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16 Popular Branches of Oakland Public Library

Reading has emerged as one of the famous hobbies among people as one gets to see so many public libraries promoting their history in the form of books, just like Oakland public library.

The importance of libraries has increased so much in today’s modern time as one gets to spend some quality time alone in the quiet while surrounded by so many books and their fresh smell.

In any city one visits, there are so many libraries for the public, which are filled with fictional books or books that can make people roam around the whole city by being just in one place.

1. About Oakland:

An aerial view of Oakland City during the night time.
By porbital/Unlimphotos

Every city in California state of the USA has so much history to tell as they have been developed in so many aspects that makes visiting and learning about them more intriguing.

Just like Oakland City, located on the east side of San Francisco Bay of California state, it has filled the city with many top assets for the people to come and enjoy.

The city of Oakland can be described as the proper place to see much diversity in culture, history, arts, food, and people.

From all over the world, people have resided in the city by bringing their own culture as well as people who have been residing in the city for such a long time, and both aspects have created a lot of development and contributed to increasing the city’s diversity.

Just like any place filled with history and diversity, it has so much to tell in the form of movies or books, which is why one gets to see Oakland Public Library as one of the famous attractions among local people and tourists.

The city is located just across San Francisco Bay, which gives rise to one of the best serene beauties. It has a soothing atmosphere, cityscape views, stunning bridge views, amazing weather, and friendly people.

One also gets to see some of the best worldwide food in the city, with cute cafes and restaurants at people’s service.

As Oakland has so much history, people often visit the main library to get more resources about how the city was developed and what are the main aspects of the city.

So, visiting Oakland City and exploring the city’s diversity by visiting some of the Oakland public libraries is a great way to make some amazing memories.

2. The Importance of Public Libraries:

A view of bookshelves in a library with the sunlight falling on them.
By Alireza Attari/Unsplash/Copyright 2018

Due to advancements in technology, the importance of reading has increased very much in today’s time as people can download apps as well as read. There are books available online that one can easily access.

However, if one wants to get the inside feeling of how it feels to read history about the place they are visiting, go and read the public library there.

One can get full information about history printed in books and displayed in their own library space.

Also, the vibe of the library is just so cool that spending some time being covered with so many books and ancient history is something one wants to feel, as the smell of books is heavenly and pleasant for a book lover.

The importance of public libraries is growing because each place has so much to tell, and what is better to do than promote it on paper and open up a public library where local people as well as tourists can visit and learn a lot about the place that exists in the world?

The public library provides authenticity to the people as they get to know more about the city and the past generations that have contributed to the growth of the place.

By having a public library, people get services like finding information related to the city, participating in the literacy and education growth of the place, and making sure that learning is available for a lifelong period.

These are some of the main reasons a public library plays such an important role in people’s lives.

They are also open to the whole community and are one of the amazing places to spend time as the atmosphere is so cool, and one gets to learn something new.

3. About Oakland Public Library:

Oakland is known for its diversity in various aspects, which led to a rise in the city’s history and previous times. As the city is famous for so many things, every place has something to tell as to how it developed and its specialty.

Due to this, people didn’t have access to internet technology back in the day. That is where libraries used to come in handy as the public library has all the information on every aspect of the city, just like Oakland public library.

One gets to see so many Oakland public libraries being established in different locations, and who wouldn’t want to jump and grab the opportunity to read in so many libraries with different vibes at each one of them?

3.1. 16 Famous Branches of Oakland Public Library

The very first and foremost public library that one should know and visit is the Oakland Public Library. It’s one of the largest public libraries in the Bay Area because of the amenities it provides to the people, which attracts them very much to visit the library.

The library is situated in downtown Oakland, and it is always filled and busy with so many people coming around and exploring what to read next.

One of the biggest reasons this library is so popular is that adults, teens, and children each have their own space to read and learn besides the main common reading room.

There are so many books available in the library for people as they get to find books on history, politics, and governments; other than books, one also gets to learn through videos, CDS, and maps, which helps a lot in exploring and learning about the city more fun.

The atmosphere of the place is also very cool as it is filled with the warmth of old ancient time books and today’s new innovations in the city.

