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How to Make Mojitos: Learn 2 Awesome Recipes

While summers can be a great time to enjoy swimming and outdoor activities, it brings upon itself an opportunity to try some of the most refreshing drinks. Mojitos can be a perfect way to cool off the summer heat.

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If you don’t know how to make Mojitos, don’t miss out on one of the best and easiest recipes mentioned below. You can always go for this delicious, easy-to-make mocktail/cocktail, generally called mojitos. The drink can be energizing, relaxing, and perfect for summer, stealing the name of your perfect summer cocktail.

Among the many cocktail recipes out there on the internet, we will mention the traditional way, and who knows, it might just become your favorite drink! With a recipe taking merely three to four minutes, you can learn to make mojitos in no time.

Lime Juice Mojito

Mojito is a Cuban-originated alcoholic drink, usually made with white rum, simple syrup, lime juice, club soda, and mint leaves, with alcohol being the main ingredient. The well-complementing flavors of this mojito, the sweetness from the simple syrup, freshness from the mint leaves, lip-smacking sourness from the lime juice, and the fizziness of the club soda gives this mojito a unique taste.

Since the traditional times, there have been many mojito variations, each change in recipe having its style and methods for the drink, still not losing the basic authentic flavor and ingredients, including the simple syrup, alcohol, lime, and mint.

Even though with the passing away of our very dear time, cultivation of minds, mojito may have given birth to a number of popular mojito recipes like Frohito and Watermelon mojito, the classic mojito recipe would still make the best mojito recipe, and no one can argue with that. Plus, you very well know that history should never be forgotten.


The traditional recipe of mojitos includes some of the best ingredients easily available in your kitchen. Not only do Ingredients like fresh lime and mint leaves activates activate natural elements, but they also make the drink refreshing.

1. Fresh Lime Wedges

They are used for either squeezing the juice out or garnishing your delicious mojito.

how to make mojitos
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2. Seven-Eight Fresh Mint Leaves

They give a refreshing minty flavor to your mojito. Drip the leaves in water for a few minutes if they’re not as fresh they should be. You can add seven to eight leaves as suggested, or you can add as many as you want.

The mint leaves sole purpose is for flavor, refreshment, and health benefits. If not available, add herbs like rosemary, basil, or cilantro. Either one of the herbs can substitute mint leaves if unavailable and stir up the drink’s flavor composition.

3. Simple Syrup Or One Teaspoon Of Granulated Sugar

Simple syrup is as simple as it sounds. Sugar dissolved in water constitutes a simple syrup. You can find one at the supermarket or even make your own at home and preserve it for recipes like these. With an air-tight container, you can maintain it for a good 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator.

You can also use an extract from a sugar cane, but who would even need a sugar cane in this era of processed foods where you can easily find simple syrup? You can also use the honey syrup as a substitute. Either solution is easy to use in the recipe and can be added according to taste.

4. Three-Fourth Ounces Of Fresh Lime Juice

I needed to pass the sourness to the mojito. As mentioned before, lemons are one of the prime ingredients of mojitos. They bring many factors into the picture: the flavors, benefits, refreshments, and dressing. Lemon juice, just like its parent, can be used to pass the sourness of the drink.

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The key to dealing with lime juice is to use the right type of lemon and use it carefully. Though lime juice is a great addition, it can very easily ruin your drink as well. Once you add lime juice, make sure you don’t muddle, as the flavors of lime juice can be a little tricky once mishandled.

5. 2 Ounces White Rum

I would advise you to use good quality rum for the summit of the taste and because this mojito requires so few ingredients. However, if you’re looking to avoid alcohol, you can also use either sparkling water or tonic water, whichever works best for you. Even though the substituted water won’t work as well as the traditional alcohol, the alcohol adds its taste to the mojito. But feel free to use whichever you can afford and works best for you.

6. Three-Quarters Of Ice Club Soda

Club Soda can be a great addition to mojitos. The soda marks its presence by mixing all these wonderful flavors with a fizz into a drink we all love. The flavor of the soda itself helps the drink maintain the tricky flavors of lime, mint leaves, and white rum. Stirring up the bitterness into a unique subtle flavor, club soda can be a great ingredient in this recipe.

