Kenai Lake: Top 7 Best Facts To Know

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Kenai Lake

This article highlights some of the best facts that you should know while visiting Kenai lake.

The best time to visit Kenai, also known as Alaska’s playground, is August and September. This is said to be the best time because the midnight sun starts fading and due to this you will get the serene black sky between 11 pm to 5 am.

Kenai River is possibly the largest and one of the most sundry freshwater rivers, supporting sport fishing activities in the Alaska state. The lake has around 34 species of fish living in it. But the tourists are the most attracted towards the rainbow trout and Pacific Salmon.

Kenai Peninsula has many places to visit that it is tough to name and give justice to the beauty of each of them. So, let’s talk about the gorgeous lake Kenai in this article.

Kenai Lake is an alluring lake situated in the middle of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. It’s an immense and meandering lake. Kenai Lake is the headspring of the Kenai River.

The Kenai lake is the terminus for fishing. The lake’s resident fishes are- rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, lake trout, steelhead trout.

The best thing about Kenai lake is that you don’t have to leave the roads to reach it. You can see the lake from the Sterling Highway, which is on the eastern side of Cooper Landing.

Kenai lake: Top 7 Best Facts To Know

Photo by John Thomas on Unsplash

The place has the competence of entertaining its tourist in both on and off-seasons. If you visit the place in the off-season, you can go snowmobiling and skiing, hiking, wildlife watching. And if you visit in the in-season, it offers- fishing, bald eagle viewing, and boating (including boat launch).

1. Snowmobiling and Skiing

Photo by Nate Johnston on Unsplash

A snowmobile is allowed in the place from December 1 to April 30. Snowmobiling is prohibited in all the areas above the timberline but not the Caribou Hills.

The swishing sound of skis is one of the most pleasing sounds one could ever hear. You can also go for cross-country skiing during the winter season in Resurrection Pass, famously known as Cooper Landing. It’s something you cannot miss if you pay a visit to Kenai Lake.

But don’t forget to check the weather report before leaving.

2. Hiking

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

Cooper landing, also known as the Resurrection Pass, is one of the most popular hiking places in Kenai and around Kenai Lake.

You can find 8 public cabins that dot the route in the route, and if you want, you can reserve one for yourself. In case you love mountain biking, then this place deserves a visit in the summer. Places like- Johnson Pass, Trail of Blue Ice, Harding Icefield, etc., are some of the best places for hiking in Kenai.

3. Wildlife Watching

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From spotting Tigers in India to swimming with river otters in Kenai, the world is full of incredible wildlife adventures, which you can’t miss experiencing. If you are a wildlife lover and love watching animals, pack your bags and pay a Kenai visit.

The Kenai river water, which originated from the Kenai Lake, is rich in protein. This is why the river’s forest is full of different animal species like- river otters, waterfowl, wolves, moose, black and brown bears, etc.

4. Fishing

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Photo by Brady Rogers on Unsplash

The world-famous Kenai Lake is no doubt the most deliberately fished lake in Alaska. Salmon Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities of the Kenai River. It is prominently known for its giant King Salmon.

The salmon is available in different varieties like- king salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon, etc., which enter the river every year.

You can fish for dolly varden throughout the year in the Kenai River. The busy season or the high season for Dolly Varden fishing is July to September and the low season is from January to May.

If you missed this, then you can go anytime between November to December. Your thirst to go on a fishing trip ends here.

5. Bald Eagle Viewing

Yes. You read it right. It’s bald eagle viewing. The humans and the American bald eagles love to spend their time around the Kenai River.

After all, they have equal rights to nature as we do.

They are there to watch the river because it is full of fish during the summer and the spring months.

They mainly build their nests on trees that are near the rivers filled with Salmons. You need to book your boats which are available in the parks.

The boats will slowly (so that the eagles are not disturbed) take you near the home of these predators. You may spot an eagle flying above your head, and who knows, you may see their young ones’ crying out for food to their mothers so, don’t forget your camera before leaving.

6. Boating

Photo by Maxi am Brunnen on Unsplash

Do I need to state that boating is done in abundance in the river? The Kenai River’s length, or rather say Kenai River stretches in an area of 132km. Take a boat and explore the diverse natural flora and fauna while floating over the serene river and lake.

In case you want to launch your boat, then don’t worry. There are more than 40 river ramps to fulfill your wish.

7. Road Trip

If you are planning a road trip, then again, Alaska welcomes you with a warm heart. The Seward Highway in Alaska extends for 125miles which is equal to 201 km. It joins Seward to Anchorage, across Kenai Peninsula.

If you have at least a week in hand and an urge to explore the place’s beauty, then this is the trip your soul needs.

If you take the Seward Highway from Anchorage, you’ll be able to visit places such as Chugach State Park, Bird Point, Bird Creek, Mount Alyeska, Girdwood, Turnagain Pass, Portage Valley, Moose Pass, Canyon Creek, and in the end comes the Resurrection Bay or Cooper Landing in Seward. The place is worth your visit, and the best part is that Kenai is just about 45miles away from the place.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your tickets and give a treat to your soul by paying a visit to Alaska’s Kenai lake.

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