An Amazing Guide to Los Alamitos High School-2022

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Los Alamitos High School
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The test of high schools depends on the state test, graduation and how we’ll prepare students to graduate from school, and how ready they are for college studies. Los Alamitos High School is one of the popular high schools in Los Alamitos, California. It has a national ranking of 1112.

Los Alamitos High School is a public school where students from grades 9 to 12 study. The school is also serving the Seal Beach and Rossmoor community of California.

Los Alamitos High School District ranked 161 in California and 73 in Los Angeles. The AP participation of Los Alamitos High School is 58%. Students who are graduates from here have the opportunity and skills to get advanced placement.

The graduation rate of students here is 97%, and 51% have passed at least one AP exam. Math proficiency is 57%, reading proficiency is 81%, and science proficiency is 54%.

The total number of enrolled students in Los Alamitos High School is over 3200. The maximum population of students studying is in 9th grade. The academy also has large student diversity. So even if you come from a different background, you will not feel foreign here.

All the teachers and students here are good and are always ready to help. They will make you feel that you belong to their community—local students and students from all over the world study here. There are also several celebrity alumni who are graduated from here.

In this guide to Los Alamitos high school, we will discuss more about the best Los Alamitos High School in California.

1. Is Los Alamitos High School One of The Best High Schools?

Los Alamitos High School is one of the best high schools in Southern California. The ranking of the school is high on a national as well as state basis.

The best part of the school is its student diversity. There is 54.4% minority enrollment in the Los Alamitos High School. There are 45.6% White, 27.2% Hispanic, and 16.6% Asian. There is also 2.8% Black with 0.6% Native Hawaiian and 0.1% American Indian.

There are 49% of female and 51% of male students. There are 118 full-time teachers hired by the academy.

The school also supports economically disadvantaged students, and 16% of the students are enrolled. There is also a 14% free lunch program.

1.1. Student Performance and Test Scores of Students at the High School

School-based student performance is run by the state in which students’ test scores are evaluated.

There is high subject proficiency of students in mathematics, sports, arts, reading, and more. The school performed well in reading and mathematics. In which 50% of math proficiency, 81% in reading, and 54% in science. There is of 92.1% percentile score on smarter balanced.

1.2. Underserved Students Performance

Underserved students’ performance is measured by how students performed in the state exams in their groups.

Students that are skilled and Underserved students for 50.6%. The percentage of Underserved students is 66.2. And the gap between school and Tet among underserved students is 18.3 percent.

Students at Los Alamitos High School who successfully take AP and IB exams have a higher success rate at college-level exams, which is higher than other high schools in the city, with a percentile of 93.6%.

2. What Is Los Alamitos High School Known For?

A Guide to Los Alamitos High School
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Los Al is popularly known for the successful curriculum it follows. The high school is also very successful and received success in varsity sports and for its boy’s football team, who also won CIF southern section division title in 1991, 1992, and 1993.

It also won division championships in 2002 and reached in semi-finals and finals of other games in 2004.

The school also has an amazing boys’ water polo team who won championships in 1999 and 2004. The polo team also reached the CIF-SS championship in 2007.

Los Al also has a tennis team that is successful in South California. The team also received praise from the Seal Beach mayors for contributing to creating a positive image of the city.

Los Al high school also has a girl volleyball team who won CIF state and the local championships in 2002 and 2004. And in 2018, the girl’s student team won the CIF Southern Section II championship at the state level.

The high school also has a girls’ soccer team and a boys’ basketball team for students interested in sports.

2.1. Extracurricular Activities

The extraocular activity of the school is very good. Apart from the education and different learning programs, the high school always encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities.

  • Show choir: It includes a show choir for those interested in singing.
  • Color Guard: If you like instrumental music, then the color guard group is for you. Two orchestras, three jazz ensembles, and two concert bands are available.
  • Cheerleading: If you like watching games, you can join the cheerleading group and motivate the players to win the game.
  • Dance: Dance classes are also available. So, if you like music and dance, you can take the dance class.
  • Marching Band: If you like parades and band camps, then you can join the marching band group.
  • Drama: If you are interested in acting and theatre, you can join drama classes and groups.

There are also various clubs like debate, singing, and theatre, which you can enroll in to polish your skills. Even if you are unsure which club would be better for you, you can enroll in it and discover your hidden talent.

A counselor is also available for your children who guide them on their talents and study. With counselors help students improve not only academic records but also get ready for their future. They also prepare children for college and their higher studies.

There is also a Model United National Center on the high school’s campus to help students understand how the original United Nations works. If they want to enter the future, they will be ready from the beginning.

Apart from that, their students must bear medical insurance while playing on the CIF sports team and participating in extracurricular activities. It is the responsibility of parents. However, the school provides voluntary low-cost accident insurance, which can be purchased from the activity’s office.

3. How Do You Enroll in Los Alamitos High School?

You can enroll in the Los Al from grade 9 to grade 12. All new students joining the grade have to follow certain norms and procedures, which we will discuss in this post.

To be admitted to the school, you must first present certain certificates.

  1. Age Verification: It can be your birth certificate, birth record, passport, or parent or guardian affidavit.
  2. Immunization: Copy of updated immunizations.
  3. Proof of Residency: You will need two forms showing proof of your residency, which must be approved. You can show the title to your home, property tax, mortgage statements, utility bill, and rental agreement if living on rent. Remember all documents to carry with your parent or guardian’s name and address on them. You can download the enrollment form from the official website of Los Al.

4. Celebrity Alumni of Los Alamitos High School

A Guide to Los Alamitos High School
Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

You will be cherished to know that several famous people graduated from the Los Alamitos Unified School District. The list includes politicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and more.

Some of them include:

  • Jason Lewis
  • Matthew Morrison
  • Kayla Ewell
  • Michael Fishman
  • Jodie Sweetin
  • Clayton Snyder
  • Antoine Cason
  • Orlando Scandrick
  • Tim Carey

5. More Details About the Los Alamitos High School

5.1. Los Alamitos High School Attendance

In Los Al, full-time attendance is very necessary. Students who will remain absent for a long time will not be given preference in the exam.

5.2. Field Trips

Field trips play an important role in students learning and in getting first-hand experience outside the classroom environment. It also helps them in being successful in their future career.

For taking field trips, students have to be exceptionally good. They must have good grades in class and get approval from their respective teachers and parents.

Students will be debarred from attending any field trip if they have poor grades, low attendance, bad behavior, and non-submission of class assignments.

5.3. Website

If you want more details about the academy, you can also visit its official website.

5.4. Address

3591 W Cerritos Ave, Los Alamitos, California 90720


Here we come to the end of our guide to Los High School. Los Alamitos High School is known for its education and extracurricular activities and is the most popular school in California.

Overall, Los Alamitos High School is a good school for students who are willing to study from class 9 to class 12. Since every parent has a little doubt about which school to send their children to. But if we talk about Los al, it has a good education system and extra citizens who prepare the students for their future.

The academy also has a good alumni record from where you would have graduated many celebrities, politicians, singers, and athletes. Los Al keeps motivating the children to get involved in sports as the school has excellent sports facilities where sports like Volleyball, Basketball, Polo, Soccer, and Tennis are available.

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