7. Three-Fourth Glass Of Crushed Ice Or Ice cubes

how to make mojitos
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8. Yerba Buena

To garnish and bewitch your drink to make a mojito look like an actual beauty. Use fresh mint if you can’t find these traditional herbs. It won’t make much difference in the recipe.

Which White Rum Will Serve Best For Your Mojito Recipe?

White rum is the main and base ingredient of the recipe for this delicious lime and mint drink, but you may face trouble deciding the alcohol brand which will suit your taste. The kind of alcohol you choose can greatly affect the recipe. Here’s some popular and decent-priced Cuban rum which, in my opinion, you may want to take a look at.

1. Diplomatico Planas Rum

Diplomatico Planas Rum might just be my preferred and favored alcohol for making mojitos with. It costs about 35 dollars, but it’s worth the money and will perfectly complement all the flavors in the mojito.

2. Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, the brand name of which you’ve heard at least once. While the price may be around 25 dollars, you can find this brand at almost any store. Bacardi can never disappoint you and fits well with the garnish of mint and lime relating to the refreshing drink.

3. Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum

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Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum is another decent-priced Cuban-originated rum, roughly costing twenty dollars filled with a mouth-watering fruity aroma and reassured quality. It’s worth checking out.

Time Taken

With no hassle, this classic mint mojito recipe usually takes 3-4 minutes to get ready. You can easily make a pitcher full of mojito for a party within minutes or prepare one yourself.


Although you can be creative with this one, usually, this drink is served with crushed ice on top and garnished with mint and lime wedges. Serve it in a mason jar or glasses with beautiful lemon wedges placed on the brim with a slit. Although it’s unnecessary to decorate your drink, this makes the drink look more tempting and makes it look like a professional bartender made it.


Most people prefer using a glass for making a mojito, but in my opinion, using a cocktail shaker can be much more convenient and make the drink more appealing. Whichever way fits your comfort zone, this article will reveal both the ways this rum lime juice, aka mojito, can be made.

Beyond Basic: Innovative Twists on Classic Mojito Flavors

Russell Noga, CEO of, who loves to experiment with perfecting classic cocktails, shares some tips to enhance the flavor profile of classic mojito:

  1. Herb Varieties: While mint is traditional, don’t be afraid to mix it up with other herbs. A sprig of basil or rosemary can add an interesting twist to the classic mojito flavor.
  2. Quality Rum Selection: The choice of rum is crucial. Opt for a high-quality white rum that complements rather than overpowers the other flavors in the mojito.
  3. Citrus Zest: In addition to lime juice, consider adding a bit of lime or lemon zest. This introduces an additional layer of citrus aroma, enhancing the cocktail’s freshness.
  4. Sweetener Options: Experiment with different sweeteners. Instead of simple syrup, try agave nectar or honey for a different kind of sweetness that can add depth to the drink.

Make Mojitos Using Cocktail Shaker

If you don’t already have a cocktail shaker, you can buy it for as cheap as ten dollars. As mentioned below, in the absence of a cocktail shaker, learn to make mojitos without using a cocktail shaker.

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1. You’ll need to muddle the mint with the syrup you’re using inside the shaker, which you can do either by using a cocktail muddler or substituting it with a wooden spoon. The whole purpose is to break up the fresh mint leaves and let go of the mint oils.

Use whichever one you’re most comfortable with among the many kinds of cocktail muddlers, like the traditional toddy sticks or the sleek ones with little nubs on end.

Add some fresh mint leaves into the shaker, along with a tablespoon of simple syrup or whatever sweet component you’re adding to the drink (if you’re using sugar, dissolve it with the lime juice, even add more sugar if needed)and gently press the muddler into the concoction once or twice to bring out the minty flavor and release the minty oils.

You can also muddle the juice squashed with lime and mint instead of using lime juice. Remember not to muddle the mint very hard, the shaking done in the next steps would lead to further extraction of oils.

You can also muddle mint doing exactly what you did with the cocktail muddler with the back of a wooden spoon. You can even do it without a muddler or wooden spoon by tearing and clapping the mint leaves gently to release some oils.

2. Now add a three-fourth glass of lime juice to the muddled mint, which you can both buy from the market or squeeze from some of the lime slices you were told will be needed for the recipe. It’s really your choice. You might want to save some of the remaining lime wedges for later.

