The Wonderful Los Angeles Skyline: 6 Places with Best Views

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los angeles skyline
Image by David Mark from Pixabay Copyright 2016

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Looking over the vast azure of the Los Angeles Skyline filled with glittering lights of the city will feel as if you were getting a glimpse of the whole world.

The city is known for its wild nightlife, stunning beaches, iconic museums, popular Disneyland, all things Hollywood, and some of the most wonderful cityscape views in the entire world.

And with this guide, you will find out the places with the best and most magical views of the Los Angeles skyline.

1. Visit and Explore The City of Angels

The shiny city of Flowers and Sunshine in Southern California is not known and loved all around the globe for no reason. L.A. is the fun and entertainment capital of the globe, with countless allures and amazing things to do.

Glamorous film studios, the iconic Hollywood sign, stunning beaches, historic museums, thrilling theme parks, remarkable wineries, lively nightlife, and breathtaking views are the soul and spirit of the City of Angels.

Los Angeles
Image by David Mark from Pixabay Copyright 2016

2. The Wonderful Los Angeles Skyline: 6 Places with Best Views

So as you can see there are endless reasons for you to visit La La Land and have the dream vacation of your life. And of course, the trip will not be complete without adding the majestic views that you will get to experience the Los Angeles Skyline.

2.1) 4th Street Bridge

4th Street Bridge of Los Angeles is a pretty popular spot for photoshoots and snapshots. There are numerous places along the bridge where you can experience the vast blue of the Los Angeles skyline in all its majestic glory.

Beautiful at any time of the day, the view from 4th Street Bridge is more notably breathtaking at sunset and night.

If you are looking for a place to get some Instagram-worthy clicks this is just the spot for you! With photos from a place such as this, your account will be flooded with likes and comments.

2.2) Griffith Observatory

There is no way you can skip the famous Griffith Observatory when in the City of Angels.

The iconic observatory presents a spectacular breathtaking sight of the Los Angeles skyline! No extravagant party or Hollywood tour can compare to the true and natural beauty of the skyline view here, especially at sunset and night.

Griffith Observatory
Image by Madjid H Kouider from Pixabay Copyright 2016

2.3) Vista Hermosa Park

At the very roof of the hilly park, you will find some of the most beautiful views of the Los Angeles skyline. Spend some time at this pretty part of L.A., take a seat on the bench, and unwind after a busy day of fun and sightseeing.

Vista Hermosa Park is certainly among the most amazing places to appreciate the beauty of the city and the Los Angeles skyline.

2.4) Hollywood Bowl Overlook

The city known for being the home of Hollywood presents a majestic view of the place with this Overlook. Also known as the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook, this place’s view of the L.A. skyline comes with unending blues and sunshine, spectacular rows of mountains, and lush greenery.

Glorious at all hours of the day, the view from Hollywood Bowl Overlook is exceptionally wonderful at sunrise.

2.5) Ascot Hills Park

Another hilly park in the neighborhood, this one can be found in El Sereno. A part of the Downtown Los Angeles, Ascot Hills Park is known and loved most for its open space of hiking paths and trails along with a gorgeous picture of the Downtown LA skyline.

Downtown Los Angeles
Image by Imeime from Pixabay Copyright 2013

Only a short walk from the freely accessible parking area, the best time to visit this park is during the sunset.

The spectacular view of the sun with streaks of glowing orange, muted blue, and pretty pink is worth every visit. You will surely have to return again and again in the future to keep getting amazed by a sight so breathtaking.

2.6) Mulholland Scenic Overlook

Also recognized as the Mulholland Drive Overlook or View, this is the perfect choice to spend your time if you are looking for an incredible night view.

A glimmering deep blue night with the sparkly lights of the tall buildings and towers, and the lively vibe of the extraordinary city, the Mulholland Scenic Overlook is the ideal place to experience the unrivaled nightlife of Los Angeles.

Experiencing the night skyline of Los Angeles is truly an enchanting and unique experience.

Los Angeles Night Skyline
Image by David Mark from Pixabay Copyright 2017

3. FAQs on Los Angeles Skyline

Have more queries about the best places with the most magical views of the city? Peruse on and get answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Los Angeles Skyline.

3.1) Why you Should Visit L.A.?

A travel bucket list is not complete without a trip to the City of Angels. When in the state of California, visiting the city of Angels should certainly be on your list. With countless attractions of stunning beaches, glamourous Hollywood stuff, historic landmarks like the US Bank Tower, the Sunset Strip, and the tallest building on the Los Angeles skyline – the Wilshire Grand Center.

So as you can see visiting L.A. with so many bucket-list-worthy items is a surely must for all adventurers and explorers around the whole world.

3.2) Where to Get the Best Views of the Los Angeles Skyline?

There are many lovely places in the city where you can be amazed by the spectacular sights of the Los Angeles Skyline.

Among them, some of the best spots for stunning views include the 4th Street Bridge, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Bowl Overlook, Mulholland Scenic Overlook, Echo Park Lake, and many more.

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Closing Thoughts: End on a High Note

Have you packed your bags yet? Don’t wait any longer to have an experience that will undoubtedly become one of the best adventures of your whole life.

Viewing the spectacular sights of the Los Angeles Skyline will feel like something out of a colorful fantasy movie. So make sure to carry a camera to capture those very special memories that you will create here.

L.A. Skyline
Image by David Mark from Pixabay Copyright 2016

This way, your lovely experiences and memories will remain in your heart and albums.

With the brilliant explosion of spectacular colors and the glittering lights of the lively city, the view of Los Angeles Skyline is truly an enchanting wonder of the world.

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