How Many National Parks Are There In The US- 42 Sensational Beauties To Travel

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how many national parks are there in the US
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The national park service and national park system care for special places that matter to the American people. America’s national parks are expanded to such extent, that it takes almost two days to explore them.

How many national parks are there in the US?

The United States of America is a huge country, having over 420 national parks. With all this natural beauty around the country, there are the top 42 national parks that are worth visiting. For many reasons, these places have been top tourist attractions around the country. Along with recreational activities, there are many ways to spend a blissful vacation here.

List of most popular national parks in the United States for tourism

How many national parks are there in the US, California:

how many national park are there in the us
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1. Channel islands national park

 Channel islands national park is a recreation area, this national park is famous for camping, day hiking, scuba diving, spearfishing, titled as most unique snorkeling spot in the world. Channel islands national park is also known for its national monument, diving through giant kelp forests it also has a visitor center, you might feel like you’re gliding through a lush jungle.

2. Redwood national park

Redwood national park is well known for its coastline redwood fests. The park has a national monument and a world record for popular, oldest as well as tallest plants in the world. Many movies including star wars and Jurassic park were shooted here to make the audience feel like a real jungle.

3. Joshua tree national park

 Joshua tree national park is a surreal national park in California known for its unusual plants. This national park is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in California, it is ethereal at both sunrise and sunset.

This national park known for its renowned inhabitant is the slow-growing Joshua tree, which is found throughout the park’s arid ecology.

4. Death valley national park

 Death valley national park is one of the best national parks in America. The valley national park is one of the 42 national parks, most stunning and dramatic vistas. The terrain is magnificent, with dunes, salt flats, mountains, craters, North America’s lowest lake.

how many national parks are there in the us
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5. Sequoia national park

Sequoia national park was created to protect a living organism in the middle of forests of the highest sequoia trees, it can be the best outdoor experience for nature lovers. Sequoia national park includes the majority of the world’s tallest sequoias and top-rated hiking trails.

6. Kings canyon national park

This park is listed in one of the deepest valleys in the U.S national parks. The landscape of kings canyon national park is comparable to Yosemite valley. John Muir has a national monument. It has deep valleys, towering trees, and peculiar rock outcroppings.

In Kings canyon national park you can take advantage of camping, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking trails.

7. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite national park is famous for its waterfalls, granite monoliths, deep valleys, and old big sequoia trees. Here, Yosemite valley is the park’s most famous and gorgeous part. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions such as Half dome, El Capitan and Yosemite Falls.

Glacier Road and Tioga road allow seasonal access to other parts of the park outside of the valley.

How many national parks are there in the US, Alaska:

how many national parks are there in the US
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8. Denali national park

 Denali national park service preserves the wilderness almost unspoiled by human hands, saved from park street, a few isolated national park services. The national park service has the tallest mountains and the preserved massive than the state of new jersey.

In Alaska national parks are most visited for national monuments. From wilderness camping to climbing, it’s a tourist attraction for the tallest mountain legendary animals and great experiences. They are also called mountains national parks.

9. Kenai fjords national park

Kenai fjords national park is one of Alaska’s tourist attraction spots with a variety of relaxing and adventurous activities available for visitors such as boat tours, kayaking, camping, public use cabins, fishing, beachcombing, biking, hiking trails, dog sledding, ranger programs, flightseeing, and mountaineering. etc.

10. Glacier bay national park

The once-a-lifetime trip, journey to Alaska is incomplete unless you visit Glacier bay national park and enjoy its mountains, fjords, forests, and tidewater glaciers. Glacier bay is a lonely, untouched area where wildlife outnumbers roads by a million to one. Visitors travel here by boat or aircraft.

How many national parks are there in the US, Utah:

11. Arches national park

Arches national park features the world’s highest concentration of natural stone arches and is listed as one of the most beautiful national parks. The park has arches, as well as pinnacles, balancing rocks, fins, other natural structures. Beautiful arches national park with no hesitation is the most famous natural stone arch in the world.

Other Utah national parks are like arches national park has a are national monument attraction that is difficult to define but impossible to ignore Utah national parks.

how many national parks are there in the US
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12. Canyonlands national park

Canyonlands is well-known for its mountain biking terrain, especially the white rim road at the island in the sky. The white rim road winds on top of the top that make your eyes blessed by a stunning heaven view of dessert. Canyonlands national park protects the colorful scenery and buttes by the colorado river and its tributaries.

13. Capitol reef national park

The national monuments park is unique for the presence of the water pocket fold. Capitol reef national park is full of great discoveries. This park is one of 42 national parks and a national historical park.

The place also has fun activities like a great scenic drive, hiking trails that equal those in zion, harsh, short, easy slot canyons, national historic sites, and even delicious pie.

14. Zion national park

World’s tallest sandstones are the popularity of Zion national park. Canyoneering, the sport of traveling through thin canyons is popular in Zion national park. Adventurer’s activities descend into magnificent aqueous slots and river-filled canyons and national monuments. Other activities include rigorous trekking and wading to technical difficulties like swimming and rappelling.