Apart from books, special facilities are included in the library, like the African American Museum and Library at Oakland, the Second Start Adult Literacy Program, and the Tool Lending Library, which makes learning more fun and allows people to explore more about the city’s authenticity.

The main library of Oakland is the Oakland Public Library, which has been in the picture for a long time as it was the first library to be opened.

Because of that, many people started visiting it, and due to it, the popularity of it has increased so much that now 16 branches of the Oakland Public Library have been spread all over the city.

3.1.1. 81st Avenue Branch

HiMY SYeD - Open Data Day Oakland, 81st Avenue Library, Oakland California Saturday February 23 2013

It is one of the sixteen Oakland Public Libraries that was opened after the main library the  81st Avenue Branch, which opened on the street after successfully creating a worldwide image for the main library.

The main difference between all the branches is that each one has something different from the others, like the languages of books and book types.

In this library, one gets to find Spanish and English languages books about different genres surrounding the whole library.

The place’s vibe is super cool while enjoying the city’s history, which is surrounded by books.

3.1.2. Temescal Branch

Expanded Travel Ban Info Session and Discussion @ Temescal Branch

Another one is the Temescal Branch, located at 5205 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California.

The vibe of the library’s interior and exterior is filled with old ancient times as the library is covered with brown wood, which makes learning more fun, and people get to relax as well.

One gets to find books in many languages like English, Spanish, Tigrinya, and Amharic, which helps in finding some of the best unique books according to that language.

The assistant librarian gives more details about the books and library, as one can borrow books of their choice easily.

3.1.3. Montclair Branch

Montclair Branch is located at 1687 Mountain Boulevard, Oakland, California, and is one of the unique branches of Oakland Public Library.

It has a significant collection of various books, not only of one type but of so many types as one finds books on home repairs, gardening, cooking, and traveling.

Due to finding books in so many interesting genres, people love visiting here as the whole library is filled with an amazing atmosphere and a great selection of books.

3.1.4. César E. Chávez Branch

César E. Chávez Branch
By Alireza-Attari/Unsplash/Copyright 2018

The César E. Chávez Branch of Oakland Public Library is located at 3301 East 12th Street, Suite 271, Oakland, California.

There are 18 computers with internet accessibility on each of them, as one gets to see many books available in English, Chicano, and Arabic collections.

Visiting the Oakland Public Library: César E. Chávez Branch is one of the best ways to learn something new and fun.

3.1.5. Piedmont Avenue Branch

Piedmont Avenue Branch is situated at 80 Echo Avenue, Oakland, California.

It is smaller when compared to other branches and includes two computers with internet access and popular books in the English language.

Visiting this library is usually for daily reading in the evening time and to increase the power of reading and learning as a great vibe surrounds it. It is an amazing opportunity to gain new hobbies.

3.1.6. Melrose Branch

Melrose Branch, which is located at 4805 Foothill Boulevard Oakland, CA, is one of the amazing places to visit alone or with friends.

This branch also includes a lot of books that vary from English to Spanish, and one gets to find computers too, which is a great facility to have in the library.

Apart from basic books, there is also a special corner dedicated to African and American fiction and non-fiction books, which is a very interesting part of this library that no one should miss.

3.1.7. Rockridge Branch

Rockridge Branch is located at 5366 College Avenue, Oakland, California, and is one of the popular libraries in the area.

The whole library is filled with so many books, mostly in the English language, and people can get access to 12 computers available in the library.

The staff in the branch is also very knowledgeable and friendly, which makes the learning experience more fun and enjoyable.

Visiting this library is definitely a must as the vibe and atmosphere are very cool and quiet, which helps a lot in studying and reading for people.

3.1.8. Dimond Branch

Oakland Public Library: Diamond Branch.
By Kyle Glenn/Unsplash/Copyright 2018

Dimond Branch is more on the modern side with its vibe and surroundings as it is located at 3565 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland, California.

This library contains books in English, Chinese, and Spanish, and a local collection of Oakland history as well as many events that take place, especially for toddlers, which makes many families visit here.

The library has eight computers with internet access, and one gets to find laptops for easy access as per people’s requirements.

So, visiting here with toddlers is a must-do activity as they get to learn through various events that take place in the library.

