Miami's Lion Country Safari Adventure Beckons! Miami's Lion Country Safari Adventure Beckons!

Miami’s Lion Country Safari Adventure Beckons!

Be prepared for an adventure full of thrill and excitement at the Lion Country Safari: Drive Through Safari + Adventure Park in Miami and witness the wild wonders where you can experience majestic animals and enjoy their greatness up close.

And the adventure doesn’t end here; we have a whole buffet of activities that include not only a safari drive but also delightful attractions and thrilling rides that are surely going to make your day exciting.

When and Where?

You might be wondering what will be the perfect date for you to enjoy this adventure; worry not, we are here with diverse dates for your convenience, as you can choose from these various options and get your tickets.

You will also get plenty of time to enjoy the experience as the tour will last up to 5 hours, which is definitely going to be the best unforgettable hours of your day.

You can start your journey from Lion Country Safari. For any questions or information, reach out without hesitation. 

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Source: Fever

What to Expect?

As mentioned earlier, your upcoming adventure involves an array of things, from coming face-to-face with a group of lions to feeling the thrill of their majestic presence as you enter their domain. 

From the gentle rhythm of the Rio Grand Train to the joy of soaring on the flying Elephant Ride, each attraction is waiting for you to provide limitless enjoyment.

Surf into the refreshing oasis of the Safari Splash Sprayground Water Park, where 23 distinct water features allure, inviting you to explore this adventure ride.

Also, get the experience of paddle boat rides, try your skills with a round of mini golf, experience the exhilaration of amazing slides, and enjoy an array of other thrilling amenities that promise you a new surprise with every turn. 

Tickets and Things to Keep in Mind

 You are free to pick the best tickets that suit you. Two kinds of tickets are available on the official website of Fever– Kids tickets from 3 to 9 years old and adult tickets from 10 and above.

Unfortunately, the tickets will not be refunded as all sales are final for this safari. Also, there will be no modifications or changes, so choose your tickets wisely.

If you are under 14, bringing an adult companion is necessary. We’ve got a wheelchair-friendly venue, which means anyone can join regardless of age.

The Last Pitch

Get ready for an incredible journey! Imagine yourself in beautiful Florida, diving in the breathtaking experience of Safari at the Lion Country Safari Adventure Park.

Lion Country Safari - Florida's Largest Drive-through Safari Park

Also, be prepared to encounter creatures like wildebeest, zebras, and ostriches and have a chance to witness the majestic lions and horns of endangered rhinos.

It’s a day away from all the daily life stress and full of excitement and learning; we promise you an unforgettable experience that will leave a mark on your memory for a lifetime. 

A Quick Recap

  • What – A chance to explore Lion Country Safari Park.
  • When – Various dates are available, choose directly from the ticket selector. 
  • Where – Lion Country Safari, located at 2003 Lion Country Safari Road.
  • Tickets – Get your tickets for this amazing adventure from Fever

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