How Long to Tour Mammoth Cave: An Amazing 2021 Guide

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How long to tour mammoth cave
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If this is your first visit to Mammoth Cave National Park, you must be wondering how long to tour Mammoth Cave

Well, you will need to join a tour, of which there are several. Choosing the correct term can be overwhelming, so this guide will list your options and recommend depending on your travel style and time available.

How long to tour Mammoth Cave? It takes at least 3 hours to tour and see the exhibits in the visitor center. You could easily spend a full day or more at Mammoth Cave National Park if you enjoy cave tours and nature hikes.

Let’s dive in to know more about the Mammoth Cave National Park.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as an International Biosphere Reserve in central Kentucky. The park, which opened on July 1, 1941, encompasses 52,830 acres of wilderness.

When Mammoth Cave National Park was formed, the cave system, the picturesque river basins of the Green and Nolin rivers, and the steep karst topography typical of south-central Kentucky were all preserved.

mammoth cave National park
Margaret River/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Explore this underground world of vast halls, singing canyons, and tight passageways on a journey to Mammoth Cave, and understand why Stephen Bishop, Mammoth Cave’s most famous guide and explorer, called it a big, gloomy, and peculiar place.

Tour Options at Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave tours are available all year and can be booked up to 6 months in advance. Mammoth Cave is open during two seasons: winter and summer.

Your individual preferences determine the best time to visit Mammoth Cave National Park.
Summer is the peak season, the most popular time to visit, so more tours are available at this time of year.

Winter is more peaceful. You may be more spontaneous when visiting Mammoth Cave in the winter and expect to find intriguing excursions even if you book later.

If you want to avoid crowds, winter is the best time for you to visit Mammoth Cave National Park. Fewer tours are available, but fewer visitors are also available, making this the best time to visit. With constant Cave temperatures of 54°F inside the cave, all year round. You can still have an enjoyable visit in the middle of winter.

I recommend visiting the National Park Service website for the most up-to-date information on hours and tours available during each of these seasons.

Popular tours can fill up months in advance, especially during the summer and holiday weekends. Make your tour reservations as soon as possible because they do sell out.

Tour Options:

Mammoth Cave can only be visited on tour. Tours range in length from 1-4 hours. The shortest tour is just over an hour, and the longest takes six hours. Choose from one of 15 different tours. Each tour is summarized below.

It can be challenging to choose from such a long list. I’ll give you our recommendations at the end of this section based on our experience and conversations with several park rangers at Mammoth Cave. How long to tour Mammoth Cave? Let’s find out.

Most Fascinating tour of the History

How long to tour Mammoth Cave historic tour?

Time and Distance: 2 hours in length and 2-mile distance

Stairs in total: 440

The tour capacity is 110 people

The Historic Tour is one of Mammoth Cave’s most popular tours. This tour begins at Mammoth Cave’s “main entrance,” also known as the Historic entrance. This section of the cave houses many great artifacts left behind by historic and prehistoric people and serves as an introduction to the Historic Entrance.

Frozen Niagara Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Frozen Niagara Tour?

Distance: 0.25 miles, duration: 1.25 hours

The total number of stairs: 12, plus an additional 98 as an option.

Tour Capacity: 30

A visit to Mammoth Cave National Park’s Frozen Niagara section of the caves is one for the books. The naturally decorated Frozen Niagara section of Mammoth Cave is still one of the cave’s most famous, and it’s the last stop on several cave tours.

The Frozen Niagara tour is a great option if you want to see stalactites and stalagmites but don’t want to take a long tour or walk a long distance.

Frozen Niagara Tour
By: Jack Reece/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Frozen Niagara has the least amount of stairs. The 1.25-hour tour includes 30 minutes on a shuttle bus (included in the price) to and from the cave entrance and 45 minutes inside Mammoth Cave.

The Drapery Room and Frozen Niagara tour have the best displays of decorative formations other beautiful cave features in Mammoth Cave.

Domes and Dripstones Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Domes and Dripstones Tour?

Duration:2 hours

Distance: 1.2 km

Total Stairs: 500

Domes and Dripstones Tour
By: Amarnath/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

This classic tour visits Mammoth Cave areas that have been in use for nearly 100 years. The Domes and Dripstones tour starts in a sinkhole, continues through massive domes and incredible breakdown, and ends in Frozen Niagara, a dripstone section.