15. Bryce canyon national park

 Bryce canyon national park is among Utah’s most stunning parks, with awe-inspiring granite formations. Exploring the hiking trails can be a quality time with family and friends. This park is also among 42 national parks and national historical parks.

From looking carefully beneath one of the country’s darkest skies to ranger-led treks that discover the geologic mythology of growth in popularity, the park’s iconic rock stars.

How many national parks are there in the US, Colorado:

how many national parks are there in the US
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16. Rocky mountain national park

Rocky mountain national park boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery in the continental U.S. It’s the ideal excursion for nature lovers or anyone wishing to get away from it all. There are different types of the national park system and services like historic spots, recreation areas, and many others.

There’s always something to do for the outdoor enthusiast in rocky mountain national park, like hiking trails, climbing, or water sports, with summer adventures and so on.

17. Mesa Verde national park

Mesa Verde national park is the only national park in America dedicated to preserving cultural and national historical parks rather than environmental elements. Mesa Verde park was designated a world heritage site by UNESCO. There square measure over 4000 archeologic sites and 600 drop dwellings in mesa Verde parkland.

How many national parks are there in the US, Arizona :

18. Grand canyon national park

 The Grand Canyon national park, recognized for its geological activities and erosion by the amazon river. It is one of the world’s most studied grand canyons in the national historical park of the U.S, with enormous fossil records, a plethora of natural characteristics.

19. Saguaro national park

The biggest cactus in the US may be seen in Tucson and also has a national monument. These spectacular plants are found only in n limited section of this national park. They are protected by Saguaro national park. If you want to view some renowned southwestern landscapes, this park is a great spot to visit.

Along with this, you can visit other Arizona national parks, a beautiful single national monument called Gila valley, and the Grand Canyon. You can also visit the Castillo de San Marcos national monument.

How many national parks are there in the US, Hawaii:

how many national parks are there in the US
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20. Hawaii volcanoes national park

Volcanic eruptions are one of the most spectacular and destructive forces on the planet. The national park includes a visitor center, two active volcanoes, and a park encompasses.

Scientists at this national park learn about the evolution of the Hawaiian islands and participate in volcanism research at the park.

How many national parks are there in the US, Texas:

21. Guadalupe mountains national park

 Guadalupe mountains national park is listed as the highest peak in the world, in underneath it sits a park with stunning natural beauty, meandering trails through tranquil woodlands, enthralling local history, the world’s most extensive Permian fossil reef.

22. Big bend national park

Big bend national park is well known for its natural riches and recreational activities, but it is also rich in cultural heritage. Native peoples lived in and were well-versed in this space for thousands of years. Pictographs and archaeological sites provide witness to their presence.

How many national parks are there in the US, Wyoming:

23. Yellowstone national park

Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park established in the U.S. Known for the ers, hot springs, and breathtaking beauty. Yellowstone national park is home to the world’s most renowned geyser, the national monument (devil tower), visitor center, the grand canyon. There are also grizzly bears, wolves, and elk.

24. Grand Teton national park

The rocky mountain range in Grand Teton national park is home to a rich array of wildlife and stunning beauty. Because of its proximity to Grand Teton national park, Grand Teton is a hidden gem rich with history, geologic curiosity, a grand canyon, and epic wildlife.

How many national parks are there in the US, New Mexico:

white sands national park, Carlsbad caverns national park.
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25. White sands national park

One of the world’s great natural beauties, the shimmering white sands national park of New Mexico, rises from the center of the Tularosa Basin. great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand, forming the world’s biggest gypsum dune area.

26. Carlsbad caverns national park

Carlsbad Caverns is one of the world’s best-preserved and most accessible cave complexes for scientific research and tourist viewing. The park’s main attractions are noted for the variety and beauty of its beautiful rock formations.

How many national parks are there in the US, South Dakota:

27. Olympic national park

 The historic Olympic national park has been designated a world heritage site for its epic natural beauty and diversity of flora and animals. The Olympic national park gives a stunning coastline and the park encompasses. Along with this towering mountains, glaciers, and a virgin temperate rainforest are all found at this national park.

28. Mount rainier national park

Mount Rainier and the geology and glacial features that surround it with snow. Mount Rainier has the most glaciers in mount rainier national park, which feed several rivers and streams. In South Dakota mount rainier, the tallest peak in the northwest cascade range is adorned with 25 recognized glaciers.

29. Wind Cave National Park

Wind cave national park is well-known for its spectacular display of box-work, a remarkable cave structure made of thin calcite fins that resemble honeycombs. The mixed-grass prairie is one of the few surviving habitats for native animals including bison, elk, pronghorn, mule deer, coyotes, and prairie dogs.

how many national parks are there in the US
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30. Badlands National Park

A series of short easy-moderate badlands national park hiking paths, several breathtaking panoramic overlooks, a surprisingly high abundance of fauna including horse, rhino, saber-toothed cat. Badlands national park features one of the world’s richest fossil beds, allowing scientists to examine the evolution of animal species.

The badlands are home to various species of animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, butterflies, ranging from small shrews to 2,000-pound bison.

