Macrons scattered on a surface. Macrons scattered on a surface.

Pasadena’s Finest: French Macaron Classes

Los Angeles brings the French Macarons Class at Waverly 1010 in Pasadena, on various dates including 15th October and 29th October from 5 pm.

Do you want to taste those mouth-watering Parisian macarons? The French Macaron Class in Pasadena has got you where you can learn how to make these French macarons with all the techniques and tricks.

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In this unique culinary experience, you can learn all the techniques used in boulangerie by professional chefs and instructors.

From learning the art of meringue blending to trying out piping, learn all these under the guidance of your teacher. 

Learn baking and the way of putting together yummy sandwich cookies. Explore and experiment with various flavors and filling options.

There are so many filling options available here which include fruit preserves, white chocolate, ganache, and dulce de leche. 

Undoubtedly French Macaron Classes are the best way to be productive where you will be learning an art that will be useful throughout your lifetime.

This class is your top spot to attend if you are a baker yourself and are planning to open your boulangerie.

So, without wasting any time, secure your ticket for French Macaron classes at

1. Major Highlights of the French Macaron Classes in Pasadena

Well, the first highlight is how they offer teaching for macaron making. You get to learn to make authentic French macarons without stepping out of Pasadena.

Learn the Art of Making Classic French Macarons in Pasadena!
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Moreover, you also learn to make macarons with different fillings under the guidance of professionals.

Furthermore, you will not need to bring anything from home. From fresh ingredients to all required equipment, everything will be provided in the class itself. 

Are you afraid to attend this class because you have no experience? Worry no more, because these classes are designed for all levels of expertise.

No matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate you are welcome here to improve your skills.

Above all, delicious beverages are available here for purchase though BYOB is not permitted.

2. General Information about French Macaron Classes in Pasadena

  • The French Macaron Class is being organized in Pasadena on various dates which can be chosen by purchasing the tickets from Fever.
  • The baking class runs for 2 hours starting from 5 pm.
  • Make sure to be at least 21+ years of age to participate in this baking class and please carry an age proof to the venue. 

3. Tickets for the French Macaron Class in Pasadena

You can book your tickets online on the website of Fever where the ticket price costs $75.00 per person.

However, if you are interested in tasting the delicious drinks at the venue, you need to buy them separately as the ticket price does not cover the beverages.

A tower of macrons of different colors.
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4. Learn the Art of French Macarons at This Culinary Class in Pasadena

  • What: French Macaron Class in Pasadena
  • When: Various dates including Sunday, 15th October 2023, and Sunday 29th October 2023. 
  • Where: At Waverly 1010, in Pasadena, 1010 1/2 Fair Oaks Ave.
  • Timings: At 5.00 PM for 2 hours.
  • Tickets: Tickets for the French Macaron Class in Pasadena are available on Fever.

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