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Flattop Mountain Alaska: 3 Exciting Trails

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Flattop Mountain Alaska, is a trendy destination among tourists. It is situated in Chugach State Park. If you want to see the beauty of Anchorage and nearby locations from a higher elevation, visiting this mountain will benefit you.

This amazing destination is in the city and thus, you can get easy access. This is a good place to hang out with your family and friends. You can explore the mountain range and know more about it.

Another interesting fact is that anyone can follow this mountain trail. So, you don’t have to worry about going there. The magical sunsets and the scenery will fill your heart to the brim. While you progress hiking, the difficulty also rises. You can stop at any place that’s convenient for you.

Reaching the summit is challenging, but you can get to an average altitude without much difficulty. There are many trails, so you can choose between them and have a good time. Get amazing photographs with a panoramic background. The final view from the top is enough to challenge yourself into doing this hike.

It is open year-round. Plan your trip up to your convenience. If you are taking your family, it is best to visit the place in June.

Flattop Mountain Alaska

It is a 989-meter mountain that is highly accessible. Many adventurous activities can be done here. Thus, this is a famous location for hiking, paragliding, and many other amusing activities.

This travel destination can be reached by taking a 1.5-mile trail. Since this is just near Anchorage, Alaska, it is a frequently visited spot. Also, the view of Anchorage from the top makes the hike worth taking.

Flattop Mountain Alaska
Flattop Mountain Alaska

It is the best travel destination for a day hike. Flattop mountain Alaska trail is steep and has many rocky areas. But many loop trails are beginner-friendly.

People with physical limitations can also be a part of this trail. This is an absolute must-visit destination for sightseeing tours. A wheelchair facility is provided, which gives good views of the mountain. You can see the city and the wilderness of the mountain merging.

Learn more about Flattop Mountain Alaska.

Flattop Mountain Trail

Flattop mountain trail is about 3 miles long and has an elevation gain of 1,500 feet. You can see lots of wildflowers on your way. Bird watching and nature viewing can be done here.

You can take your dogs too for this hike. But remember to put on the leash. The trail provides incredible views, which is cherished by the tourists.

Hike flattop mountain Alaska to see the vividness of nature. There are many points in this hike. This hike requires about 40 -60 minutes.

Flattop Mountain Alaska
Flattop mountain trail

The most popular route is the one that starts from the Glen Alps parking space and progresses to the blueberry loop. This trail gets difficult at the top. Certain areas of the trail are so hazardous. Taking an alternative trail is better if you are an inexperienced mountain traveler.

Adequate clothing is needed as the climate can be harsh with strong winds. Wear good footwear. Take drinking water. There are no such facilities on the trail.

Take your trekking poles and an ice ax if you are hiking the mountain during winter. Having a hiking partner is also a good idea.

1) Anchorage Overlook Trail

This is an easy trail point wherein you can get amazing views along with a cooking inlet. It has sitting spaces.

Anchorage overlook trail
Anchorage overlook trail

Watching sunsets from here is a popular activity among the visitors. Although the place is prone to winds, it is accessible even by a wheelchair.

This is a short hike that can be taken by everyone in a family to see Anchorage and other locations.

2) Ballpark Under O’Malley Road

O'Malley peak
O’Malley peak

You can access it from many trails. Begin at the Glen Alps parking space and then progress in the trail towards Williwaw lake. This is an ideal location for hiking, running, or skiing.

3) Blueberry Loop

Blueberry loop
Blueberry loop

A popular hiking trail in Alaska is highly visited. It is advisable not to go there during winter as it is highly hazardous due to strong snow.

Flora and Fauna

The Flattop mountain Alaska is filled with so many beautiful wildflowers and wild animals. You may get to see them. This place amuses its visitors with its vegetation.

The varieties of flowers and the colors of each of them add to the beauty of the mountain. Remember, you shouldn’t touch or smell all the flowers there as you might get allergic reactions.

Flattop Mountain Alaska
Wildflowers in Flattop Mountain Alaska

Many of the tourists get to see some animals like moose. Not many animals can be seen during the hike. So the hike is safe as you don’t have to expect a wild animal attack.

This is a good location for meditation, too, as the greenery and the ambiance together make a great setting for it. You can pick blueberries here, and there is plenty of them in the mountain region. Explore the variety of plant species found there.

If you are interested in seeing more wildflowers, this is a good place. You may even view flowers that you haven’t seen before.


You can reach Flattop mountain Alaska, within half an hour if you are in downtown Anchorage. The Glen Alps trailhead is in Chugach State Park.

You can drive South on Seward highway to reach O’Malley road. Take an eastward direction, and before the road ends, take a right to Hillside drive. It’s the left of Upper Huffman and right on Toilsome.

After a 2 mile long ride, you will reach the Glen Alps parking lot. A payment of 5 dollars is to be made there.

There are two parking lots. Don’t park near the road as you will get fine. If you are not using the parking lot, park your vehicle half a mile down the road where there are no parking restrictions.

The trail on the Flattop mountain Alaska is usually busy with many people. There are a lot of side trails but taking the main trail is good. You can see areas for sitting, and benches are also provided. The last phase of the trail is difficult comparatively. Rock scrambling is required.

More than that, you have to be aware of the other travelers above you. There is a chance of rocks dislodge. Avoid dangers by being alert. The falling of rocks can cause great fatalities.

There are directions in the rock, which you can see while you hike. You can see some wind shelters at the summit. There is a flag at the top. You can see the city, and if it is not so foggy, places like Denali is also visible.


Flattop Mountain Alaska
Flattop Mountain Alaska

The Flattop mountain Alaska region has mostly a windy ambiance. You can expect strong snowfall during winters. Therefore, you should check out the weather conditions before heading out for the hike.

It is advisable not to hike when it is raining. The weather conditions may get intense, and you may not manage when it is super windy. Always bring your rain jacket and definitely not an umbrella, as the wind can blow up your umbrella. With the gain of altitude, the strength of the wind also gets high.

Cover yourself in protective clothing and wear appropriate shoes to adapt to such a weather condition.

Find out the weather details.

Nearby Locations

1) Chugach State Park

This is the third-largest state park in the USA. The best destination for outdoor activities. There are many trailheads and several access points.

The visitors appreciate the variance of the landscape. Hiking, kayaking, fishing, and many more activities are offered here. Many different species are also found here. You can see glaciers and mountains, along with which you can engage yourself in many adventure activities.

Nine environments are ranging from tundra, rivers, and lakes. Brown bears and moose are commonly found animals.

2) Ptarmigan Peak

This is also near Anchorage, Alaska. It is a steep mountain. This is not a very popular hiking spot. The hike is pretty rough, and ski mountaineering is possible during winter.

3) O’Malley Peak

This is a place with cold and snowy winters. It is near Anchorage, Alaska. You can access this mountain by Powerline trail.

This is a moderately difficult hike. It also starts from the Glen Alps area.


Since it is a highly climbed mountain, it is good to pay your visits during normal days rather than holidays. You can avoid the crowd and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

The panoramic views from such a great altitude are breathtaking. You can witness beautiful sunsets and can truly enjoy the scenic beauty.

This is a mandatory destination if you are anywhere near Anchorage. This hike through the Flattop mountain Alaska will never disappoint you. The mountain presents you with great views throughout the hike. Therefore, you won’t even get a subtle nuance of boredom.

Explore the Flattop mountain Alaska to find peace and happiness. Discover the different gifts of nature and give yourself a little vacation. A great destination to fill in your hearts with adventures, amusing memories, and terrific views, visit this mountain and have a joyous time.

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