A top view of a sushi platter on a black plate. A top view of a sushi platter on a black plate.

Dive into Sushi Creation in Lively Orange County, L.A.

Make Your Own Sushi at Everywhere Beer, Orange County in Los Angeles on various dates including 16 July and 27th August from 5 pm.

If you are someone who loves to make and eat sushi rolls then this is the perfect event for you.

This event is organized in Los Angeles and here you will learn to make the most perfect and tastiest sushi rolls in the world. 

1. About the Workshop

This event cum workshop is named “Make Your Own Sushi”.

As the name suggests, you will learn to make sushi from a professional chef and you will have a very enlightening experience here. 

A close-up of a person making sushi with salmon. Get Ready to Make Your Own Sushi at Orange County in L.A.
Courtesy: Fever

You will learn to make three types of sushi rolls which include California Rolls, Spicy Tuna, and the chef’s “catch of the day” and the best part is you will not be required to bring anything required in the process. 

All you have to do is buy the ticket and all the necessary cooking equipment and raw materials will be already present at the venue.

Even if you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to visit the workshop because the event accepts all levels of expertise.

Lastly, refreshing beverages will also be available at the workshop.

2. Get to Make Your Sushi Rolls

You will be taught every step of sushi making. From selecting the correct type of rice to the selection of the most suitable type of fish and ingredients, you will learn everything here. 

Then you will be taught how to assemble all the materials. 

After that, you will be taught how to softly and delicately make a perfect sushi roll. Additionally, the professional chef will also tell you the mistake that you can avoid while making a sushi roll.

Not only you will learn how to make mouth-watering sushi but you will be allowed to enjoy your creations at the end of this workshop. 

Buy any of your favorite drinks available at the venue and enjoy your handmade sushi with the drink. However, you must be aware that drinks will not be added to your tickets. 

3. Details about the Workshop

This workshop will be held on two days, the first on 16th July and the second one on 27th August 2023, and attending this workshop can be one of the best ways to spend your Sundays.

The event will start at 5 pm on both days and the venue of this amazing event is Everywhere Beer, Orange, CA. You must get here at the time of your workshop.

You must also know that there is an age requirement for attending this workshop and the guests must be twenty-one or more years of age with valid identification proof. 

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4. Tickets

The price of a single ticket for the Sushi making workshop in Los Angeles is $69 and can be easily purchased from the Fever website or application.

5. Get Your Tickets for the Culinary Workshop Now

  • What: Make Your Own Sushi.
  • When: Various dates and times are available.
  • Time: Check time while buying tickets.
  • Where: The venue for this fun event is Everywhere Beer, Orange, CA.
  • Tickets: Purchase from Fever.

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