The Dome and Dripstones tour includes the entire Frozen Niagara Tour and a portion of the Grand Avenue Tour. If you have the chance to return, Domes and Dripstones would be an excellent choice. Regardless of which Mammoth Cave tour you choose, make reservations as soon as possible.

Gothic Avenue Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Gothic Avenue Tour?

Duration: 120 minutes

Distance: 1 mile

Number of steps: 160

Gothic Avenue Tour
By: James St. John/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Gothic Avenue is a section of the cave that features unusual rock formations that resemble Gothic architecture. Gothic Avenue was the site of the earliest tourism of the 19th century.

This cave area, which also contains stalactites and stalagmites, is where early visitors left their signatures, artifacts, and monuments. This tour concentrates on 19th-century tourism and Mammoth Cave’s function, and it’s perfect for history buffs.

Cleveland Avenue Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Cleveland Avenue Tour?

Time and Distance:2 hours in duration and 1-mile distance

Number of steps: 200 total steps

Tour Capacity: 38

You will descend into Cleveland Avenue, see the Snowball Room, and then take an elevator ride back to the surface on this short tour.

Grand Avenue Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Grand Avenue Tour?

Time and Distance: 4 hours in length and 4-mile distance

Stairs in total: 700

Tour Capacity: 78

This is Mammoth Cave’s longest standard tour. It’s so long that they provide bathroom breaks (yes, there are restrooms inside the cave).

If you like the notion of going on hiking in a cave and viewing certain “touristy” portions of the cave, this is a fantastic option. On the other hand, four hours underground seems eternal to some people.

The Mammoth Passage Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Passage Tour?

Distance: 0.75 miles

Duration: 1.25 hours

The total number of stairs is 160, and the tour limit is 70.

This tour combines elements of the Discovery Self-Guided tour and the Historic Tour. The Rotunda, the saltpeter mine, and Indian artifacts are all worth seeing. Use the Historic Entrance to enter and exit.

The River Styx Tour

How long to tour the Mammoth Cave River Styx Tour?

Time and Distance: 2.5 hours in length and 2.2.5-mile distance

Stairs in total: 540

The River Styx tour is only available on certain summer and Labor Day weekends. It’s an excellent tour; it goes deeper into the cave than any other tour and allows you to see the river that carved the cave.

Take a hike into Mammoth Cave to observe the Dead Sea, River Styx, and Lake Lethe’s underground flowing water.

The Star Chamber Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Star Chamber Tour?

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Distance: 1.5-mile

Stairs in total: 260

Tour Capacity: 40

On your trip to the Star Chamber, you’ll hear stories about tuberculosis patients who sought a cure inside the cave and see a plethora of signatures and rock formations left by visitors looking for unique experiences over a century ago.

Accessible Tour

How long to tour the Mammoth Cave Accessible Tour?

This trip is designed for those with impairments, low physical mobility, or who require a tour without stairs for any other reason.

If no one in your party requires an accessible tour, please select a different tour unless this is the only one available when you make your request. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices are permitted.

Wild Cave Tour

How long to tour Mammoth Cave Wild Cave Tour?

If you haven’t already guessed, the Wild Cave Tour is intense and incredible, but it’s not for everyone. If you want to do this tour, you must meet several requirements.

With this introduction to safe caving techniques, you can explore the cave away from the established trails. Visitors will be dressed in helmets, kneepads, and headlamps for this tough tour, which will give them a taste of what it’s like to explore Wind Cave like today’s cavers.

Characteristics and Requirements

  • Visitors on this 4-hour tour will be introduced to basic, safe caving techniques.
  • Visitors will have to squeeze through a 10 inch tall and 3-foot vast space (25.4 cm by 91.4 cm).
  • Wear old clothes and gloves because you will be crawling for the majority of the trip.
  • Helmets, lights, and kneepads are provided by the park. Visitors are encouraged to bring a bandana to help keep their helmets in place.
  • This tour is limited to ten people, with a minimum age of sixteen.
  • For those aged 17 and under, we require a signed consent form (Release Form).
  • Photography is not permitted on this tour for safety reasons, and cameras and phones are not permitted.
  • Please bring no jewelry, watches, or other valuables with you on tour.

More about Cave tours

The cave system, as well as a portion of the Green River valley and hill area of south-central Kentucky, are preserved as Mammoth Cave National Park.

The world’s longest known cave system is preserved in Mammoth Cave National Park. Visiting Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky means exploring the world’s longest known cave system.

