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Urban Surrogacy: How Much Do Surrogates Make in Big U.S. Cities

While you’re probably interested in surrogacy to assist intended parents in starting a family, it’s understandable that you want to know. As a surrogate, you will be sacrificing a large amount of your time and energy to carry someone else’s baby. While there is a component of compassion involved in becoming a surrogate, there is also an expectation of surrogate mother compensation in exchange for your efforts.

1. Surrogate Mother Compensation by Intended Parent

Many factors influence how much money surrogates earn, the most important of which is the intended parents with whom a woman is working. These parents will almost always have a surrogacy budget in mind, and that budget will decide how much they are prepared to pay a surrogate.

When it comes to the surrogate mother’s income and compensation, it’s vital to speak with a surrogacy lawyer so that all parties can achieve a mutually beneficial agreement. Working with a surrogacy lawyer and a surrogacy agency will assist in protecting your interests as a surrogate since they will know how much surrogate mother remuneration is appropriate for your situation.

2. Top 5 Categories Making Up Surrogate Pregnancy Compensation

How much do surrogates make
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The wage or salary, allowances, and other miscellaneous pregnancy expenses paid in cash to employees are called base or primary compensation. It is a set amount of money paid to employees monthly or annually. You will first receive a base compensation of surrogate pregnancy pay if you complete commercial surrogacy.

Similarly, the intended parents will know the same, and the base compensation will vary accordingly.

The amount of this base compensation will be determined by several criteria. To give you a better idea of what you could expect to be paid during your surrogate pregnancy, here are the many categories that make up surrogate mother remuneration.

2.1. Surrogacy Agency Policies

From one jurisdiction to the next, the laws differ substantially. If you’re working with one, the surrogacy agency’s policies will be applicable. Many countries that permit surrogacy, impose residency or citizenship requirements on the intended parent and surrogate.

Countries that do not have such regulations frequently draw people from other countries, making them popular locations for fertility tourism. Laws differ by state or territory in various parts of the U.S.

2.2. Intended Parent’s Budget

Surrogate pay and the monthly allowance also depend upon the intended parent’s budget. Surrogacy itself is a costly procedure, and thus the parents usually consider low-cost donor eggs. Using frozen donor eggs or asking a family member to donate their eggs will save a lot of money. Considering a surrogate who will require fewer travel expenses will also save you a considerable sum.

2.3. Experienced Surrogates

Surrogacy pays a base wage of $25,000 to first-time surrogates, which is paid in monthly installments during the surrogacy procedure, usually after a pregnancy is confirmed by a physician.

By becoming a surrogate, you donate your time and effort to help another family start a family. It would help if you didn’t have to pay anything, so your chosen intended parents will cover all of your expenses during the procedure. From screening fees to medical procedures to legal expenditures, the intended parents will cover all of your expenses as a surrogate.

2.5. Repeat Surrogacy Contract

When you’re a repeat surrogate, you’ve already demonstrated your ability and commitment to carry a gestational pregnancy to term safely. You’re familiar with the surrogacy procedure, which will make the rest of your journey much more accessible. As a result, you’ll be in high demand among prospective parents looking for a compassionate, responsible lady to carry their child.

Surrogacy professionals and intended parents are willing to pay a higher repeat surrogate remuneration because of your valuable experience and knowledge. Various agencies have different fees. Therefore, some may pay experienced surrogates a higher flat payment, while others may pay an additional base pay rise per surrogate pregnancy.

3. Why Do Women Opt for Surrogacy?

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 Many surrogates might use this base pay to work toward a financial goal or assist their families in improving their situation. Many women, for example, use surrogate mother funds to put down a deposit on a home, pay off college loans or continue their education, start investing in their children’s educations, and so on.

Like your base remuneration, this surrogate income will be determined early in the surrogacy process and detailed in your formal surrogacy contract. Even if you desire to undertake an altruistic surrogacy, the intended parents will cover these costs.

