Newsom Criticizes Congress after the Mass Shooting in Texas Newsom Criticizes Congress after the Mass Shooting in Texas

Newsom Criticizes Congress Response to Mass Shooting in Texas!

California Governor Gavin Newsom criticizes the Republican-controlled Congress after a mass shooting that took place on Saturday afternoon at a mall in suburban Dalles, Texas killing 9 people including the suspect, and 3 in critical condition. Gavin Newsom criticizes Congress for not passing gun control reforms.

Gavin Newsom tweeted on his Twitter page against Congress, he criticized it as

This is freedom??

To be shot at a mall? Shot at school? Shot at Church? Shot at the movies?

We have become a nation that is more focused on the right to kill than the right to live”.

This is not what the American people want. Do your damn job, Congress.”


Newsom Criticizes Congress
Courtesy: Twitter

Gavin Newsom also tweeted a few hours before with a video of Greg Abbott telecasted in a news broadcast. He quoted,

“Here is a clip in which @GregAbbott_TX

1) Conveniently leaves out the fact that Texas’s gun death rate is 73% than CA’s.

2) Accidentally points to exactly why we need federal gun safety laws.

Newsom Criticizes Congress on twitter
Courtesy: Twitter

1. The Incident

Witness describes a scene of hysteria and confusion suddenly and hundreds of shoppers in the mall panicked and tried to run out of the locale after a man stepped out of a silver sedan and opened fire at the premium outlet mall.

2. Authorities Announced That the Suspect Was Shot Dead

The suspect was shot dead by a police officer who happened to be nearby, authorities said.

The police officer happened to be near, he heard the gunshot sounds and came to the spot and tried to keep it under control, and requested an emergency exam force. But to avoid more harm, he shot the suspect to some extent.

The police didn’t release the identity and attributes of the suspects immediately. They also didn’t provide information about the victims too.

3. Citizens Talk about This Incident

Citizens are in panic and furious about the situation which is happening frequently. On Twitter, citizens share their thoughts and feelings about their current situations.

They all ask for a peaceful environment to live in and control the crime which is happening repeatedly. They are panicked to live in the US after these incidents.

Some of them are demanding the gun-free zone in the states. They also shared about the difficulties happening around them.

4. Consolation from the Political Authorities

The White House briefed the President, Joe Biden on the mass shooting at a mall in Dallas.

Republican Texas Governor, Greg Abbott called it an ‘unspeakable tragedy.

Ken Fulk, Mayor of Allen said,

“We all want the victims and their families impacted by this tragedy to know that we will wrap our arms around you and we are here for you”.

We are living in a society where it became profitable even a life and we are counting the number of lives lost but we lost a lot of souls with different dreams. Everyone in this world wants to live a peaceful life let’s all try to travel towards peace than crime or violence.

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

– Suzy Kassem

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