How to Decorate a Buffet Table – 12 Effective Tips

The dining room is the main part of the home and is like the heart of any home. It is a place where all the friends and family gather for meals and chit-chat. The dining room of any house holds lots of memories; hence, it is essential to decorate it nicely. The buffet table can be one of the best pieces of furniture to elevate the look of your dining room.

1. Introduction

The dining room buffet table is a place that can serve two purposes, storage and decoration. A buffet table is a long, flat surface for decorating or serving food. The word buffet is a French word which means a place where a meal is served. By decorating your buffet table, you can showcase your style and creativity.

Buffet table is a versatile and functional furniture that can be used for various purposes from decorating with your favorite pieces to food and drink. You can decorate a buffet table in a way that can be visually appealing using your cherished pieces so that it becomes a conversation starter. This article will guide you through the various ways to decorate your buffet table.

2. Dining room buffet table decor ideas

Before starting with the decor, firstly clean your buffet table if you already have a buffet table in your house. This way you can envision and plan how to decorate step by step. If you have bought a new one then you are good to go.

2.1 Placement

Before delving into the decor, first of all, consider the placement of your buffet table. It must placed carefully so that you can access it easily during meals. As a buffet table serves two purposes, it must be placed in such as way it can be functional and be aesthetically pleasing.

2.2 Color palette

The color palette of your buffet table must go with the color palette of your dining room. And then the items you place on your buffet table must also match the color scheme of your table. To make the look aesthetic and show excellent taste, a color palette must be considered.

2.3 Wall space

The vertical space above your buffet table and the wall can also be used to decorate and enhance the overall look. You can hang art, mirrors, and photos to complement the overall decor. The piece you select, whether it is artwork or a mirror, should go with the decor of the room and the color palette of the room.

2.4 An alternative

If you have guests coming to your house and you don’t have a buffet table but an extra console table, you can use it as an alternative. You can decorate your console in a way that it looks like a buffet table and serves the purpose. You can adorn it with the decorative items just like the way you could have decorated a buffet table.

2.5 Triangle

Their is a concept called visual triangle that can make your space look more appealing. This concept says you can create a balance by placing the items in a triangular form.

2.6 Different heights

Choose decor items of varying heights to add depth and dimension to your buffet display. Place the items that are tall in the back while the shorter items are in front. This way you can avoid the flat and boring look of your buffet table and make it look more dynamic and interesting.

2.7 Rule of three

You can use the rule of three by grouping similar items in sets of three. This arrangement can make your space look more balanced and appealing.

2.8 The elements

Here is the list of all the items you can decorate your buffet table with.

2.8.1 Trays

Trays are one of the best options to decorate a buffet table with. You can either keep some decorative items and use them as a base or trays are always the elegant and delicate crockery to serve the meal in. Amazon, Peppefry, and IKEA sell trays of varied designs and styles.

2.8.2 Vase

The vase that matches your decor and color palette can be an extremely sophisticated option. Keep fresh flowers to bring some life to the table. Websites that sell beautiful vases are Pepperfry, Vaaree, west elm, Whispering Home, and many more.

2.8.3 Plants

You can keep small plant pots if you are a nature lover and want to bring some greenery inside of your house. Faux greenery, topiaries, moss balls or moss in a large bowl, a low bowl of succulents or a trio of the same potted plant can be some ideas. You can buy some plants from Nurserylive and Ugaoo.

2.8.4 Seasonal decor

If it is a time of Christmas, you can decorate your buffet table with a small artificial Christmas tree, candles, lights, and many more. You can change your decor according to the festivities and the time of the year. You can buy Christmas decorations from Trinity Christmas and Living Words.

2.8.5 Accent pieces

If you are someone who loves accent pieces, your buffet table can be a place to keep those. This way you can showcase your style and interests. Travel souvenirs, collections of books, or unique decorative items can be placed on top of your buffet table. You can buy decorative items from Nestasia, The Decor Kart, and Myntra.

2.8.6 Art

If you are someone who loves art, you can either keep a beautiful artwork on your buffet table or hang it on the wall space of the buffet table. The art you choose will showcase your personality.

2.8.7 Candles

Candles can be an elegant choice. If you want a soothing aura and aroma in your dining room you can buy scented candles from websites such as Bath and Body Works, The Fragrance People, and Amazon. In addition to that, you can also use lanterns when you want a soft golden light that will create a beautiful ambiance in your dining room.

2.8.8 Serving platters

You can make your buffet table functional by placing serving dishes such as bowls, plates, and puddles. The crockery you choose must complement the overall style of your decor. These items can be both decorative and functional for serving and hosting meals. Pisarto, Dussan, Wooden Street have various serving platters to choose from.