3. Next, add two ounces of the traditional white rum or the tonic or sparkling water if you’re going for a non-alcoholic mojito. Like I’ve said earlier tonic water may not taste the same and won’t give you the authentic Cuban feeling you’re looking for.

Grab your Boston shaker, fill it with crushed ice and after fixing it with the cocktail muddler, give it a hard shake.

4. Now, grab whichever glass you chose and fill it with ice cubes.

5. With the help of a strainer, transfer the mixture from the cocktail shaker into the glass filled with ice.

6. Top it with three-quarters of ice club soda. You don’t want to fill the glass to the brim with that club soda. You want to add the perfect amount that is needed.

7. Add a straw to the glass and gently stir while smiling with love; you’ve nearly made this drink and should be proud of yourself.

8. Now for the garnish instructions, use the remaining mint and lime wedges, hook the lime wedges to the top of the glass along with mint leaves for garnishing.

Making Mojitos Without Cocktail Shaker

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Although the two recipes don’t have much difference, this one can help you learn to make mojitos without a cocktail shaker. The method is a little different, but the ingredients remain the same.

1. Add one teaspoon of granulated sugar or simple syrup, whichever one you find best, depending on your taste.

2. Add 30 three-four quarts of fresh lime juice to the concoction.

3. Take the tall glass or the one you’ve decided on.

Muddle some of the fresh mint leaves along with the simple syrup you’re using.

If by any chance you tried to save your time by directly scrolling up to this part of the recipe, you don’t need to fear; I’m here and won’t let your efforts go to waste.

You can muddle the mint with the simple syrup with the back of a wooden spoon by giving it a gentle press or tear the mint leaves from there, giving a gentle clap to release the mint oils and enhance the minty flavor your mouth aches for right now.

While muddling the mint, make sure you are not pressing too hard or too much oil will be extracted, which we don’t want.

4. Add three-quarters of the fresh lime juice to the muddled mints, along with adding two ounces of white rum or sparkling water, and give it a quick stir.

5. Next, add ice and top it off with three-quarters of club soda to get the fizzy texture to the drink, which everyone loves. Remember only to add a small amount of the same. A little bit of club soda water never hurts somebody.

6. Stir it with a straw, add more ice, and garnish it with the remaining mint and lime.

Enjoying Mojitos in Moderation: A Refreshing Low-Calorie Option with Considerations for Wellness

Jeff Grace, Certified Fitness Trainer and Coach at offers insights on enjoying healthy mojitos responsibly:

  • When made with light rum, sugar-free club soda, fresh lime juice, and mint leaves, mojitos can make a satisfying low-calorie drink.

With the help of these components, you can enjoy the flavor of mojitos without consuming excessive amounts of calories or carbohydrates.

A mojito has roughly 122 calories and 6.8 grams of carbohydrates per serving [according to one recipe].

rum mojito
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  • Drinking mojitos can also be a great way to recognize and honor your accomplishments in [the areas of] wellness and fitness.

Nothing replenishes your energy and hydrates you better than a refreshing mojito after a long run or outdoor workout.

To support your healing and development, [you should], however, balance your drink with some nutritious meals or snacks [that are] high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

  • When consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet mojitos are acceptable. They may, however, be harmful to your health if you consume them in excess or too frequently.

For instance, excessive alcohol consumption can affect your judgment, memory, and coordination. It can also raise your risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and depression.

  • If you have certain medical conditions or dietary restrictions that make mojitos inappropriate for you, you should limit or avoid them.

Drinking mojitos can cause blood sugar levels to spike if you have diabetes or high blood sugar, which can interfere with insulin therapy or medication.

Drinking mojitos can increase blood pressure and heart rate if you have high blood pressure or heart issues.

For this drink, you can refer to either one of the recipes, with or without a cocktail shaker. However, the recipe remains the same and can still be enjoyed with the perfect blend of flavors.

If you’ve made it for the whole party, serve the large pitcher or do it in glasses with garnishing for your guests.

Although this is a classic recipe, you can learn to make mojitos with many unique and seasonal flavors like strawberry, mango, blueberry, and many more. You can also learn to make mojitos using unique ingredients like cucumber or vodka. You can also learn to make mojitos for a bigger crowd before preparing one, as the proportions might differ.

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