How Do Bonuses Differ Between Online Casinos and Land-Based Casinos?

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Any casino fan will get excited when they see what great offers are available to them at a casino – especially when these offers bolster their chances of winning. Players like to make the most of every advantage they can get their hands on – and bonuses help them do this. This applies to both land-based casinos and online casinos.

Online casinos offer a plethora of different bonuses – you can check out the bonuses reviewed here for all the information about deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, cashback offers and more. And whilst land-based casinos also offer bonuses for new & existing players, they work a bit differently.

So in this article, we’re going to explore the difference between bonuses at these two types of establishments, and which is better for each type of player.

Online casino

Online casinos are usually more focused on attracting new players to their sites than treating established players. New players in Las Vegas may be treated to a smaller coupon for some free bets, a free dinner or something like that, new players at online casinos are usually showered in bonuses.

You can find new player bonuses that include hundreds of free spins and your deposits matched by up to 300% or sometimes even more. You will almost never see this at a land-based casino.

One thing that you should make note of is the fact that whilst these bonuses at online casinos are certainly lucrative, they come with terms and conditions attached. Many new players simply gloss over these terms and conditions, not giving them a second thought. Online casino bonuses usually have quite a few different conditions that must be met before you claim the bonus, whereas land-based casinos are far less militant with the requirements.


Some of the most common bonus types you’ll see at online casinos include:

Deposit match – One of the most common bonus types, these bonuses will match however much you deposit with a percentage on top. So if you claim a 200% deposit match bonus and deposit $100, then you’ll actually have $300 to play with – you’re original $100 and the $200 bonus money.

Free spins – Another really common bonus, free spins bonuses award new players with a set amount of free goes on selected slot games. The amounts players are given can vary wildly, some casinos will give you 50 free spins whilst others will give away hundreds!

Land Based Casinos

Land-based casinos are far more physical in their bonuses, offering something online casinos can’t – real-life bonuses. They usually offer great bonuses to high rollers, with new players getting smaller bonuses. Whilst the bonus may not be as lucrative as the online casino kind, there’s still plenty to be had, including:

VIP treatment – depending on how much you spend at the casino, you may be given VIP treatment from the establishment. This includes free meals, free hotel stays and vouchers for entertainment. These free offerings are known as ‘comps’ and are very much an integral part of land-based casino culture.

Exclusive games – Again, depending on how much you play with, you may be invited to special and exclusive tables or games, reserved only for high rollers.

Which one to pick

As you can see, each of these casino types has bonuses mainly targeted towards certain types of players. Online casinos place more emphasis on new players, so these are great for beginners looking to get the most out of their first deposit. 

Land-based casinos, like the ones found in Vegas or Atlantic City, are more geared towards returning players and high rollers, so if you know you’ll be going back or have a big budget, they may be your best shot. Whilst these casinos are generally not as convenient as online casinos, the amount of free comped items and luxuries you’ll get to enjoy will be fantastic and can really make the trip worth it.

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