5 Breathtaking Options for Houseboat Rentals Arkansas

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houseboat rentals arkansas

Every family wants to visit a peaceful place around the lakes with unique surroundings and sceneries during the summer lake vacation. Arkansas is one of the best places to enjoy lake life. This place is home to more than half a million acres of lakes that provides amenities like houseboat rentals with a wide range of activities to explore.

Houseboat rentals Arkansas provides people with luxurious facilities that allow people to relax, enjoy, and explore the lakes around them. Most houseboats rentals are different in their own way, offering various rooms and amenities according to visitors’ preferences and budgets. Not only just rooms, but you can also basically get a whole home with a furnished kitchen and bathrooms.

Houseboat rentals arkansas
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Houseboat rentals Arkansas are a bit pricey, so they also offer speed boat rentals available all over the state and allow visitors to enjoy the lake life innovatively. So if you want to go with your family and kids, a houseboat rental is a brilliant choice for a weekend getaway from your daily routine. With different houseboat rentals come breathtaking sceneries and sunsets that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

These lake Ouachita houseboats provide plenty of activities to keep everyone satisfied and occupied during your entire visit. Some Cruises even allow tubing and knee boarding till sunset allowing you to traverse the depths of the lake water. There are different options available for visitors to choose from according to their ideal budget. If visitors are going during off-seasons, they can expect to get even more discounts or special packages.

Houseboat rentals arkansas
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Just be sure to check the amenities and other relevant details they offer before booking any houseboat rentals Arkansas. The places suggested here are full of amenities and adventure for people of all ages. The amenities range from water slides to clean surroundings that will keep both the kids and adults busy having fun.

1. Suggested Places for Houseboat Rentals Arkansas

These are the places for houseboat rentals Arkansas; we would highly recommend these if you are looking to spend some quality time with your family or friends. All the sites we suggest here are fully equipped and furnished.

1.1 Wake Zone Luxury House Boat Rentals

This is a luxury lake Ouachita houseboat rental, a family-owned company that operates three different lake Ouachita houseboats. The houseboats are full of amenities with beautifully decorated rooms that are fully equipped, offering you a luxurious experience in these luxury houseboats.

houseboat rentals arkansas
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There are central heat and air ducts that allow you to control the temperature inside the boat according to your liking. It offers 7 bedrooms along with a fully equipped kitchen and two baths. Moreover, they also provide all the major appliances that you might require during your stay.

There are options such as water slides, wet bars, and hot tub to make your experience even more adventurous and relaxing. The houseboats that they offer are also available for rent during the off-season at a discounted prices. These houseboats range in different sizes, and nearly 8 to 16 people can easily stay there without any hassle.

Location: 1649 N Crystal Springs Rd, Royal, AR 71968, United States

1.2 Almost home Luxury Houseboat Rentals

This is another option for lake Ouachita houseboat rentals in Arkansas. Whether visitors are coming with their entire family or a large group of friends, this is the perfect option. If anyone wants luxury time, sightseeing options, or adventure, then this is the ultimate place for your exploration. It comes with cozy patio furniture with a canopy, a swim platform, and even a private water slide in this houseboat rental.

They offer largemouth bass fishing in the middle of the lake, scuba diving, and snorkeling for fun-filled activities. Lake Ouachita is known for its fantastic diving destination. When visitors arrive in the middle of this lake, they can easily enjoy scuba diving within the clear water of Lake Ouachita. Visitors also don’t have to worry about comfort because this place offers boats where up to 14 people can stay. You don’t have to worry about dirty couches or bunk beds because they offer 6 private bedrooms with luxurious queen beds. Besides, there is also a queen-sized sleeper sofa.

Location: 190 Shore View Loop, Jessieville, AR 71949, United States

1.3 Anchor’s away

Anchor’s away is another option if you want to stay within the lake Ouachita region. This houseboat is available in the picturesque Ouachita National Forest, Arkansas. This is an attractive option if you’re going to give your family and kids a perfect time. Visitors can enjoy the 13,000 acres of DeGray lake while on this luxury houseboat. This is another option for lake Ouachita houseboat rentals in Arkansas.

houseboat rentals arkansas
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To have a relaxing vacation, they offer 6 private bedrooms and 2 full baths. The large living room area is fully equipped with Queen sized sofa and recliner chairs. They offer cleaning services and provide you with all the best services. There are different packages available from which you can choose according to your preference. This option for houseboat rentals Arkansas is an underrated gem. The houseboats offered by them are not even that pricey.

Location: 140 Iron Mountain Drive – Arkadelphia, AR 71923

1.4 DreamChaser Houseboat & Water Toy Rentals

Another houseboat rental is situated in Lake Ouachita, which offers affordable options for a vacation with your family or friends. This floating hotel provides both luxury and comfort. They offer 4 to 7 private bedrooms, a comfortable living space, 2 full bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens.

This place for houseboat rentals Arkansas is also a family-owned and operated rental service. 7 different houseboats offer additional rentals facilities that can be customized according to the visitor’s convenience. You may also choose to visit North Shores Resort while travelling

location: 60 Marina Dr, Mt Ida, AR 71957, United States

1.5 Arkansas Lake Escape

Situated on Diamond lake, this option for houseboat rentals Arkansas provides a perfect retreat for a luxurious and comfortable stay. Near the downtown hot Springs national park, they offer guaranteed enjoyment and relaxation throughout visitors’ stay. Ideal for large groups, this rental facility offers an adventure-filled stay that is perfect for friends and family.

houseboat rentals arkansas
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Away from the city Hustle, the Houseboats are soundproof and quiet enough to make your trip peaceful and worth the price. They offer different water slides, a Barbecue grill, a fully stocked kitchen, top-notch and clean beds and surroundings. Basically, every group and family can enjoy their vacation if they choose this rental.

Location: 720 Caribbean Cove, Royal, AR 71968, United States

So this was the ultimate list for your ideal vacation with family or group of friends for houseboat rentals Arkansas. There are different packages and discounts available in all the rental services mentioned above. Always check their official website for deals and various packages.

Also, we prefer visitors to pre-book the houseboats before arriving there. Because there is always a chance that the houseboats will be already taken by others, if not pre-booked, whichever option visitors choose, they can get a guaranteed pleasant time with their beloved ones with excellent facilities.

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