of the museum. Here you will find an amazing Ferris wheel. This wheel offers a stunning view of the city skyline. On the rooftop, you will find a hanging bus and a school. It provides a thrilling experience to the visitors. 

The best thing to do here is to just go with the flow. Because it always feels theirs a tunnel nearby that will take you somewhere else completely. 

2.6.6. Why Visit “City Museum”?

The museum is filled with a lot of fun activities. City Museum is for both adults and children. So, this makes the City Museum the perfect place to visit with family. 

City Museum St. Louis Missouri Full Tour

3. Some Tips to Follow while Visiting the City Museum

The city museum is not just for kids. Here are some tips for adults while visiting the City Museum:

3.1. Dress Comfortably

City Museum is an interactive hands-on experience with lots of climbing, crawling, and sliding. So, wear comfortable clothes.  Also, wear closed-toe shoes to fully enjoy the adventure. 

3.2. Visit During Off-Peak Hours

To avoid large crowds prefer visiting the museum during off-peak hours. Try visiting during weekdays or evenings. The museums are not crowded at the time. So, it allows for a more relaxed exploration. 

3.3. Take Your Time

The City Museum is a massive and ever-changing place. It is filled with hidden treasures and surprises. So, give yourself enough time to explore and appreciate the creativity in every corner of this unique attraction. 

3.4. Don’t Be Afraid to Play

While the City Museum fantastic destination for children, it is also a great place for adults. Embrace the spirit of play and join in on the play. Because you will have a perfect thrilling and amazing experience with you for a lifetime. 

3.5. Plan for Dining

The City Museum has a few dining options onsite. It includes the rooftop cafe. The rooftop cafe gives a stunning view of the St. Louis Skyline.

Alternatively, you can explore nearby restaurants in St Louis for a wider variety. 

3. About Museums in St. Louis at Glance

Saint Louis Art Museum is the ultimate destination for art lovers. Because here you can enjoy watching the beauty of the artwork created by the artists. 

The National Museum of Transportation is a place where you can learn about the methods of transportation. Also, you can enjoy the rides of some vehicles here. 

The Miniature Museum is a place where you can see real-life objects in miniature forms. 

At Missouris History Museum you can learn about history and can get into the research center to do your research. 

For Music lovers, the National Blues Museum is heaven. Because, here you can take a deep dive into the music by attending shows here. 

The City Museum is also a great place to visit with your family.

4. Conclusion

Top 8 House Museums in St. Louis Missouri!

Above, we discussed the famous museums in St. Louis. The museums serve as an important part of St. Louis City. So, whenever you visit St. Louis City don’t forget to take a trip to all the museums of St. Louis.

Because many museums are there that you can visit free of cost, the St. Louis Art Museum is one of the most visited museums. Many are paid but cheap. So, visiting the museum with your family and friends will be an excellent option for the holidays. 

If you loved the article and found it helpful, don’t forget to share it. Also, if you have visited any museum before, write your experience in the comments. 



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