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How to Decorate Above Your Sofa: 5 Effective Ways

The wall above your sofa is that part of your house where you can show your full creativity. It is a place which is mostly left empty and people often forget to decorate it. But, if decorated beautifully and carefully, it can elevate your room. You can decorate the wall above your sofa according to your personality and style.

1. Introduction

When it comes to decorating the wall above your sofa, there are plenty of styles and options you can go for. As your sofa is the focal point of your house, here are some ideas you can choose from to decorate the above sofa. 

1.1 Art wall

To decorate your wall space, artwork is one of the best options. You can go for a large piece, a collection of a few smaller ones, or different sizes. The artwork can be minimal or vibrant, depending on your preferences.

Art with texture can also be put up on your wall. Asymmetrical art, abstract or contemporary paintings or portraits, anything that suits you, can fill your space. You can opt for a large one-piece behind your sofa if you have a big wall. One oversized piece of artwork can make your room grand and luxurious. You can visit websites such as Artfinder, Mojrato and Saatchi Art to buy art.

Regarding art, you can choose from various styles and forms depending on your house’s theme and decor. Visual arts, which use pencils and ink, digital art, photos of nature, architecture, animals, birds, street art or applied art such as fashion and design, can be used. You can either put up the canvas directly or frame them. If you have an artist in your house, hang their paintings to spark conversations in your living room.

1.2 Wallpapers

Wallpapers can be a great choice when you don’t paint your home frequently. Whether your wall space is small or big, wallpapers will always add a touch of elegance to your decor. There is a huge variety of wallpapers, such as vinyl, fabric, murals, vintage, and much more. If you opt for murals, they can display a picture of a landscape or cityscape or be different artistic designs.

The choice of wallpaper must be done according to the style of your home- traditional, modern, or minimalist. The wallpaper must balance the colour palette of your home and living room and coordinate with the furniture. You can buy wallpapers online from Life n Colors, India Circus and D’decor.

1.3 Textile wall decor

You can consider wall hangings such as an embroidered wall hanging, woven hanging, fabric panel, vintage rug, or a macrame to add depth to your blank space. These textiles can bring a cosy vibe to your room. Depending upon the expanse of the wall, your textile’s size can vary. While choosing the colour palette and textures, ensure it goes well with your current decor.

You can arrange either small pieces of fabric or one large piece. You can hang your own DIY, like tie-dye or fabric paintings. Woven textiles, embroidered fabrics, or batik prints can also be used. You can buy many such textiles from Amazon and Okhai.

When you are confused about which piece you should put up on the space above your sofa, you can create a gallery wall that adds visual interest and personality to your empty space. You can put up family photos, photos of your old memories, travel souvenirs, and sentimental items.

Distinct prints of different sizes and random items will make your entire space look modern and eclectic. But before you start hanging, plan the entire display, as this blank space is eye-catching and may ruin the whole look if not decorated carefully. Arrange in such a way that it is visually appealing.

1.5 Mirrors

Consider hanging mirrors as wall decor when you want more light in your living room. Try placing the mirror near your window to reflect light. You can choose one large piece, a pair, or a set of several ones of varied sizes based on the space above your sofa. Many frames of different designs and styles are available on Accent Mirror and Urban Ladder if you consider buying one.

By arranging small mirrors, you can create a mirror mosaic. If you want to cover the whole wall, choose a mirror panel to create a modern look and make your room look bigger. Consider combining artwork and paintings with mirrors.

Use mirrors of varied shapes such as oval, square, hexagonal or round. You can also install mirror panels or mirror shelves. You can align several mirrors vertically to give a sleek and modern look. Beautiful vintage and antique mirrors are also available in the market.

1.6 Floating Shelves

A floating shelf can be installed when you want to serve a two-in-one purpose. Multiple small or large shelves can be installed that will work as storage and add depth and versatility to your room. Here, you can put up photo frames, books, vases, small plants, art and several decorative items. Floating shelves allow you to display your favourite items in an organized way. While hanging the shelves, ensure they are fixed correctly so they don’t fall on anyone sitting on the couch.

1.7 Maps

Put up a historical or geographical map to add a unique touch to your living space. Maps are also suitable for educational purposes that will spark conversations. Set up the maps according to your style. either you can opt for a simple paper map, framed maps collage, map wall clock, customized map wall art or a large-scale map mural.

