A plate of nachos with glasses of wine at the top of Flagler Beach Restaurants A plate of nachos with glasses of wine at the top of Flagler Beach Restaurants

Top 8 Flagler Beach Restaurants Worth Exploring

Flagler Beach is a city in the state of Florida. This place is known for its retro vibe and cool lifestyle. Flagler Beach is also considered the top destination for retirees. The art, culture, history, and cuisine accentuate Flagler Beach’s glory—the sun-soaked beaches and coastal shorelines lure travelers. This article will help you plan your cuisine guide for the top Flagler Beach restaurants to explore. 

1. The List of Top 8 Flagler Beach Restaurants 

1.1 The Golden Lion Cafe 

Lobster dish served at a restaurant table.
By Katie Musial / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

The Golden Lion Cafe is located on the Ocean Shore Blvd. This place offers a blend of American and British culinary tastes. The Golden Lion Cafe is the Flagler’s most awarded restaurant and bar since 1992. This restaurant lets you dine in with miles-long breathtaking ocean views and sweeping sounds from the waves.

The Golden Lion Cafe offers outdoor seating, rooftop dining, a tiki bar, an ocean bar, a raw bar, and a gift shop. This place is a one-stop destination for all your epicurean requirements. The restaurant hosts local artists to fill the ambiance with live music. There are also monthly full-moon parties with a sandy dance floor. The service and staff reception of The Golden Lion Cafe is well appreciated. 

The coconut shrimp, fish and chips, lobster rolls, seafood towers, and tacos stand out as the most tried dishes at the Golden Lion Cafe. If you’re looking to have a wholesome dining experience with breathtaking views, then this restaurant is a must for you to try out among the top Flagler Beach restaurants. 

1.2 Turtle Shack Cafe 

A person hand holding an Egg Burger
By S O C I A L . C U T / Unsplash Copyrights 2021

Turtle Shack Cafe is a place on Ocean Shore Blvd to taste the local cuisine with American seafood and a breezy bar. The restaurant appears to be a small beachy shack but, the flavors turn out to be one of the best in Flagler Beach restaurants. 

The architecture of Turtle Shack Cafe deceives a lot of visitors. However, their food and service are esteemed. The menu holds a variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options as well. The restaurant offers a wide selection of beer and wine. Seafood paired with beer and the sounds from the shores attract many visitors to Turtle Shack Cafe. 

Turtle Shack Cafe has a raw shack atmosphere with relaxed vibes. Avocado egg rolls, skip burgers, Maryland crab soup, and clam chowder are the most popular cuisines from this restaurant. Turtle Shack Cafe is your place if you want to experience great seafood in a raw shack. 

1.3 Break Awayz 

A top view of Mexican tacos
By Jeswin Thomas / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Established in 2013, Break Awayz is owned by two brothers with one aim to serve their customers with good beer, great food, and a lighthearted atmosphere for diversities. This place is also located on the Ocean Shore Blvd. 

Break Awayz is renowned for its extensive crafty cocktail selection. Live music and games on an ocean deck add to the fun vibe of this place. The ambience is beachside perfect with appreciable service. The cuisine ranges from American to local seafood with a fusion of pub. Break Awayz serves vegan and gluten-free options on their menu as well.

Baja taco, chicken satay, ahi poke bowl, calamari, and conch fritters are the chef’s specialty at Break Awayz. Crafted beer on a relaxed patio with ocean views sums up the ambiance of Break Awayz. This restaurant is a perfect fit for those looking to sip beer in a relaxed laid-back environment with local cuisines. 

1.4 Flagler Fish Company 

Some grilled fish served on a white plate.
By Alex Teixeira / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Flagler Fish Company is located at Daytona Ave. This restaurant is famous for serving an assorted range of seafood dishes. Flagler Fish Company is a combination of a restaurant and a retail market. 

Flagler Fish Company has a sophisticated variety of dishes for its customers. The staff is friendly and most of the visitors take up the staff-suggested cuisine. The restaurant uses fine seasonal ingredients locally sourced. There is also a full liquor bar with different types of wines including local and premium choices. The restaurant is packed in a cool and small environment. Flagler Fish Company has an affordable menu for visitors. Customers can pick raw fresh fish in the retail market of Flagler Fish Company as well. 

