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From This Day Forward: Meaningful Ways to Honor Your Anniversary

If you’ve been with your honey for a minute or two, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. One reason is that you probably have an anniversary to mark the occasion every year. If you want to be sure to show your love that you still are all in ever since you said, “I do,” here are a few ways to honor your anniversary:

Start the day with something sweet

If you want to be sure to start the day making a statement that “YOU REMEMBERED YOUR ANNIVERSARY!” think about getting a sweet delivery sent to their door. Whether you know they’d love some anniversary cookies, or you think that they’d adore some chocolate-covered strawberries, start the day with a sweet card and a treat that you’ll know that they love.


This doesn’t have to be the big statement gesture of your anniversary, but just something to get the day started. You know them well, so choose the kind of snack or gesture that you know will make them smile when they get up in the morning. Whether you live together or not, a sweet morning gift can do a lot to get your anniversary started on the right foot.


Plan a trip

If you’ve both been really busy with work and you’ve found it challenging to find time together, why not consider booking a trip together? If you have points for miles, consider using them to book a little getaway to somewhere exotic. If you don’t have the budget for flights and long-distance travel, consider looking into local getaways near your cities.


You’d be amazed at the hidden gems that you can find with a little research. Rent a car and go visit local cabins in the woods if what you’re looking for is something romantic where it’s just you and your baby. If you’ve been married for a while but never got your honeymoon, think about booking a once-in-a-lifetime trip for you to finally celebrate.


Book them a spa visit

Who doesn’t love a day of being pampered? If your sweetheart has been working hard and could use some time for relaxation, book a spa visit for them. This can help them to destress and even help relieve some tension. All of this can be beneficial for your relationship and help you go into your evening celebrating a little more relaxed. What about a couple’s massage? Why not?

Do something creative for your honey

If you have some hidden skill like songwriting or art, why not use that talent to do something sweet and personal for your partner? It can be an amazing feeling to receive something that someone created especially for you. A song, a painting, a poem—whatever you feel confident creating for your significant other, know that it can be one of the most impressive things that you can do for them and shows a lot of love and care.

Try a new activity

When you’re looking for something to do to celebrate your anniversary, consider how fun and bonding it can be to try something new together. Whether you and your sweetheart rent some mountain bikes together to get outside or you try rock climbing at your local gym, doing a new activity together can be a great way to bring you back to the days when you were getting to know each other. If you’ve been talking about things that could interest you, why not give that activity a try on your special day?

In Conclusion

Celebrating love every year is one of the best things that a couple can do. While anniversaries may seem cliché, the best relationships know that they’re worth celebrating, so start planning ahead to make sure your love knows that you still love them just as much as ever and you’re happy to have something to celebrate.

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  1. Yes, hard agree one should definitely make sure to celebrate anniversary to their best and express love with their partners and remind them that love has not lessen. Make sure to be innovative and give lots of beautiful surprises to make your big special and memorable by trying out the above ideas.

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