A disc Jockey playing music in a disco. A vision for the Ultimate Silent Disco at Sahara Huntington Beach. A disc Jockey playing music in a disco. A vision for the Ultimate Silent Disco at Sahara Huntington Beach.

The Ultimate Silent Disco at Sahara Huntington Beach!

Get ready to show some disco moves from sunset till night at the Sunset Vibe Silent Disco happening at Sahara Huntington Beach in Los Angeles on various dates including 10th June, 12th August, and 14th October 2023 from 6 pm to 10 pm.

This silent disco is one of a kind event so it becomes necessary to experience it. 

It’s not just another event, it’s more like a festival with all this beauty; so buy your tickets for the event right now from Fever.

Forget all your tensions and put on high-quality headphones and choose among various channels of audio.

On these audio channels, DJs are instantly whirling around tunes on all 5 of stages. There will be more than 10 live performers, so no lack of entertainment.

There is a vast range of music genres, hence you can choose based on your preferences.

It’s an event where there is something that fits each taste. Doesn’t matter what your music taste is, you will love this silent disco.

1. Things to Know Before Visiting 

There are no age requirements, all age groups are welcome. The genre of the music keeps changing every month.

The genre of the music can include nu-disco, Latin, EDM, pop, house music, hip-hop, and remixes from the ’70s to the present day.

If you have pets and you want to bring them with you to the event, no problem because this place is pet friendly so you can bring your pets with you.

A silhouette of a woman wearing headphones and dancing near a beach in the sunset. A vision for the Ultimate Silent Disco at Sahara Huntington Beach.
Image Courtesy- FEVER

Please be aware that a deposit will be asked to ensure the proper utilization and return of the headphones.

You can always seek advice on the FAQs of this event here.

2. Major Highlights of Sunset Vibes Silent Disco

If you are a silent disco fan then this event won’t disappoint you. If you like enjoying synchronized melodies then it’s a must-attend event for you.

You will be experiencing a silent disco on a big open-air, outdoor sitting area by the beachside.

You can groove until tired to live and loud music from a whirling queue of around 10 DJs and live musicians.

Headphones that are provided have a ¼ mile range so you can drift away and dance anywhere.

Sunset Vibes Events Silent Disco Festival Testimonials

If you come here before sunset you can have a wellness experience.

This wellness experience includes meditation, yoga, dance classes, music, hypnosis, and silent karaoke.

This entire place is like a neon wonderland with beautiful lightning and high-powered black lights.

And things don’t end here, you can also enjoy award-winning food. Not just food but various types of cocktails and craft beers are also available here.

And there is a drink discount if you have headphones. You can picture how fun it would be to go on a date in this beautiful neo-wonderland.

3. Tickets 

Visit feverup.com to book your tickets for the Sunset Vibe Silent Disco.

  • Early Bird ticket for 1 person: 20.00$
  • General Admission passes for 1 person: 30.00$
  • Group of 4 passes: 100.00$
  • Children (16 and below) passes for 1 person: 10.00$

Please note that the date and session to visit can be selected during the purchase of tickets.

All tickets come with the right to enter the event and high-fidelity headphones.

4. Details of Sundown Soundless Disco at Sahara Huntington Waterfront 

  • What: Sunset Vibes Silent Disco at Sahara Huntington Beach.
  • When: On various dates which includes 10th June, 12th August, and 14th October 2023.
  • Where: Sahara at Huntington Beach, Los Angeles.
  • Timings: 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Tickets: Tickets or passes can be bought from the Fever website.

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