There are some popular types of maps to choose from, such as vintage maps, when you want to add a touch of charm and history behind your sofa. Topographic maps can be chosen when you want an aesthetic, educational map with physical features. If you want the map of a particular city or country, you can opt for a political map that highlights the borders and boundaries.

There are more styles, such as satellite imagery maps. These stylized maps use various abstract and artistic representations and star maps depicting constellations and night sky over a specific location.

1.8 Wall sconces

Sconces are a beautiful option for your wall decor. As overhead lighting is necessary to highlight the details and features of the decor, combine them with your different decorations to create a magnificent display. Carefully place it according to the decor- whether it is a large-scale artwork, gallery walls, art installations, mirrors, or maps. Sconces can add ambient lighting and give your space a cosy and aesthetic atmosphere. Pepperfry, Orange Tree Home, and Whispering Homes sell sconces of different designs.

1.9 Sculpture

You can mount a sculpture from different materials and shapes to fill your walls with creativity and elegance. This sculpture can be the focal point of your house. While choosing the sculpture, consider the design of your sofa and living room.

Depending upon your house’s overall design and theme, play with styles like contemporary, modern, minimal, classic, figurative, or abstract design. A three-dimensional piece can be a masterpiece of your house. If the wall behind the sofa is large, you can go for a sizeable bold sculpture, but a smaller piece will be a perfect choice if it’s small.

1.10 Accent wall

Accent walls can add texture and visual interest to your room. Creating an accent wall can be an option when you can’t paint or modify your wall. Put up your vintage finds or hang your favourite painting on the wall. You can install textured wall wood panels, 3D tiles or textured wallpaper. Installing wall-mounted planters can bring a touch of nature to your room. Vintage, modern, or eclectic clocks can also be added. You can hang a large clock if your home is of modern or minimalist design.

1.11 Bookshelf

If your wall is large, and you are a book lover, you can set up a bookshelf in the space above your sofa. It can serve a purpose of both style and functionality in your living room. Your bookshelf can be a built-in unit, freestanding bookshelf, or a floating shelf. Add LED lighting to your bookshelf to give it a vibrant and warm atmosphere. You can also add a few small plant pots, framed photos or art to add a personal touch to your shelf. You can buy a variety of bookshelves from websites such as Ikea, WoodenStreet, Flipkart, or Urbanwood.

1.12 Antiques

If you are fond of antiques, you can decorate your wall with several antique items that will bring a different character to your living room and add a touch of history. Antique clocks, tapestries with beautiful designs, vintage doors as wall décor, vintage posters, or antique weapons or tools can be used to decorate behind the sofa.

Some websites where you can buy from a wide range of antiques are Phillips Antiques, Etsy, and Indian Antique Quest. The local shops in your city can also be a great shops if you are an in-store shopping person.

1.13 Plates

Hanging plates on your wall can also be an option. You can create decorative plates with distinct designs, patterns, and vibrant colours. Vintage plates online or from local markets, ceramic plates, or monochromatic plates can elevate the look of your room. You can hang plates of different shapes to give an edge of dimension.

Arranging plates in a grid can give them a clean and modern look. If you have a particular house theme, you can choose the plates accordingly. Pisarto, Dessine Art, Kolorobia and Vaaree sell a variety of decorative plates.

1.14 The mix

You can also mix the artwork with different decorative items, such as along with photos, you can set up floating shelves and wall sconces. A combination of artwork and mirrors can create a visually captivating look. If you want to set up wallpaper, hanging your favourite artwork, photo or antique will enhance the decor. Mixing the decor can be an option when you are confused about the single decor or when you want something or everything. But while hanging, plan carefully to avoid clutter and messiness.

1.15 More ideas

You can arrange empty frames of different shapes and sizes to give a unique look. If you love quotes, put up framed quotes. Moreover, paint the wall behind your sofa with chalkboard paint and then you can change the quotes depending on the mood. In addition, you can doodle, erase and draw according to the festivities or different times of the month. Besides, you can install string art or hang string lights vertically and attach photos or miniature artwork.

You can also use geometric wall stencils to create a modern pattern or arrange big letters in some quote or word. If you have an old bicycle, customize it and hang it tightly to avoid falling. For the art and craft fans, create a wall using ropes and make captivating designs and patterns.

2. The decor you love!

The bottom line is that there are plenty of ways to decorate the wall behind your couch or sofa, which you can choose based on your personal style, aesthetic, and the theme of your house and living room. From a centre painting to unique lighting, there are various options. You can create your own centre display depending on the space above your couch. Play with the design and fill the space with your favourite items. 

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