A view of the orchestra playing in a big hall. A view of the orchestra playing in a big hall.

Inside the St. James 1868 Concert Series in Milwaukee!

Line up to enjoy a concert series of a lifetime at St. James 1868 Concert Series in Milwaukee on various dates and times of your preference for 2 hours at St. James 1868, 833 W Wisconsin Avenue.

Get your tickets on Feverup.

This unforgettable concert series will feature the top talent of Milwaukee and they will be performing the prominent hits of Prince, Billy Joel, and Elton John. The great musical experience will only be enhanced in the renovated venue.

The concert series date and timings can be selected while booking your tickets and the minimum age requirement for the concert is 8 years plus.

1. What to Expect from the Concert Series of St James 1868?

Indulge in the music of Milwaukee’s precious talent as they will be performing in the Abbey of St James 1868 and the series will play the songs of Prince, Billy Joel, James Taylor, and many more of the wonderful artists.

The concert series has been lined up which surely will be a treat to your ears.

Inside the St. James 1868 Concert Series in Milwaukee
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  • On Wednesday 2nd August, the music of John Prine will be played. It will feature Claire Kelly and their friends.
  • On August 8th Tuesday, the concert will be playing Socks in the Frying Pan and will be playing traditional Irish music.
  • Enjoy the music of Billy Joel and  Elton John on September 13th Wednesday,
  • On September 14th, Thursday Johnny Rogers and Mark Burnel will be playing Dueling Pianos.
  • October 27th Friday, the last day of the concert series will feature Gabriel Sanchez playing the Music of Prince.

You would not want to miss any of the shows and get your tickets and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the musical bliss.

2. The Venue of St. James 1868

St James 1868 is one of the most popular event venues in Milwaukee. The venue is a 150-year-old former church constructed in the traditional European style.

The venue for the St. James 1868 Concert Series is the Abbey in St. James church, which is located at 833 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, The Gothic-style church was built in 1867 and was destroyed in a fire in 1872.

What better can you ask for, a perfect concert series in the renovated halls of St. James 1868 giving the 15th-century vibe?

Pets are not allowed inside the venue. You can bring your service animal after talking to the organizers of the event.

The venue is ADA-compliant, hence wheelchair accessible.

The Abbey - St  James 1868 Wedding Venue


4. Time and Date

The concert series is scheduled for several days and you can select the day as per your preference while buying the tickets.

You can select the time while you book the tickets for the concert series.

5. Duration

The duration of the concert is for 2 hours. There will be two sets each of 45 minutes and an interval in between.

6. Tickets

You can purchase tickets for this unique concert series on the Feverup application.

The concert series is open to everyone above the age of 8 years.

The cost of the ticket is $ 45 for a person. Snacks and drinks will be served in the venue but their cost is not included in the ticket fare.

7. Enjoy the Unforgettable Musical Concert in Milwaukee This August!

  • What: St James 1868 Concert Series.
  • When: Dates and times can be selected while booking the tickets.
  • Where: The Abbey at St James 1868 Church, Milwaukee.
  • Duration: For 2 hours.
  • Ticket: On Feverup.

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