Hemingway House: 3 Incredible Facts You Should Know

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hemingway house

If you don’t know about Hemingway’s house, then you are not alone. There are many more who do not know about it.

Although you would be familiar with Ernest Hemingway’s name but don’t familiar with the Hemingway house, don’t worry.

Here you would get to know 3 incredible facts about Hemingway’s house that might interest you and let you go there and visit the place.


Hemingway House: 3 Incredible Facts You Should Know


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Hemingway’s House is the name of the residence of world-famous writer Ernest Hemingway. He was one of the finest writers in the world who has touched every emotional aspect of human life.

And here we would discuss him, his life, and his house, which is now a visiting place for Hemingway’s fans.


1.      What Is Hemingway House

As the name suggests, it is a house named Ernest Hemingway’s residence and his wife, Pauline Pfeiffer.

He was talking about Hemingway, who was a Nobel Prize winner in the field of literature. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois, near Chicago. He has traveled from one place to another and lived an adventurous life.

If we see his life, then we found it full of twists and turns. First, he was a reporter for The Kansas City Star. Then he becomes an ambulance driver during World War I. He becomes a field journalist.

During his journalism phase of life, he covered Normandy landings and the liberation of Paris. And finally, he settled as a writer. His writing is full of all these experiences which he gained from all these incidents.

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Hence, we get the vivid color of Heroism in his works, inspired by these characters he played in real life. This Key West home has witnessed his best work.

As his professional life saw different colors, so was his personal life. He married four times, and one of his wives with whom he resided in the Hemingway house was Pauline Pfeiffer.

The Hemingway house is situated on the island of Key West, part of the Florida Keys, one of Florida’s famous islands, United States. The house’s address is 907 Whitehead Street, which is close to the southern coast of Florida.

The original house was built in the 19th Century. The construction of the house was started in the year 1848 and finished in the year 1851.

It was built for a marine architect and salvage wrecker. And it was built in a French style and encompassed nearly all French features of the architecture. The house is situated on the second-highest of the island, which is 16 feet from sea level.

The first highest point of the island is a crematory ground at the height of 18 feet from sea level. As it is built near the coast to protect the property from sea storms and hurricanes, a limestone wall was built around 18 inches thick.

It is said that this house has survived almost 170 hurricanes that have hit the island since the construction of the Hemingway house because of this limestone wall.

The house becomes famous as Ernest Hemingway’s residence, who came here in 1931 and lived here for 8 years, till 1939 with his wife.

After Hemingway was separated from his former wife in Paris, his former colleague, who became his wife later, came here.

First, the couple lived in a rented house for 2 years, then saw this house. First, when they saw this house, Pauline announced it as haunted. But soon, they realized the potential of the house.

And Pauline requested her uncle to bought them this house as a wedding gift. And when they get their wedding present, they made some necessary changes to it.

It was their hard work that transformed this house into the present-day condition, ideal for living. And till now it is in living conditions.

The modifications include a complete restoration of the house. The inner furniture of the house was changed and selected by Pauline. In the house, Ernest also exhibited his hunting trophies.

They removed the ceiling fans and replaced them with beautiful chandeliers. They also transformed the second level of the house into a writing studio.

Ernest wants a large, calm, and quiet place that is perfect for his writing. And he can spend more time with his writings developing magnificent characters of his work.

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They also build a pool here for their use and pleasure time. They had a wonderful time here. But they were divorced in 1940, and Pauline died in 1951.

After her death, 1961 Ernest also died in a suicide in 1961, and after his death, the Hemmingway house was auctioned by their sons.


2.      Why Hemingway House Is Famous

At first glance, the Hemingway house looks no different from any other house. But it is the most visited place in the Key West, as being associated by Ernest Hemingway.

It was here only where he had written his most famous works, because of which he get recognization on an international level and brought him the highest award Nobel Prize.

His famous works include The Old Man and the Sea, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway, Snow of Kilimanjaro, and other stories, The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

He was famous for the sense of masculinity that one feels after reading his works. He uses succinct and lucid prose style as his style of writing.

His writing style reflects all the dimensions of human life. And we see a clear impression of the roles he played in his real life. The roles he played in life affected his writing skills and inspired his characters in the novel.

There are many more of the works that gave him publicity and fame. He had published seven novels, four short story collections, and two non – fiction. For his excellent work, he was awarded Nobel Prize in 1954 for literature.

His writings, written in a tight prose manner, brought him fame and popularity and changed American writings style.

And because of his writings and his popularity, this Hemingway house is also famous. It was this Hemingway house where he has written many famous works.

And that is why the Hemingway house is now a building of public interest and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Although the Hemingway house offers no unique or exhibiting element, it is also famous for being associated with Hemingway.


3.      More About Hemingway House

After the sons of Hemingway auctioned it, he was owned by another party. However, they have bought the house for residential purposes only, but when they saw that the house is a public interest for Hemingway’s fans, they made it a museum.

The Hemingway house was made a museum in 1964 by the new owners of the house. The Hemingway house offers no new or unique exhibiting showpieces.

But then also it is a place of interest because of the two reasons. It is first being associated with Hemingway and displaying his writing studio. And second, were the Hemingway cats.

These cats include polydactyl cats. These cats are special as they have six toes on each paw instead of five paws. Today there are almost 40 to 50 cats in the Hemingway house, and half of them are polydactyl.

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There is a legend that tries to answer this special availability of these special cats here. According to it, once a ship captain gifted Hemingway with a cat which is a polydactyl cat.

Hemingway named it Snowbell. And it is said that these cats are descendants of the same cat Snowbell, so they have their genes and six toes in the front paws like it.

But there is no certainty in this legend. And many say that this legend has no ground to believe. But no one knows the real reason for the presence of these cats.

The Hemingway house or the museum opens every day, even on holidays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. And to visit the Hemingway house from inside you have to buy a ticket. The ticket costs $ 14 for the adults and kids, $6 from 6 to 12.

This includes a guided tour. There is no ticket for kids below the age of 5. So they can visit the museum for free.

You can see everything part of the house, including the garden and pool area. But the writing studio or the second level of the Hemingway house is closed for visitors. You can see it only through the screen.

If you are a big fan of Hemingway’s writings, then a visit to the Hemingway House is a must for you. In the Hemingway house, you can witness the journey of a legendary novelist who, with his writing style, changed the world of literature forever.

Ernest Hemingway was an ordinary man who never lost his hope and tried everything to make him happy. Although his life was not long, it is big.

It is big enough to inspire others. It is big enough to make him a legendary man. It is big enough to make him an extraordinary man of never tiring will.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go to watch the amazing Hemingway house right now!

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