Furthermore, over 200 caves exist in the park as disconnected fragments of the larger Mammoth Cave system.

How long to tour mammoth cave: Here’s Everything you should See and Do

The caves are a major attraction in the park, attracting millions of visitors each year. Because of the high volume of visitors, pre-booking one of the tours led by knowledgeable park rangers is recommended.

Cave tours vary greatly, and visitors can choose from a variety of options depending on the amount of time they have available for a visit and their stamina. There is no fee to enter the park, visit the visitor center, or hike the above-ground hiking trails.

mammoth cave
By: Margaret River/ Flickr. Copyright 2021

The Frozen Niagara Tour is the best all-around option for families with small children or those who find a lot of stairs difficult. The Frozen Niagara tour is impressive, with many beautiful cave features.

How long to tour Mammoth Cave frozen Niagara? Well, it’s a short trip that lasts about an hour and 15 minutes and passes through a relatively well-lit section of the cave, making it ideal for those who are claustrophobic.

The most popular trip is the fairly tough two-hour “Domes and Dripstones,” which includes everything seen on the Frozen Niagara Tour as well as many more magnificent cave attractions.

Book the Wild Cave Tour if you’re feeling particularly daring. This six-hour journey covers 5 miles of the cave, which is delightfully dirty, damp, and a little eerie.

Interesting Facts About Mammoth Cave

  • Mammoth Cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s longest cave system.
  • Mammoth Cave National Park was established on July 1, 1941, but visitors to the caves have been coming since the 1800s.
  • Over 400 miles have been examined and documented so far, with new discoveries being discovered all the time.
  • Mammoth Cave maintains a constant temperature of 54°F all year.
  • The only underground cave boat tour in Kentucky is found in the Bowling Green cave.
  • The cave is inhabited by bats. However, a disease known as White-Nose Syndrome has significantly reduced their population.
  • To aid in the prevention of the spread of White Nose Syndrome, all caving equipment and outerwear are provided. You will walk across medicated mats at the end of the tour to help prevent the spread of this disease (this disease does not affect humans).

Things to leave at home

Since we have answered how long to tour Mammoth Cave, let’s talk about the items that are not allowed in Mammoth cave.

The following items are not permitted on cave tours to ensure the safety of all visitors and the continued protection of Mammoth Cave:

  • Photography with a flash (photography is allowed if the flash is turned off)
  • Backpacks for children (front packs are permitted)
  • Strollers
  • Tripods/Monopods
  • Walking canes
  • Metal-framed backpacks, as well as backpacks that are higher than the shoulder or have a length that extends below the hips, are not allowed (large trekking backpacks)
  • Weapons, including firearms.

Other Area Attractions

9578004347 72e8183f80 c 1
By: Stanislav Vitebskiy/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Since we have answered how long to tour mammoth cave, now let’s know about the other attractions. 

The grandeur of Mammoth Cave National Park is tough to match, but the park is close to several other things worth seeing, especially if you’re traveling with children.

All of the following attractions are within a 20- to 30-minute drive of MCNP: 

  • Dinosaur World 
  • Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo 
  • Kentucky Action Park
  • Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum 

In addition, zipline tours are available from Mammoth Cave Adventures and other local businesses.

Horse Cave, Cave City, and Park City are all popular destinations for visitors to Mammoth Cave. Glasgow and Bowling Green are a little further away but offer even more options.

If you haven’t had enough of caves yet, Lost River Cave in Bowling Green is a fun experience for all ages.

The National Corvette Museum is a fantastic attraction for car enthusiasts to combine with a visit to Mammoth Cave. The sports car museum is located in Bowling Green, about 40 miles (64 kilometers) from the cave entrance.


Mammoth Cave National Park is best explored via cave tours. Over 2 million people visit the park each year, with over 500,000 taking a cave tour.

Some tours take visitors through massive chambers, beautiful cave features, and past spectacular rock formations. Scrambles along drop-offs and crawls through tight spaces are included in wild cave tours for the more daring.

In Mammoth Cave National Park, look for the unexpected. The mammoth cave is a peculiar place as the national park is home to over 130 different wildlife species.

Mammoth Cave National Park is much more than a cave. The surrounding forest supports over 1,300 flowering species as well as bird species such as bald eagles, wood warblers, and thrushes.

Mammoth cave national park caves are time capsules containing over 5,000 years of human History.

We hope you understood about different tours and how long to tour mammoth cave.

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