3.1.9. Golden Gate Branch

Another one of the famous branches and a large collection of books can be found in the Golden Gate Branch, which is located at 5606 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, California.

This library consisted of some of the largest collections of African-American books among all other Oakland Public Library branches.

Besides books, the Golden Gate Branch is famous for every Sunday series of Summer Jazz.

It consists of almost nine computers with internet access and people really find it convenient.

3.1.10. Asian Branch

Asian Branch
By Kazuend/Unsplash/Copyright 2016

The Asian Branch is located at 388 Ninth Street, Suite 190, Oakland, California, and focuses on Asian countries and their aspects. One gets to see many books filled with them.

It is one of the famous branches as local Oakland people get to learn more about Asian countries through the help of books.

One gets to see books on Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese culture and many other aspects, which is very interesting to look at.

This library is totally based on Asian culture, heritage, cuisines, and everything related to Asian countries, which will let people get close to them by learning about them through the books.

The Asian continent is very intriguing for people, and each country and its cities allow people to have so many different tastes in every aspect, which no one wants to miss learning.

Visiting this library will allow people to learn so much about the Asian world, which is interesting and unique to read about.

3.1.11. Brookfield Branch

Brookfield Branch, which is located at 9255 Edes Avenue, Oakland, California, is another laid-back library where people usually spend their evenings looking around the library and finding books according to their interests.

One gets to find books in Spanish and English especially, and a library filled with so many genres of books. It is a go-to spot with people buzzing around and the atmosphere chill.

There are about nine computers in this branch with internet access which people find so easy and helpful.

Visiting this library branch of the Oakland Public Library is a great way to spend some quality time with oneself and learn about new things.

3.1.12. Oakland Public Library: Eastmont Branch

The Eastmont Branch is a branch of the Oakland Public Library’s main library, located at 7200 Bancroft Avenue, Suite 211, Oakland, California.

It is another one of the famous libraries where most students participate because, other than books, students also come to study and prepare for the exams.

One gets to find books about Spanish and English languages. Apart from that, this library also holds a career section with papers and books related to preparing for the school exams.

It’s a great place to visit, especially for students, as the library’s atmosphere and vibe are very quiet and lovely for people.

3.1.13. West Oakland Branch

West Oakland Branch is located at 1801 Adeline Street, Oakland, California, which is all around and famous for making learning more fun for people.

It has a lot of books, and other than that, people also get to learn and know more about it through the help of CDs, videos, DVDs, magazines, and newspapers.

There is a collection of Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and French for adults to get the opportunity to read different languages.

As well as there are also graphic collections for children and toys to help them get involved in learning, and that too with enjoyment.

3.1.14. Martin Luther King Jr. Branch

Oakland Public Library. Martin Luther King Jr. Branch
By Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash/Copyright 2017

 Martin Luther King Jr. Branch is located at 6833 International Boulevard, Oakland, California, and is a library filled with many amenities for every age group.

This library has books for adults, children, and teens, which makes a lot of people come and look around.

There are so many types of language books available for people, like English, Spanish, and Chinese, and many aspects of them are included in the books.

So visiting this branch is a must as every type of person can spend time learning while enjoying the various facilities provided by the library.

3.1.15. Elmhurst Branch

Another branch of Oakland Public Library is the Elmhurst Branch, which is located at 1427 88th Avenue, Oakland, California.

It is another small library that people visit to look at and learn more about books.

In this library, too, there are a lot of events that take place where kids especially can participate and help them in making learning more fun.

In the library, one gets to find books mostly in Spanish and English. It has about eight computers with internet access, allowing people to have their experience as smoothly as possible.

3.1.16. Lakeview Branch

The last one is the Lakeview Branch, located at 550 El Embarcadero Oakland, California.

This library is also for people who love to read and want to visit a library daily for reading and borrowing.

Here, too, one gets to find English and Spanish language books with unique and interesting topics.

Then visiting here and learning something new is not a bad idea to not try.

4. Final Note

In today’s chaotic world, who wouldn’t like spending some time alone in quietness? What is better than visiting public libraries where, besides quietness, people also learn and read so many books in one place?

Nowadays, reading is very popular, which is why one sees so many public libraries open where people can visit for free and enjoy their time amidst books.

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