3.1 Surrogate Base Compensation

Surrogate mother compensation includes any missed wages you and your spouse experience from missing work for surrogacy appointments and these pregnancy-related expenses. The intended parents will repay any medical expenses not covered by your insurance. Depending on your contract, certain aspects of the surrogacy medical process may allow additional surrogate mother pay.

Typically, the monthly stipend you’ll receive will cover:

  • Maternity clothing allowance
  • Local doctor’s appointments necessitate travel
  • Childcare expenses
  • Meals
  • Housekeeping expenses
  • Calls on the phone
  • Vitamins for surrogate mother, health supplies
  • Co-payments on health insurance
  • As well as additional pregnancy-related costs

4. How Much Do Surrogates Make?

How much do surrogates make
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While the intended parents’ budget will significantly influence how much you get paid as a surrogate, your personal surrogacy experience will have a significant impact on how much you get paid as a surrogate mother.

Women who have had more surrogacy experience and have proven that they can carry a healthy surrogate pregnancy are often paid more than those having their first surrogate pregnancy.

The average surrogate mother’s compensation at the California Surrogacy Center is between $40,000 and $50,000. This is for first-time surrogate mothers since recurrent surrogate mothers are compensated between $53,000 and $83,000 on average (including additional benefits).

Surrogate mothers are additionally covered by life and health insurance and a $6,000 to $8,000 benefits package. They may be compensated for out-of-pocket expenses such as medical co-pays, maternity apparel, and travel fees.

The average Base Pay for an experienced surrogate in California is $3,000 (paid in monthly installments after detection of fetal heartbeat) + costs and allowances of $65,000 to $75,000

5. Frequently Asked Questions

5.1. How Much Do They Make in Each State?


Every surrogacy situation is different, and numerous elements can influence the total compensation. Depending on the expertise and specific arrangements, the average salary, including costs, can range from $50,000 to $80,000.

5.2. What If IVF Doesn’t Work Out?

IVF had a 50.2 percent success rate with fresh donor eggs and a 38.3 percent success rate with frozen donor eggs, according to a report by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

The surrogate would have been compensated for going through medical screening and receiving the embryo transfer, but she would have received no additional money if the transfer failed. He says that repeating IVF cycles will increase the expense of surrogacy because you’ll have to pay for more treatments.

5.3. Should You Become a Surrogate?

Surrogacy pay is very high, and if you’re interested in earning money via surrogacy, why not?

5.4. Who Are Gestational Surrogates?

Gestational carriers are not biologically related to the child. They carry the child in their womb and have no other relations with them after. They are not egg donors and thus do not contribute their DNA in their gestational surrogacy process.

5.5. With Breast Milk?

The intended parents provide every down payment, including every post-pregnancy average compensation mentioned in the agency policy contract. They often purchase breast milk from the surrogate mother. The money varies depending on the milk supply of the surrogate.

5.6. How Much If Carrying Twins

Twin pregnancy pays more than the same as having a C-section or going through procedures such as amniocentesis that are of high risk.

5.7. Do Surrogates Need to Buy Maternity Clothes?

No surrogates need to take care of the potential child on bed rest and nothing else. The intended parents cover all exterior expenses related to the pregnancy.

5.8. Triplet Pregnancy

Having multiple children, such as triplets, will pay a surrogate mother more than the twins or single-child pregnancy. One can expect almost $20,000.

3D animation of how IVF works

Money comes in abundance along with surrogacy. Surrogate compensation covers everything, including the lost wages due to separate appointments for post-pregnancy care and prenatal vitamins/screening costs incurred. How many surrogates make is an understatement for many? Surrogacy agencies and surrogacy services provide legal counsel to potential surrogates.

Much does a surrogate go through in the entire surrogacy journey, making her the primary person contributing to the process. Individual circumstances thus do not imply the reduction of additional compensation charges. It is not taboo to consider a surrogacy professional. Surrogates get paid monthly, and the compensation package covers very well to cover most of your expenses incurred.

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