2.8.9 Group of threes

Suppose you have three kinds of items on your buffet table, one book, another serving dishes, and the last some framed art. Now instead of keeping them casually, you can group similar items because they will look more attractive.

2.8.10 Napkins and Tableware

You can fold some napkins in beautiful and creative ways and keep them on the buffet table. Also, you can keep a beautiful spoon and fork stand and things like that that will be both functional and stylish elements to the display. You can buy a spoon stand from Amazon and Flipkart. Nappa Dori, thetablecompany, Orange Skies, and The Artment have lots of tableware if you are considering buying some.

2.9.11 Containers and jars

A buffet table can be a good option if you want to store and keep some food items. You can, in this way, easily access that particular food item during meals. You can buy containers and jars for your buffet table from Amazon and Flipkart.

2.9.12 Fruit Basket

Another element you can go for is a fruit basket. Choose a beautiful basket and keep your favorite fruits in it. Nobbys, Amazon and IKEA have a wide range of baskets to select from.

2.9.13 Bluetooth Speakers

When you are having a small party or want to hear the top headlines of the day in the morning during breakfast, you can connect your Bluetooth speakers that can be kept on your buffet table.

2.9 Shelves

If you need extra space, you can consider open or closed shelves placed on the wall of the buffet table. This way, you can be more organized and will add a storage element to your decor.

2.10 Lighting

Place lamps of the size according to your buffet table that will serve as a decor item and also an illuminating object. You can install a lamp if you don’t have a lighting source near your buffet table. IKEA, Urban Ladder, Kapoor Lamp Shades, and Gulmohar Lane are some websites where you can buy lamps.

To add an extra touch of style, consider incorporating decorative blinds for the windows. Choosing the right window treatments can not only contribute to the room’s aesthetic appeal, but also provide practical benefits like light control

2.11 Odd numbers

Keep your decor items in odd numbers, such as three or five. This is visually attractive. Odd numbers create balance and harmony much more than even numbers.

2.12 Coffee machine

If you love coffee, you can keep a coffee machine on your buffet table. This way your kitchen will be less occupied and it will serve as a decor item on your buffet table.

3. Tips for decorating a buffet table

If you are decorating a buffet table all by yourself, you must remember a few things before starting to avoid the mess later. Here are some tips that will guide you to decorate a buffet table more appealingly.

3.1 Make a plan

Before delving into the decor part, first analyze your space. Make sure your buffet table’s colour palette matches your overall colour palette. Then, the decor items you use for your buffet table must also align with the overall decor. The style and theme of your buffet table must match your dining room.

3.2 Practicality

Keep in mind the practical aspect of the buffet. Although the aesthetics are necessary, the decor items must not interfere with the functionality of your table.

3.3 Keep changing

Keep rotating the items on your buffet table from time to time, such as from season to season or depending upon the festival. This will always make your space look fresh and new.

3.4 Lighting

Lighting is one of the most essential things to consider, as proper lighting will highlight the objects of your buffet table. Make sure your room is well-lit, and your buffet table is perfectly visible, even if it is in a corner. For the same, you can install some floor lamps or table lamps.

3.5 Texture

To create a visual interest, consider different textures for your buffet table. You can use materials such as glass, wood, metal, and textiles and mix and match them to add depth and dimension.

3.6 Overcrowding

Ensure you don’t overcrowd your buffet table with many decor items. You must make sure your space does not look overcrowded and cluttered. Some negative space must be there to make your table look clean and sophisticated.

3.7 Personalization

When you are decorating the space all by yourself, you can add your personality to it. Choose the items that will highlight your personality and style. The artwork, items, etc. you will choose can showcase your personality.

4. Conclusion

pexels sammsara luxury modern home 1099816

The buffet table in any house can upgrade the look as it is a sophisticated piece of furniture. It serves a two-in-one purpose both in functionality and decor. You can use your creativity and decorate according to your preferences and style. But make sure it doesn’t look odd. It must match the style and theme of the overall decor of your room and house. Your house can be of any style such as traditional, minimal, eccentric, or any other style, the decor items you choose for your buffet table must complement that. With this, you can make this piece of furniture the most unique and beautiful piece.

5. Questions and Answers

Q1. How can lighting bring ambiance to the room?

Ans. Your lighting can change the ambiance of your house. The place you install your lights on ceiling, wall or floor lamps can make a huge difference. You can install lights whose intensity you can change, which will also change the ambiance of your room.

Q2. How can mirrors change the visuality of the space?

Ans. Mirrors can make your space look larger. If placed correctly, keep in mind the light source; you can reflect the light through mirrors and hence can brighten your room. There are mirrors available in various sizes and designs from which you can choose depending on your overall decor.

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