A view in the French Regional Park. A view in the French Regional Park.

Rediscover Serenity: 5 Treasures of French Regional Park

The French Regional Park would be the best choice if you are an avid traveler and want to explore new places. You can find this regional park in Medicine Lake in Plymouth, and people from all over the world visit this place to enjoy its serenity and the activities it offers

1. Awesome Things to Do in French Regional Park

There are many activities in French Regional Park that you can indulge in. For instance, you can go boating, canoeing, picking, and swimming.

Besides these options, hikers can even explore the trails which cover several miles. This place is even popular for kid’s play areas, which even adds a new playground where kids love playing. 

French Regional Park - Plymouth, MN - Visit a Playground - Landscape Structures

In this article, we will see the different things you can do in this park and how you can enjoy your time leisurely. So, keep reading till the end to get some invaluable tips for exploring French Regional Park. 

1.1. Boating

If you are fascinated by water, boating in this urban park on the north shore might be the most appropriate thing for you.

It has over 886 acres of land covered with water, where you can leisurely enjoy water activities.

French regional park boating area
Image by Melissamn / Shutterstock. Copyright 2020

The park offers both daily and annual passes. Get yourself a suitable pass to enjoy the activities in these waters. You can rent activities for paddleboats, rowboats, and kayaking & canoeing

1.2. Hiking

Perhaps a short hike would be one of the most exciting things to do in French Regional Park. Here, you will get Spring, Summer, and Fall Hiking areas, covering 10.4 miles and 2.7 miles of hiking trails with Medicine Lake, respectively. 

Select your hiking option, and you can even run or walk on these trails. They are all attached to Medicine Lake, so you will not have any problem with these trials. 

French Regional Park footbridge in hiking area
Image by Melissamn /Shutterstock. Copyright 2020

While following the Winter Hiking trail, you will get connected to Fishake Regional Park, which will give you access to a different area. The French Visitor Center, which you can access from these lighted trails, gives you a different type of adventure to experience. 

However, if you are taking the Fall Hiking Trails, it would be best to learn that the lights of this area are on until 9 PM, and soon after that, the area is covered by thick snowfall. This is the only problem in these hiking areas.

1.3. Try Picnicking

If you are with your family here, then picnicking would be on your mind. Well, if you are thinking about if the park has picnic areas or not, then you should know that they offer a first-served spot basis system. 

Though it provides picnic tables and grills to everyone, you will have a wonderful chance to sit and relax with your family near the lake. This spot is also very close to the visitor center and is reserved only for groups. 

Besides, the park’s Visitor Center offers public seating areas and restrooms. So, try booking your seats beforehand to get all the benefits of this regional park. 

1.4. Go Snowshoeing

Everyone has at least once dreamt of snowshoeing. If you are also among them, fulfill your dream in French Regional Park. It offers two different areas of 0.9 miles and 30 acres of snowshoeing land area. 

It would be best if you did not let go of this chance to fulfill your dream. Try and check out this fantastic place. However, the 30 acres of land area can be a bit of trouble for you. This land area is ungroomed and especially recommended for experts or people who know how to snowshoe

Two people snowshoeing in french regional park.
Image by Kesu01/DepositPhotos. Copyright 2018

Besides the risks and challenges associated with it, the rewards are far greater. This 30 acres of land, also known as the Natural Exploration Area, covers a pond and even has valleys to traverse. 

On the other hand, you have Lagoon Trail an excellent path that is well-groomed for skiing and snowshoeing.

Though cross-country skiing is not allowed in the Natural Exploration Area, you can experience cross-country skiing on this trail. This area remains lighted till 10 PM, and the best part about it is it covers areas across the wood and far gentle hills. 

1.5. GeoCaching

Have you heard about geocaching? It is an outdoor exploration, treasure hunt type of adventure you can experience between the woods of French Regional Park. In this activity, you must find an item called a cache hidden in French Regional Park. 

What is Geocaching?

However, you need not worry about trouble pinpointing its location. It will be loaded on a device with a GPS turned on. You can follow the device readings and search for the item/cache. 

This gives you an experience of adventure, and the crucial thing is that you respect the environment through this. If you are here, geocaching is a must-try activity. 

2. Tips to Follow

  • The park is also perfect for birthday parties, weddings, meetings, and dates. They offer both indoor and outdoor stays, which is perfect irrespective of your agenda. 
  • The park remains open all day year-round from 5 am to 10 pm. You can visit the park’s official website to find the registration links and other details about its recent activities. 
  • More than 45 groups can accommodate this park. If required, it can manage a few more groups as well. 

3. Final Note

These are the most famous activities anyone enjoys, regardless of the place. For instance, you even get a swimming beach, a creative play area, a climbing area, and sledding. If you are going to French Regional Park then you must try these activities, and let us know about your experience in the comments section.

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