Lobster bisque, fish tacos, red snapper, redfish chowder, and grilled local grouper are the delicious most tried menu options at the Flagler Fish Company. If you want to taste a vast range of local fish, then Flagler Fish Company is your place among the Flagler Beach restaurants. 

1.5 The Waffle Cone 

Some waffle con ice creams on a white background.
By Courtney Cook / Unsplash Copyrights 2021

The Waffle Cone is a traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt place at South 4th Street. Across a wide spectrum of seafood on the shoreline, this place serves the best desserts and is a must-visit. 

The Waffle Cone refers to itself as a small ice cream shop across the beach serving all rich flavors of ice cream and milkshakes. This place hosts a kid-friendly atmosphere and offers fun activities for the little ones. The Waffle Cone has a nostalgic vibe and is the place you need to check out on your long beach walks. This place is generally busy but serves the customers quickly. The Waffle Cone offers an extensive assortment of desserts and serves richness and quality in every bite.

Most visitors find this place soothing and pleasant. The Waffle Cone can make your day delightful with its amazing flavors. If you’re looking to taste ice cream flavors with some snacks and waffles, then The Waffle Cone is the best place to try among Flagler Beach restaurants. 

1.6 Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop 

A sandwich with spinach and cherry tomatoes.
By Raphael Nogueira / Unsplash Copyrights 2017

Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop is an affordable place to eat amazing sandwiches at Ocean Shore Blvd. Located across the road from the beach, a lot of travelers consider this place to have a chill experience. 

Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop expresses the vibe of a typical dive from old times. The outside seating hosts picnic tables with floral covers. This restaurant is known for serving mouth-watering delish sandwiches. Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop has tried to craft a fusion of the local aquatic cuisine with traditional sandwiches. A friendly service from the staff captivates the customers for another visit to Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop. 

The beach bum, chicken sambooka, waffle breakfast, and chicken waffles are the most popular dishes of this restaurant. Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop is a nice place to have breakfast and lunch in the top Flagler Beach restaurants. 

1.7 Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill 

Close-up of grilled chicken on the grill.
By Daniel Hooper / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill is an ocean of flavor located on Ocean Shore Blvd. This restaurant is famous amongst the locals for its exceptional tastes in local cuisine, American, Greek, and seafood. The place serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a full liquor bar with an ocean over deck. 

Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill serves homestyle food to its visitors. The customers can choose between a variety of amazing pizzas. This restaurant serves an all-American lunch to most of the explorers. Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill provides a vibrant energy and fills it into the atmosphere. Great staff reception and customer satisfaction are prioritized at this restaurant. Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill is one of the busiest restaurants and bars in the town. 

Greek salad, coconut shrimp, blackened fish sandwich, mahi mahi, risotto cake, and grilled chicken are the signature tastes of this restaurant. This restaurant emits the raw vibe of an oceanside eatery. Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill is one of the best places to have amazing food in Flagler Beach restaurants.  

1.8 The Net by George 

A plate filled with seafood; flagler beach restaurants
By Max Mota / Unsplash Copyrights 2020

The Net by George is another local cuisine and seafood serving restaurant located on Ocean Shore Blvd. This place is known for its blend of local menu with vegetarian and vegan options. 

The Net By George has evolved as a local spot for friends and visitors to enjoy. The quality flavors of this place at an affordable price range attract a lot of tourists. The restaurant has a calm vibe. Most of the other seafood-serving Flagler Beach restaurants are filled with high-energy customers vibing to the ambiance and delighting in breezy beer. The Net By George on the other hand, is a quiet place. 

Fried Haddock, whole belly clams, crab stuffed flounder and Italian red snapper are the specialty of The Net By George. If you’re looking to have a quiet culinary experience with great service then you should check out The Net By George. 

2. Conclusion 

Flagler Beach is one of the most attractive tourist places in the state of Florida. The quest for breakfast, lunch, or dinner usually ends at the Flagler Beach restaurants housed at Ocean Shore Blvd. The primary cuisine served at most of the restaurants in Flagler Beach is a culinary haven of seafood. 

The ocean shores and aquatic cuisines captivate the tourists. Other than the above-mentioned Flagler Beach restaurants, a traveler can explore several underrated amazing food places as well. 

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