How many national parks are there in the US, Florida:

31. Everglades national park

 America’s lakes are the country’s massive subtropical wilderness. Everglades national park preserves an incredible terrain that is home to various rare and endangered species such as the manatee, American crocodile, secretive Florida panther.

The best time to visit everglades national park in Florida national Park is in the month of (February to May) mid-spring and winter.

How many national parks are there in the US, North Dakota:

32. Theodore Roosevelt national park

 Among the beautiful parks, Theodore Roosevelt national park is listed as one of 42 national parks. Bison, pronghorn, elk, white-tailed and mule deer, wild horses, and bighorn sheep, as well as a variety of lesser animals, amphibians, reptiles, may all be found in the park.

How many national parks are there in the US, Nevada:

33. Great basin national park

There’s no reason not to be excited about great basin national park. There’s most to ascertain and do at the park. Great basin national park is full of family activities with cave tours, great camping, hiking if you appreciate the great outdoors. This park is less visited than some of the other national parks, it is rarely crowded.

How many national parks are there in the US, Oregon:

34. Crater lake national park

Crater lake is the deepest lake in America and a major attraction of crater lake national park. Known for its deep blue color and water purity. The park is popularly known as a national monument, one of 42 national parks. There are no inlets from other water sources.

How many national parks are there in the US, Montana:

how many national parks are there in the US
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35. Glacier national park

The simple trail of the cedars, the intermediate Lake, the hard Grinnell glacier are just a few hiking trails in glacier national park. Any trail you choose will most certainly pass through spectacular alpine landscapes accented by craggy peaks, alpine meadows, glacial lakes.

The glacier national park is full of outdoor activity opportunities every season. Travel to glacier national park in the month of (July to September), end of the rainy season.

How many national parks are there in the US, Arkansas:

36. Hot springs national park

This national park alpha gorge is a national recreation area, that also has hiking trails through the beautiful Ouachita Mountains, epic roads, a hot water cascade, picnic spaces, picnic areas.

How many national parks are there in the US, South Carolina:

37. Congaree national park

South Carolina national parks, Congaree national park has its uniqueness of natural substances due to their size. According to the national park service, it is home to remarkable biodiversity and the biggest unbroken stretch of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest surviving in the U.S national parks.

How many national parks are there in the US, Maine:

38. Acadia national park

Acadia national park is known for its spectacular fall foliage, but it is equally lovely in the winter when it is covered by snow. This place is also listed in 42 national parks, national historical parks, and national monuments.

How many national parks are there in the US, Missouri:

39. Gateway arch national park

 It’s a fantastic venue to come and learn about history. The gateway arch national park is the highest landmark in the United States, standing at 630 feet. It’s as long as it is tall.

The gateway arch national park was built to wobble up to 18 inches in case of an earthquake or severe winds. When exposed to 50 mph gusts, it swung 1.5 inches.

How many national parks are there in the US, West Virginia:

40. River gorge national park

 The new river gorge is famous for its broad vistas and fun activities that locals and visitors may enjoy. West Virginia national park has a rich history that includes explorers and tourists, new river gorge national park in West Virginia is one of the most prominent and unforgettable features of the region is the bridge and the attention it generates.

How many National parks are there in the US, North Carolina:

how many national parks are there in the US
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41. Great smoky mountains national park

This is America’s most visited national park for the tallest mountain in North Carolina. Known for its richness of plant and animal life, the grandeur of its historic mountains national park located in North Carolina, the quality of its relics of southern Appalachian mountain culture.

How many national parks are there in the US, Michigan:

42. Isle Royale national park

Michigan national parks are beautiful and It’s a stunning national monument. The island is rich in animals, rare plant species, a sense of remoteness that is difficult to find elsewhere. There are hundreds of moose on isle royale, visitor center, if you step carefully, you’re sure to encounter one.

Informative tips for Visitors:-

  • Choose the right time to visit.
  • Choose to camp, but in night stay at lodge or hotel.
  • Please make sure do not throw trash leave no trash
  • Explore small parks, You won’t be battling the crowds at these parks.
  • Forgetting one factor like a correct tent/coat to stay your heat within the cooler nights might extremely affect your expertise. However, you also don’t want to overpack the bag because then you’ll be weighed down with a bunch of extra stuff.
  • If you don’t feel utterly comfy exploring the park on your own, a radio-controlled tour is also simply what you would like. the bulk of the parks can have outfits that apprehend the park within and out and may provide you with the expertise that you’re trying to find.

“How many national parks are there in the US” 42 national parks and more than 12 amazing national parks are located in California and Alaska. These were some of the few national parks that are remarkable and popularly known. Protective multifariousness is significant to safeguarding our economy that is cultural, spiritual, and aesthetic values.

National parks give a secure home for native plants and animals. they assist to keep the air and water clean. National parks offer Americans to fancy themselves. National parks have wooded areas that not solely defend water sources, they conjointly facilitate stabilizing the encompassing land.

This will save lives and infrastructure by preventing landslides, avalanches, and erosion. These areas conjointly cut back floods by keeping natural stream basins intact and protecting wetlands. all the national parks are unique in their way and there are many other plenty options to choose from to the kind of national park you want to visit.

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