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7 Beautiful Panama Waterfalls

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Who doesn’t like waterfalls? The serene sound of water bubbling as it flows through its path and then falls to meet with the calm pool of water below; the peace of nature with a light breeze hitting your face as you stand on a rock to gawk at this beautiful water body- these are things appreciated by everybody.

And do you know what is even better in terms of waterfalls? Panama waterfalls.

Panama is a country in Central America known for its beauty and biodiversity. It is located on an isthmus that joins South and Central America.

Apart from being a wonderful and developed city, it has many national parks, scenic greenery, and water bodies. One must visit the Panama waterfalls.

The Panama waterfalls are a group of different waterfalls in Panama, each having a peculiarity and beauty of its own.

hiking through panama waterfalls
Taryn Elliot/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Panama waterfalls are very enticing. There are trails around Panama waterfalls where one could hike and explore flora and fauna and the natural ambiance and scenic beauty.

Here is everything that you need to know about Panama waterfalls:

1) The Lost Water Falls Trail

panama waterfalls
Maria Orlova/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

The lost waterfalls trail is a beautiful hiking trail that leads up to three of the most beautiful Panama waterfalls.

Located in Bajo Mono, Bouquet, Panama- this hike takes you through the cloud forest in western Panama. The waterfall hike is moderate but can have some muddy or steep pathways through the trails.

The total time for a round trip would be a minimum of 2-3 hours, depending upon the number of waterfalls you wish to hike to. If you are lucky, you may find cute little monkeys and sloths through your hike.

fauna of panama waterfalls
Baihaki Hine/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

You could also enter the second and third waterfalls pools if you want, but the water can be very chilly at times, so don’t forget to pack a set of extra clothes.

There are also a few other amazing waterfalls located in the Costa Rican part of the cloud forest, and you could hike up there if you wish to visit.

2) Romelio and Kiki waterfall

The Romelia waterfalls are a set of twin waterfalls and also one of the tallest Panama waterfalls. There are several small pools at the top of the waterfalls. It takes about 10-15 minutes to reach this waterfall through hiking.

panama waterfalls
Sebastian Palomino/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

The waterfall is tough to reach, and I would be advised to hike with a crew. It is located in the ngabe-bugle region in Chiriquí.

The Kiki waterfall, on the other hand, is also known as Sendero Choro de Kiki. It is a majestic and beautiful waterfall that can be seen through the waterfall cliff.

Make sure you don’t visit these waterfalls in the rainy months as the pathway can get very muddy and make it hard to hike. You can sit on a rock nearby, bask in the majestic waterfalls, and let the water droplets splatter all over your face while clicking beautiful scenic pictures.

You can get there by road. First, you will have to travel to the town of David, a 45-minute ride from Boquete, and then another one-hour ride to the Ngabe-Bugle region through the beautiful hills of Chiriquí.

3) Alto de Piedra  Waterfalls

The Alto de Piedra waterfalls are located 5 km from Santa Fe. You can either walk, take a bus or ride a car to this part of the beautiful Panama waterfalls.

There are big signs across the roads to the waterfalls that indicate the directions, in case you take a car ride. The road inclines, and hence I would suggest skipping on traveling on foot. As soon as you reach the trail, you may find it to be a bit muddy. The hike is short, but it does get pretty rough at times, with the trail being very rocky.

Several small waterfalls act as the introduction to the main waterfall. There is a dense forest around the waterfalls, and you can even swim in a few of them if you like.

You may also find some fascinating and unique waterfalls over here, and I suggest you explore as much as possible.

4) San Ramon Waterfalls

This waterfall is located on the outskirts of Boquete and is at the right of the caldera river. This is a 50-meter waterfall that can be seen directly by the road. You could also reach by car and go for a short hike if you like.

There are many spots where you can picnic with beautiful mountains and clear skies in the background, along with this beautiful part of Panama waterfalls. If you love getting your pictures clicked with scenic backgrounds, this is the perfect place for you.

5) Pipeline Trail Waterfalls

Also located on the outside of Boquete, this trail is present in the Bajo Mano region.

This trail is sister alongside a river. Follow this trail, and you will come across yet another one of the beautiful Panama waterfalls. But unlike the other waterfalls, this waterfall doesn’t descend into a pool below.

Other than that, the hike up to the waterfall is filled with wildlife, including monkeys, snakes, caterpillars and quetzal birds.

Between the 1-hour hike, you can come across a gigantic tree with a signboard that states the tree is 1000 years old with entwined, twisted roots.

You can catch a public bus, also known as a ‘colectivo’ or ride in a local taxi to get to this spot.

6) Cascada del Trueno Waterfall

Also known as thunder waterfalls, this waterfall lives up to its name. As you near it, you can hear the loud gushing of huge volumes of water coming from Panama waterfalls, one of the most majestic and aggressive falls.

The hike here is very muddy and slippery and can get dangerous at times. The initial trail is a steep descent, but as soon as the descent ends, the hike from there is even, and you get to enjoy the natural ambiance of the forest.

The hiking trail ends after 20 minutes, after which you would have to go across a river that would take you straight to the mouth of the waterfall. Crossing the river is relatively easy and should be no trouble.

This part of the Panama waterfalls is located in Cordillera and part of the Rio Bregue River. You may need assistance from the locals to get to this waterfall.

7) Chochlon Waterfall

flora panama waterfalls
Tien Dat Le/Pexels, Copyright 2021.

Chochlon waterfall is also located in Chiriquí and is a twin waterfall.

A short hike of about 15-20 minutes leads you to the waterfall. The area around the waterfall forms a small amphitheater, and the pool has clear blue water in it. Remember to carry your swimming gear as you would not be able to resist a swim in this beautiful pool.

Along the hike, you will get to see beautiful and unique plants and wildflowers. Overall, this place takes about 1.5 hours of hiking and exploring.

The amphitheater-like structure of this waterfall makes it a very cozy and unique kind compared to all the other Panama waterfalls. Please pack a lunch with your group and enjoy it on a sunny after at the Chochlon waterfall.

Now that all the major Panama waterfalls have been covered, there are many more small waterfalls that can be explored on other hiking trails.

Also, since most of the waterfalls come under the Chiriquí province, do explore Chiriquí as well.

If you are a nature lover, Panama waterfalls should definitely be on your bucket list.



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